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How to Buy a New Car : How to Talk to Car Salesmen

How to Buy a New Car : How to Talk to Car Salesmen

And I’m Cathy D with Two for the Road USA on behalf of Expert Village. In this segment,
we are going to talk about establishing a relationship with that sales consultant, male
or female. And most importantly, women, if this your first time buying experience or
you’re on your own maybe for the first time, understand that we have a lot of buying power,
and that is because we’ve done our research. BILL ZERVAKOS: Well, Cathy is right. It’s
very, very important to do your homework and do your research and be prepared but one thing
you want to do, first and foremost, is spend a little time getting to know your sales associate.
Don’t accept them of face value. When you walk in, sit down, spend a little time with
them, tell them what you’re looking for, and more importantly, what you expect. It’ll go
a long way in helping the situation. When we talk about research, it’s very important
to check the website. Here, we’re on a website looking at a couple of different things. Remember,
we talked about that earlier. So, this will give you a lot of information about it. And
Cathy mentioned women, and something you want to be aware of, is that women are very heavily
involved in the buying process today. So don’t be alone, don’t feel like your all by yourself.
In fact, there is information here. You could see we pulled up some information talking
about how women are a huge number in the process. So it’s really important to do your homework.
And then you gotta decide kind of which you car you want, and you might love this little
red’s runabout, but in reality this may be the type of vehicle you really need. CATHY
DROZ: In our next segment, we’re going to talk to you about what you really need to
know before you go on that first test drive.

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23 thoughts on “How to Buy a New Car : How to Talk to Car Salesmen

  1. if you truly want to learn every aspect of the retail auto industry go to "dont fear the dealer" for 30 bucks they teach you just as much as any person in auto sales, or probably more! by far the best investment i've ever made!

  2. If there weren't so many Morons that were willing to pay 25k for a car they wouldn't be so fucking expensive. The people what want the cars cheap are the smart ones.

  3. ok trying to buy a 25k car for 15k is stupid and moronic. but when sales people sell you a lemon or they tack on all these extra "fees" then that is wrong. I bought a Dodge ram recently and when they tried selling me a powertrain warranty (lifetime powertrain warranty comes with all chrysler vehicles) then that is a salesman taking me for an idiot

  4. Been selling cars for 15 years now. Some customers walk in like they know all the secrets and they really believe the crap. Truth is,there are many BUYERS that are Liars. They believe the Salesman is the one that is desperate. You treat a Salesman like crap in attemp to get a great deal, you lose,go waste someone elses time.

  5. Oh come on. Decide what you want, offer cash deal, let them know you're shopping other dealers, same brand. First: do they have what you want, such as stow'n'go on a TC or Caravan… do you need the bells 'n whistles or decently equipped… let the next dealer know what you're up to… visit up to four or five. You'll get a deal but for cryin out loud they are NOT non-profits! Let them make at least 500 on the car… I know I've been a victim of this tactic, I sold cars.

  6. Continued: If you want a Chry. product now is time to buy! Warranties will be honored, at least your service dept at Obama Chry/Dodge/Jeep has guaranteed them. Best service dept is at 1600 Penn. Ave, Wash., DC. Just kidding. Go to a "downsized" dealership, they are offering invoice-holdback-rebate-other discounts. It's a buyer's mkt. Dad just bought a T&C with Stw&go for a decent price. Pontiacs! deals on those! GM's next. Pontiacs are out of bus. Any GM dealer will honor warranty.

  7. And one last thing: look for a factory official, if they still sell those. Been years since I sold new cars, but F. officials still are untitled, have warranties, and are your best bang for the buck. Also, salesmen still have room to make a few bucks. Works for both sides, if you don't mind 10,000 miles for a huge drop in price. Last year's model is usually same thing as this year's, minus change levels on piece parts. Know whatta mean Vern? I worked for suppliers. Just so ya know.

  8. rwalden2007 – sorry, but your advice is simply rehashed from a few websites. And frankly, will just create a situation ripe for problems. For one thing, dealerships make most of their profit from the…well never mind. If you want to REALLY know how to win…email me.

  9. figure out what kind of car you want
    (sedan,coupe,suv,truck,) then figure out if you want new or used then go buy a car

  10. @SpcMedia21 Actually brain surgery might be easier. The brain structure is pretty generic compared to the mass of car types brands etc. 😛

  11. God I love watching people pretend to be experts at something they have very little Experience in. This is why the car industry is tanking. Bad information…

  12. Know-it-All Bill Z took his fellow jurors as idiots, as well as the general public. He's as bad as the moronic foreman in the Casey Anthony case. Bill Z is a pig and the worst idiot to walk the planet since the Anthony trial. If a black man had merely shot Alexander (forget the other grizzly stuff), you can bet your bottom dollar he'd have given him the death penalty. His endless "interviews" only reflects his utter stupidity and how dumb he thinks everybody else is.

  13. Most people aren't interested in spending time with the salesmen. I think MOST people just want to get the car and get out of there. I don't go to the dealership to make new "friends". In fact, I do all my "just looking" when they are closed. I will return for a test drive when I find something I am interested in. I research the car at home. I just need the salesman to do the paper work, if they accept MY price.

  14. I know a lot of women shoppers complain that the "salesman won't take me seriously". Many times, the women create this reaction on their own. Women sometimes will tell the salesman,,"My husband needs to see the car". Well, if you want the salesman to take you seriously, tell the salesman this: "I am the buyer and the decision maker. I will buy the car NOW if the price is agreeable". That statement will get the salesman's attention. (IF you are REALLY a serious buyer).

  15. Most consumers start their buying process online, national statistics tell us 90%.
    This would indicate that the consumer today has to sift through the information and then decide where and with whom to do business with, which dealership as well as person. Sometimes the person is not as important as the location of the dealership.
    People will do business with people the Like, Trust and Respect!

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