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How to Buy a New Car : How to Negotiate Buying a New Car

How to Buy a New Car : How to Negotiate Buying a New Car

I’m Bill Z with Two for the Road USA on behalf of Expert Village. In this clip, we’re going
to talk about the negotiation process. And one thing you do not want to do is mention
anything about a trade, if you have one. That will come later. While you don’t want to mention
anything about a trade, you don’t want to talk about payments either. They’re going
to want to get into that right away, and this is where all that homework you did in preparation
comes into play. Because there is one thing you want to think about and one thing only,
and that’s negotiating of what’s called the “Monroni Sticker”. Okay, what you’re looking
at here, this is called the “Monroni Sticker”, this big white sticker. That’s the one that
comes from the manufacturer. It has all the equipment that’s on the car and everything
that comes from the manufacturer, which would be considered the standard. This is the add-on
sticker. This is what the dealer puts on with things they put on the car. What you want
to do is make sure you negotiate off this one ’cause you may or may not want what’s
on this one. In our next clip, we’ll talk about the trade-in.

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16 thoughts on “How to Buy a New Car : How to Negotiate Buying a New Car

  1. You don't want to start negotiating from the MSRP! Find the INVOICE cost and start negotiating down from the invoice cost. Always start negotiating from the INVOICE price! Don't worry about cutting the dealing too low because you don't know what the dealer paid for the car. Usually, their cost is far below the INVOICE price. The people who made this video are car salesmen. Don't take their advice. If you start negotiating from MSRP, I fell sorry for you!!!

  2. lol your hilarious. The only way negotiating from invoice works is when there are large incentives on the vehicle you want to purchase. Dealers generally pay about 400-700 under the invoice, Thats called holdback. (depends on the car MSRP) However no dealer wants to lose holdback profit and salespeople don't make profit off this. It is only for the Owners of the dealership.

  3. I find it interesting that a finance manager would waste his/her time looking up you-tube videos and tell us this is the wrong info. I thought the dealerships are not suppose to get upset by how the customers act? I think you should stop acting like your some person working in a dealership. grammar and spelling from your comment is like from a 6th grader's.

  4. Do you pay sales tax when you by groceries? The grocer doesnt eat the tax so why should a dealership. You are what is known as a "jack" in the business. You have nothing else to do but waste peoples time. We have to work for a living to provide to our families. Cutomers are just as liars and mooches.

  5. you have to understand business. In business the consumer profits from a product and the business profits from your consumption. It works harmoniously. But by you thinking you can take our product and not allowing us to profit so we can survive, then you're ingorant you sob.

  6. Rentz46 I don't want to hurt a business' ability to generate a profit. But I do want the consumer to be able to negotiate a fair price. I'm just providing some useful negotiating information. No harm intended!

  7. You dont negotiate off sticker.. You negotiate off of invoice. Let me guess.. In the next video we will learn to get socked on the trade in. Amazing how no one with insider information tells it straight

  8. never watch expert village getting tired watching this minute vides and finding the next. WHY CANT THEY PUT EVERYTHING ON ONE VIDEO…i guess they getting paid per view and videos..

  9. This is retarded. Watch this video, then come to my dealership and I'll pound you so hard you'll never make the mistake of buying a car again. Come in and be polite and let me do my job without passive aggressive undertones in everything you say and I'll make you a fair deal. One thing car salesman hate more than anything is a no it all. We're the pros, you're just visiting. You don't want to get into this battle with us.

  10. By the way pound you means make lots of profit on you, not beat you up! Lol for example a 5 pounder is a $5000 profit!! Lol

  11. I dont know why I am watching this my dads a better negotiator out there. He took a brand new FJ Cruiser that was originaly 28,000 and got it down to 24,000. Also my dad got a brand new car for 9k but that was in the 80s so idk how much the car was back then.

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