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How to Buy a Good Car (Car Buying Tips)

How to Buy a Good Car (Car Buying Tips)

rev up your engines, today I’m going to help
you decide which car should you buy, now I’ve been working on cars for 50 years,
so I know what cars used to be good, what cars aren’t good anymore, and which cars
have been good most of the time, but there’s only one me, if you’re looking
for an honest mechanic to tell you in your area, you might end up like Diogenes,
spending your life with a lantern, in the vain search for an honest mechanic and
you can’t find one, so I’m going to give you a couple of rock-solid tips, to find
out whether a vehicle you’re looking at is a good vehicle and it’s worth
buying, or one that you should run away from, first don’t pay any attention to
these awards that they give to models of cars, many of them are given by
advertising companies, they get paid to say their client makes good cars,
don’t pay any attention to that stuff, but there is information you can trust,
like Kelly Blue Book, you can look up the value of cars, and if you find that the
car’s value plummets as it gets older, it’s not a very good car, but take a Toyota Camry in 2014, an absolutely loaded one came for about $30,000, and today when
it’s about four years old, a fully loaded one goes for about $19,500, let’s take a 2014
mercedes-benz s550, it started with an original price of $93,825 for a
base model, but now that it’s four years old, it goes for $44,000 -$52,000 with an
average about $51,000, so you’re losing over $40,000, so you’re losing about $40,000
with the Mercedes, and only $10,000 with the Toyota, and believe me as they get
even older, the range gets even further, you get a 10 year old Mercedes, you might
lose 90% of the value of the car by then, which would be almost $80,000, now
another good source of information are technical service bulletins, those are
things that are known problems with cars that we mechanics can get, now look at a
2010 Land Rover, see how many of these technical service bulletins there are, as
we pan down and start scrolling down there’s a whole bunch of them,
actually there’s 163 on this model, now let’s check out the technical service
bulletins for a 2010 Ford Fusion, and as you can see, as we scroll down there’s a
whole lot less of them, there’s only about 50, so the land rover has three
times as many technical service bulletins, so three times as many known
problems as the Ford has, so that’s a very good way, if you see a bunch of
lists the technical service bulletins for the car you’re thinking about buying,
don’t buy it, and my last tip is a simple one, don’t
buy any brand new model of any car, you never know if they made any mistakes,
I’ve seen cars that they might not fall apart for two or three years, so buy a
model that’s been made for quite some time, that they haven’t made any radical
changes, if they made radical changes, wait, and then be like me, buy them when their used, where they cost less, and they proven not to have problems, so now you’ve got a
better idea on how to pick a good car to purchase, more quick fixes on the Scotty
Kilmer channel.

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  2. I like to look at what cars are still rolling 20yrs later. Or less.
    I don't ever see the PT cruisers anymore.
    I see a lot of Toyotas and jeeps.

  3. Scotty how do you feel about volvos I'm about to get a 2010 S80 but I'm trying to figure out if it's reliable.

  4. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Scotty! Your tips and advice are always reliable and necessary in today's scam markets!

  5. Hey Scotty I've listened to your advice over the past few years and went with Toyota. Actually a used lexus. I know your not a huge fan of luxury cars because of pricey repairs. I got a 2016 lexus is 300 22,000 miles. Do you think it will be reliable over the next several years? I love the car. It's pretty much my dream car. I value your opinion and appreciate all of the lessons. Take care and have a blessed summer

  6. I've been looking at buying a Nissan Frontier, they haven't changed anything in 15 years so it might be the truck for me. I've been looking at Toyota Tacomas too so its between those two.

  7. we seriously need a cloning machine to clone scotty kilmer, guy tells it like it is! Great information goes through the bs

  8. Few years ago I won the lottery and I bought a Mercedes Benz but when I come across Reve up you engine I get rid of the Mercedes Benz and guess what I bought a used taxi cab with 98000 miles but it was a Camry and because of Scottie kilmer I'm happy with my used Camry now.

  9. C'mon Scotty. How can you say in one video that Kelly Blue Book is a scam, but then in this video say to buy a "good" used car you should look up the Kelly Blue Book? Still to this day I haven't even heard you mention a Carfax or Auto check report when buying a used car. Don't claim to be "sponsored by the truth" when you spew lies and contradict yourself all the time. My advice to you would be to stick to the mechanical how to videos because that's what you do for a living. Damn near every video I've seen of you talking about purchasing a car from a dealer has been so wrong it's frightening.

  10. Buying not a brand new car? If all the people get into mentality on that. We all drive a junk. What kind of opinion. Its a good to advise people to choose. But dont impose. And dont be bias too much to toyota. Yes toyota has a lot of parts in the market. But watch out theres a lot of toyota parts where a knock-offs.

  11. Dear scotty, love the show so much! Im looking at buying a 06 toyota camry v6 3.0L. Do i have to worry about the engin oil burring to fast or is that only with the smaller 4cl ? Also what else might i want to know before buying this car. It has 90,000k for mikes and they asking about 7g.

  12. LOL @ the Diogenes reference. Guy- "Hey Diogenes what are you doing with that lantern?" Diogenes- "I'm looking for good men but can't seem to find any." The most savage philosopher of all time.

  13. it's more appropriate to look at the depreciation as a percentage. You lose 34% on the Toyota and 45% on the Mercedes

  14. I want to be cheap like Scotty:) From the other hand my Ford Focus 2.0 tdci is pushing me further in my carrier ladder:D Just need more money to repair it daily.

  15. yo Scotty about two weeks ago I got my self a silver 2016 Toyota corolla s with a lil over 71000 on it what you think. love your vids by the way it a straight four

  16. Lmao…. I remember in one of your videos you strongly advised not to trust Blue Book, cause it was bought by some kind of huge car dealing corporation. Ha!

  17. The land Rover is also luxury car with 3 times more items on it compared to ford fusion. when you compare luxury car to economical car its like comparing apples and oranges . They are not the same and they are made for different purposes.

  18. Ok Scotty the $64 question. First, i think you said you bought your wife a Lexus. It probably has a ton of bells and whistles so have you had a lot of problems with it? Second, I see you are a Toyota guy but what do you think is better Honda or Toyota and why? Thanks again for all of your service!

  19. Hello- I have a 2016 Nissan Versa with 36k mls on it. It is a very basic model.
    I have a couple questions.
    1. When it is cold And I turn it on I feel something rubbing when I turn the wheel where my foot is on the floor board. By the time I drive it somewhere no one feels it. What is that about?

  20. My question is about which is less expensive.
    To stick with my high interest rate Nissan Versa 2016 until paid off or trade it in for a better car like a Toyota knowing that they will likely roll the rest of the car into the new car or truck.

  21. Can you talk about vans. I had an old Dodge Caravan that I enjoyed that lasted over 200k mls. It was a 2002. It was impressive. Which van do you like?

  22. Nissans didn't put out TSBs on common and widespread issues in the 2000 Maxima. If manufacturers are still allowed to skip TSBs on widespread problems, TSB is not the best way to find out crap cars.

  23. I buy cars like I buy phones. Older and cheaper and I run it until it's dead. Sure I don't buy second hand phones, but I get the older model and keep it for as long as possible. Same with cars. I am restoring a Gran Torino brougham, that will be my nice, summer car. I live in Canada so will not be driving it in winter. I'll buy beaters and run them into the ground. Like how I'm buying an old Chevy. Sure the car isn't great, but it's $700 and if it runs for a year it'll be worth the money.

  24. Scotty…my sister and I are looking to invest in a preowned SUV. What would vehicle would you suggest for us? We cannot afford an expensive car.

  25. Id rather buy an older car like lets say 2000. For $2,000. I'm sure a car that year will still be available these days

  26. Scotty, i have a 99 chevy prizm, love it. Runs great, small and quick for delivering pizza. Probably most reliable car ive had. But the dam rest of it is falling apart, i wanna get another 2 years out of it, but no door handles, no ac (in florida), head liner falling, door trim ripped off. Would it be worth it to fix it up some? Should i just suffer through the florida heat the next 2yrs? And when i do plan to buy a new vehicle im looking for a truck. Like a ranger or s10 size, 6 cylinder 4×4. Year doesnt really matter. What are my better options?

  27. You can't call your self Honest. ? Unless you're honest about your self and WHAT you do and drive.? 🙂 ,!!

  28. I want to get a 2019 Honda Civic SI with the "Earth Dreams" technology. Yeah I saw your video about the oil dilution problem. I don't plan on having the car until it rusts away lol so I don't care. I'll change the oil every 5,000 instead of 7,500-10,000.

  29. Only Scotty says in one video Kelly blue book is a scam and then tells you to use Kelley blue book in another video LOL. 😂🤣

  30. Good tip… Stick your finger in the exhaust and feel for moisture in the carbon. If it feels dry it’s not burning oil. However if it feels oily then you know it’s burning oil even if you can’t smell it or see it smoking. It’s just a very small amount but will get worse over time.

  31. Thanks Scotty.  So Toyota is good.  I heard a Toyota joke about 40 years ago. It goes something like, "A customer ordered a Toyota pickup and wanted to know how soon it could be delivered.  Answer: Two weeks.  Customer reply: Dat sun!

  32. @scottykilmer Hey Scotty Is a 2001Toyota solara with 150000k a good choice and what to look for maintenance perspective thanks.

  33. Thanks Scotty. Your channel is so helpful and even those old contents are still relevant today! Keep up and Have a good day! BTW, Today is 16th of August 2019.

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