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How to Buy a New Car : Best Time of Year to Buy of New Car

How to Buy a New Car : Best Time of Year to Buy of New Car

Hi, this is John Michaels with Expert Village.
Today we’re going to be talking about buying a new car. In this segment we’re going to
talk about the best time to buy a new car. Many dealerships and many manufacturers offer
great incentives throughout the year. You just have to make sure you’re up on what’s
going on. So check in your local manufacturer’s website for manufacturer’s incentives, which
are different to dealer discounts. There’s two ways of getting yourself the maximum dollar
saving when buying a new car and that’s if you can find a combination of a manufacturer’s
rebate as well as a dealer’s incentive to discount that car as much as possible. Usually
at the end of the model year is when you can save the most money. So remember, there are
two ways of discounting a car; a dealership’s discount and a manufacturer’s rebate. So see
if you can’t combine the two and save yourself the most amount of money at the end of a model
year, which means that the car is getting ready to change years, not necessarily in
December, usually its during the summer. Do your homework and find out when the end of
the model year is that you want to buy the car, ’cause that’s usually the best time to
buy it.

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