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How to Buy a Car (Car Shopping Basics 5/5)

How to Buy a Car (Car Shopping Basics 5/5)

Meet Joan. Joan is a recent college graduate
about to buy her first car. Joan has watched our first three videos: “How
to Finance Car”, “Car Insurance 101”, and “How to Get Car Insurance, and now several
auto loan offers and great car insurance. That means she’s ready for the fun part:
actually buying the car. If Joan wants to buy a used, which is our
recommended option, she has two main ways to do it. One, she could visit a used car dealership.
This is the classic option, but it’s not for the faint of heart. Joan will have to
negotiate for the best deal, so before doing anything, she should look up the fair value
of her desired car on the website Kelly Blue Book. Then, once she finds the vehicle at
dealership, she should do all of the following: check the vehicle’s history report on,
inspect the car’s title, which is legal document specifying its ownership, test-drive
the vehicle, and then take it to a local mechanic for a more thorough inspection. However, if this whole experience doesn’t
appeal to Joan, she has another option: using our recommended website, or another like it.
It’s an entirely different experience: all vehicles listed are below-market price, have
undergone extensive inspection and refurbishment, and can be freely shipped to Joan anywhere
in the country for a test-drive. If she dislikes the car, she can return it for free, and if
she likes it, she can purchase it immediately with zero haggling all from the comfort of
her couch. They’ll even help you with the paperwork. Pretty cool right? But let’s say Joan wants buy a new car instead.
In this case, she’ll again have two options. One, she can visit a new car dealership. Like
with the used one, Joan should do all of the following: look up the fair value of her desired
vehicle on before negotiating, and always be sure to take the car for a test
drive. However, if Joan doesn’t feel like negotiating,
she can instead use our recommended website to lock in a great, guaranteed price for her
desired car. This will allow her to enter the dealership, immediately take the car out
for a test drive, and then quickly close the deal. This closing process should be simple, however,
there are a few things to keep in mind. One: While the fair price of her vehicle may
include rebates, either in the form of low-cost financing or cash incentives, it may not include
sales tax, title fees, or other expenses of that nature, so Joan shouldn’t be surprised
if her final price is slightly higher than what she expected.
Two: During the closing process, the dealer will likely try to sell Joan some extras,
such as rust proofing, fabric and paint protection, extended warranties, and even life insurance.
Reject them all, as they can all be purchased for way cheaper at other places. Finally, Joan has the option of not buying
a car at all, especially if her parents have a vehicle they can gift to her. The process
is actually pretty simple, her parents will just have to own the vehicle outright, and
then transfer the car’s title to her, the details of which will vary by state. For more
details, check out, and remember, Joan will still need car insurance either
way. Congratulations! You have finished our car
shopping basics curriculum! If you want to see our free recommendations for auto loans
and car-buying websites, or just more educational material, be sure to check out our website!

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