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How to Buy a Drift Car

How to Buy a Drift Car

Hey Guys ChrisFix here And in this video I’m going to show you how I got the drift car, what drift car I got This is the official start to the drift car build. So what car did I get? Well, you didn’t
think I’d show you right away did you. Before i go reveal it go comment and let
me know what you think it is. Now no cheating and looking ahead. also i’m gonna be making a really
awesome announcement at the end of this video, so stay tuned for that and it’s
just so many exciting things happening here here at the ChrisFix Channel let’s get started as many of you know
from the drift car introduction video I asked you guys to vote on your top three
drift cars that you want to see me build so you chose RX7 Mustang or BMW and
thanks for being so involved because this poll had an epic turn out so since then I’ve been listening to you
guys and I’m looking at my local auto shopper on craigslist and even in the
newspaper with no luck at all everything around here is just way too
expensive or when I went to go see the car it had major problems like this BMW
with a head gasket leak and yes this was a head gasket leak when checking the
dipstick I saw coolant in the oil now a bunch of
you guys commented great ideas and suggestions like getting a salvage car
since it is a drift car and it doesn’t have to be perfect that way a salvage
car is way cheaper so I ran with that idea and I started
searching online for salvage cars and they were really cheap but since I
wasn’t a dealer I couldn’t get to the auctions so I
actually found a site that lets you bid on dealer auctions and then they go out
and bid on those live auctions for you it’s almost like Ebay for salvage cars
and there are tons of really cool cars on here for example we have this
Maserati spider it only has 20,000 miles and had flood
damage and with only a few days away the current bid was five thousand
dollars that would be a cool drift car not only would that be a cool drift car
but that would be a cool car just to own and then I started getting really
distracted and i found a Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen I always liked these SUVs and
this one just had some minor dents and scratches and the current bid was at one
thousand dollars and i’m telling you i got distracted start looking at Tesla’s
have an electric drift car how cool would that be I don’t think anybody’s
doing that yet this Tesla has 2,000 miles and it has
rear end damage but the rear end on drift cars are usually messed up anyway I’m sensing future videos potentially
and i’ll leave a link in the description to this website because you got are gonna have a blast just looking at
all the different cars on there I’m sure checking out all these salvage cars and
thinking about how you could fix them up is going to get you going but anyway let’s get back on track so
the car that – hub actually found for me they emailed me asking why I was on the
site and I said hey I’m looking for a drift car here’s what my subscribers said and they
found me this car right here hundred twenty thousand miles it’s a manual transmission car got
plenty of torque and it’s really cheap not only that this car is in a salvage
car to charity car so it was donated so the winning bid that money goes to a
Veterans charity how awesome is that but I’ve never done anything like this
ever I’ve never bought a car on ebay on the internet anything I always see in
person but I had a good feeling about this not really sure if the car runs or not
but hey that’s why fix things and hey we could get it for a really good price and
guess what i won the bid and that’s how I got the drift car that you guys pick now this cars gonna get delivered to me
in about a week or so and we’ll see how I did for my first online car buying
experience I should also mention if you don’t
follow me on social media such as Instagram or Facebook make sure you find
me on Instagram or Facebook because I give a bunch of updates on here i asked you guys what car you thought it
was going to be lets the Miata (3x) yep I think you guys think it might be a
miata but let’s find out and then a week later here it is I need to get this car off this truck
and in front of my house it’s getting rolled and that started
because apparently it doesn’t run I was told it might just be a dead
battery so we’ll see and this is the moment of truth this is the reveal right
here what’s the ChrisFix drift car going to be yeah and this is the drift car in 1998
mustang GT with a manual transmission so before I go show you the car here’s
the title I got a 98 ford mustang it’s a California car blurred out his
address but it’s not a California Emissions car which is awesome this is the original owner so this was a
single owner car when he got the car had a hundred sixty six miles and now I own
the car the car only has a hundred twenty thousand miles how cool is that and then we have the
title straight from California this is awesome now this is an auction
car so the car comes with no warranty it as is that’s one of the biggest risks at
buying an auction you can see here we have the vehicle bid price and auction
fees so I got the car for 1150 dollars and then a 328 dollar auction fee for a
total price of less than fifteen hundred dollars we’ll just call it 1,500 so
$1,500 for this 98 mustang let’s go check it out and this is the
first time I ever got a car online so let’s see if it paid off so taking a look at the interior the
interior actually looks like it’s a really good shape besides being a little bit dirty I mean
everything looks really good and there’s a little tear right here which doesn’t
matter because we’re gonna get racing seats the carpet and everything is exceptional
wow this thing is really clean that is surprising and then the back
seats are really clean probably rip those out take a look
inside good old ford mustang interior from 1998 not bad doesn’t really matter because i
feel like i’m going to get the interior the manual 5-speed transmission I wonder if it has the owner’s manual good we have an owner’s manual that’s
helpful the interior is a part on this side
wonder what we have in here nothing in here has pop the trunk check
out the trunk and this thing is dead battery so that might not work actually I mean if we’re not turning into a drift
car seems pretty good if we could get a running got cassette CD air conditioning
I don’t know if the air conditioning works the steering wheel is a little bit yeah
old but everything besides the driver’s seat and steering wheel looks really
nice the headliners nice back seats are nice and dashboards nice let’s go pop the hood see what’s inside this baby sheesh this car is also dirty check this
out there’s a footprint as a couple of footprints on the hood of the car needs
a good cleaning there you go there’s a video you guys want to know how to clean
your car properly see where this latches on the Mustang got to learn a new car
over again all right now this motor is dirty but
you guys been asking for how to clean a motor is the perfect opportunity nice VA engine 4.6 liter tons of torque
which is perfect for drifting get those rear tires loose we all know that Mustangs can get their
rear tires nice and loose you want to know what the best thing about this car is
because it’s a California car there is no rust like look at this on a
Jersey car in the Northeast any of these cars up here are going to be completely
rusty and just from being here for a few days the brake rotor is all rusty but check
out these calipers no rust at all on the calipers even if we look at the little screws
that hold on the body panels these things always rust there’s no rust
on them the undercarriage looks perfect no rust no damage no frame damage got
the dual exhaust and we know that Mustang sound great so this thing is
going to get an exhaust system and just sound amazing just got to get it started besides
getting it started let’s go over a little checklist of things i want to do
to this car so the first thing we want to do is I
want you guys to give me a project name this whole series has to have a project
name I’m thinking project drip sting but if
you can come up with something better I’m definitely open to using it so let
me know of a project name that’s for you guys to figure out next thing get the
car running unfortunately car doesn’t run I don’t
want to crank yet I check the oil and the oil is low so I want to add oil
before I mess around with any of that then once i get the car running got to
get insured and registered then I’m going to show you guys how to clean a
car properly let’s get this thing looking awesome and then I need a practice driving stick
I’ve only driven stick on one car before everything I’ve ever driven has been
automatic so it’s time to get a lot of experience driving stick and become good
at that then I want to do stuff like get a
baseline and I know so we can see how much horsepower it’s going to make get a
baseline wait so we can see how heavy the cars and see how we could reduce
that weight I want to learn how to drift I know a
couple of really awesome drifters that Chris Forsberg who might be open to the
idea of teaching me how to drift we’ll see about that that could be a
really cool episode then I want to see maybe get some sponsors I don’t know
what you guys think I try to get some sponsors for this car after that we’ll do some bolt ons like
an intake maybe an exhaust I want to gut the interior I want to get
a roll cage racing seats and a harness a video on a big brake kit is something
you guys been asking for that this might be a good opportunity hydraulic ebrake super important for
drifting should we start with charger supercharge
it that is a big step into adding power might be something good for this car should we vinyl wrap the car to some
crazy vinyl wrap something that looks cool do I want to add some bolt ons like cams
also ideas from you guys I want to hear ideas from you guys
that’s the whole point of this build to get you involved as much as possible
what do you want to see and just let me make this clear because I know not
everybody likes drifting and I get it but the great thing about this project it’s just a bunch of fixes and
customization adding a supercharger for a drift car or for a regular car or for
a race car it’s all the same same thing with a roll
cage same thing with racing seats same thing with pretty much all these
mods so even if you’re not into drifting guess what these episodes are going to
be a lot of fun and informative anyway I just wanted to point that out so just wait till you see what I have to
show you guys this is going to be awesome I have a cool surprise for my fans we are having a ChrisFix car meet right
here in this parking lot autozone was nice enough to let me use
their parking lot how cool is this look at that that’s my
car right there they’re gonna be door prizes there’s
going to be product demonstrations the local radio stations coming out and this
is your chance to come out and meet me and just hang out and have a good time so I’m crazy excited about this that is
so awesome I mean look at that poster in front of the whole building that’s so
cool but you know what time it is time to go
get car parts all right my hands are full of parts to
get the Mustang running in the next episode I’m the type of person that’s one trip
or no trip and there we go and this is exactly why you don’t go to
a parts store alone because then you end up buying way too much stuff so there we go start of the drift
project I need you guys to comment some ideas project name for example let me
know what a good name is plus we are having a car meet in this very parking lot this is going to be a lot of fun tons of
prizes just a good time music and everything so come on out will be a link in the
description to sign up to the ChrisFix meet and there we go it’s the start of a
series i’m excited i hope you guys are excited now let me go get started filming so I
can get the car ready for the meet and start drifting

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