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How To Buy a Car With Real Estate

How To Buy a Car With Real Estate

Alright, listen up smartypants. You want
your real estate to buy you a car? This video is going to share with you exactly
how I would do that. Dude, I am so proud of you for watching this video because
check it out, you’re watching a video that right now says, “How do I buy a car
with my real estate?” Do you not know that other people do it the other way around?
Do you know that most people are like, “Dude, I graduated college, I got some
money come in or I got a good job let’s buy a car.” And what they’re doing is
they’re actually buying depreciating assets. You’re thinking smart, which is
one of the first lessons my mentor taught me. I drove up one day to his
house, he had this big brand new boat. It was like $600 bout or
$700 dollar boat or something. And I said, “Wow, that’s a nice boat.” He
said, “Yeah, my real estate bought it for me.”
And I’m like, “Tell me how you did that.” He said, “It’s simple.”
I could put seven hundred dollars out of my pocket every month and I could
consume it on a boat that goes down in value. Or I could take my money and I can
buy a house. And let’s say the house produced $700 a month,
his house did. It actually paid for the boat. And his house goes up with value
and it replenishes $700 every single month. He could get rid of the
boat and he would still have the $700 a month. That’s the difference, my friends,
between an asset and a liability. The car is a liability, the house is an asset. So,
by the way, if you want to have a car then you should buy it with an asset
instead of actually just purchasing another liability. You can get yourself
swimming in debt, buried up to your neck in debt. And so, what I want to do is I
want to actually show you what this looks like. Now, by way of bonus, my
favorite way of actually buying the nicer things of life is with real estate.
And like right now, I’m doing a deal. This
deal is going to make me about $1,000,000 a year residually. Every single
year. I’m really excited about this project. I’ve never done a deal this big,
I’ve never had a residual that big. I’ll check back with you in 6 or 12 months
and tell you if the residuals as big as I think that it is. But that one big
piece of commercial real estate, guess what it’s going to do? It’s going to pay for
all of the liabilities and the things that I want in life. How do we do that on
a really small level? Well, I want to tell you the story, “The
Tiny Little House that I bought in Pleasant Grove.” That’s a city that’s two
like cities over from where I live. This was a house that… And I want to share
with you exactly how I found this house. Because I want to show you how you can
get this car. Those little strategy as a tip from me
to you. I knew that I wanted to get a really good deal on a house. And I had
money for a down payment because it wasn’t my money. I bought a house before
and I could take money out of that house and I could put it into this one. So, I’m
like, “Dude I’m going house shopping because I don’t have to pay. It’s not
coming out of my pocket. I’m going to borrow from the house. And I’m going to let the
asset buy an asset.” Which is really awesome, by the way. There’s a… Should be a
light bulb going on. “Aha!” Something worth writing down. But here, Listen up. This is
what actually went down. I called up 10 Realtors. I actually went online and I
basically found Realtors or real estate agents that specialize in finding houses.
And most Realtors, they don’t know how to find investments. But I found… I come
through hundreds of them and found 10 that used weird language on the website.
Like, “I find good deals.” Weird language like, “I’ve got a discounted property or
this is a bank foreclosure.” This told me that they specialized in good deals. I
called all of them up. I said, “My name is Kris Krohn. I got money to buy an
investment property but I need to have a 20% equity position.” Eight out of the ten
said, “You’re crazy. That’s not possible. You can’t do that.” And you know what?
Nothing happened. That’s really important that I did that, though. Because it helped
me find the two that said, “Sure, I can do that.” And one of them that day, went on to
the M-L-S, Multiple Listing Service were all the houses in the area are being
represented by realtors. And they sent me 3 houses. But when I saw this house, I
knew that it was the winner. Basically, was a house that I was going to put an
offer in for $150,000. it was a 3,000
square foot house. So, it had a value at the time of well over $250,000. Now, for just a moment. If you buy it for $150,000 and it’s worth $250,000. Dude, I
get it. Some of you… I’m going to have some of you watching this video and you’re
going to comment, “I’m catching you in the act.” You can be like, “Dude, that stupid. You can’t
find deals like that.” I’m like, “Yeah, that’s exactly why I find them.” Because there’s
enough people like you that think that way. Don’t be that guy. Anyway, so I found
this thing for $150,000, it has a value of 250,000, and guess
what I did? I used the hot money from my other house, I bought it. This house after
I rented it out, this house paid me a $600 a month of cash flow. How cool is
that? Friends, do you know what that $600 a month can do? I’ll tell you what it did
for me. This $600 a month, I didn’t use it for a
car because I’d bought a used car and I paid cash for it. I think it was like,
$2,900 car. But you know what I did with that $600 a month? I actually eliminated
my debt. I use assets to eliminate liabilities. When you have money, you need
to understand this. You can either throw it at your debts or you can throw it at
assets that can pay off your debts. By the time they’re done paying off your
debts. You’re going to have a ton of assets. If all you ever do is trade dollars for
hours and thrown at your debts, then chances are lots periods of time will go
by when you finally get out of debt. You have no assets. I’ve always found that I
could make more assets and eliminate my debts than just by focusing on
eliminating my debts. I know that that’s controversial and for some people that
really messes with them. But I’m not following society’s financial plan. So,
the friends are you have it? If you want to know how to get a… Have real estate
buy a car for you, that’s how you do it. If you actually want to know, “Kris, could
you actually help me go out there and find the right kind of deal and take me
by the hand and help me?” Check this out. You know for most people doing their
first deal is the most challenging. But if you can do one, then you’re going to want
to do 2 and then 10 and then a hundred and why stop? You get to create a
massive financial legacy. You get to do more than just have your real estate and
pay for your cars and everything else that you want. It can pay for everything
and create the financial freedom that you’re looking for. Thank you for
watching today’s video. If you want any help with that,
all you got to do is head over the website over here. Go ahead and subscribe
and check out some of the other videos that we’ve got teed up. It can help you
continue your learning in this wonderful world of real estate.

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34 thoughts on “How To Buy a Car With Real Estate

  1. Hi… I have recently started to watch your video.. I like all of them.. but it is not possible to everybody t follow your path… the for this video

  2. U can actually purchase a car full cash using part of a heloc….As you pay down the heloc, you are paying down the car….

  3. This is my passion! Took a while to figure it out as a teenager but once i discovered real estate I fell in love! 😁

  4. How long did it took you to find customers to buy your first house/ close your first deal? And how did you do it? Did you go door to door and cold calling or creating a website first. (I don't really know how to sell real estate but I want to learn how to and I want to buy my dream car when I grow up)

  5. Some cars don’t drop in value. What about a limited production vehicle that increases value due to its low quantities sold

  6. Hi. Im 17 Years old dude Who loves Real Estate. If i would have money to buy First House Then i would do it immediatly. But im not Living in America (i Wish i would)
    I live in Country Called Finland. So do you got a advice to start Real Estate in this Country?..
    But anyways i love your videos!

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    Would my profit count towards the interest total?

  10. Can anyone give some advice? So I’m 18 now and my dad has this house that it’s being build, and he says he doesn’t have enough money to finish it, which I don’t think so, and in the other hand he has a house for rent with I think a bad deal, he’s looking to sale the rented house, but what can he do with the money if he sold that? And well my English probably sucks, I’m from Argentina

  11. bought my first house at auction, and empty lot next to it, central heat and air 2800 soft for 10k, Zillow has it at 49k and realtor has it at 62, I'm putting 5k into it, 7 br 4bath @ 400 per room, so yes it does happen!!!!

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