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How To Become a Top Closer and Best Salesperson

How To Become a Top Closer and Best Salesperson

what’s the guaranteed way to become the best, undisputed world champion, number one top closer, King Kong, the best salesperson of your dealership your company and your brand? it’s all about consistency and repetition. the city of brotherly love is the home of one of the best boxers ever but no i’m not talking about Rocky Balboa though I am standing in the Italian market that he made famous in Rocky 1. I’m talking about a real boxer, smokin’ Joe Frazier. Look in his prime Frazier defeated the great Muhammad Ali in the nineteen seventy one fight dubbed the fight of the century, but no one gets to that level of greatness without some serious practice and discipline. Smokin’ Joe had a great quote about his preparation and training, and it was something like this; “when action starts it may not go the way you planned and you’re down to your reflexes, you developed during your training, and that’s where the road work shows, the training you did in the darkness in the morning will be found out under the bright lights of the competition. Think about that man? Where was Joe Frazier’s bright light? Wasn’t it in the ring, the Thrila in Manila, Madison Square Garden? But where are bright lights in sales? Isn’t it when we’re face to face with a customer or on the phone with that customer? Your results and your income, man they’re a direct reflection of the skills developed from your training and the work that you did in the darkness of your morning. I mean I doubt any boxer at any level or at least any smart one anyway has ever stepped into the ring without repeated training, development, and practice. Yet, you know in the car business it’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day stuff and then we end up stepping into the ring with the customer or on the lot with them and we end up practicing on our customers and we get knocked out seventy to eighty percent of the time or even more. Philadelphia native Marvin Harrison Hall of Fame wide receiver in the NFL, he played for the Indianapolis Colts, he got it right when he said “they pay us for practice, and the games are for fun.” Think about that for a second, “they pay us for practice and the games are for fun.” In sales we think we get paid for the time we spend with the customer. The reality is, we’re being paid for the practice, training and development we do daily in between the customers, before we step into the ring. When we put in the effort and the training outside of the transaction we will be rewarded with the reflexes to become the best salesperson on the planet. The top closer on the board in your dealership. The world champion of sales. Selling is the best career in the world when you’re good, it sucks when you’re not. So what I want you guys to do, at a minimum, take 15 to 20 minutes every single day and practice and develop your skills. Practice whether it’s in your car on the way to work or it’s when you get to work or when you’re at home. Make sure you’re practicing 15 to 20 minutes a day. Bottom line, amateurs practice until they get it right pros practice until they can’t get it wrong. Some people have the resolve to push and make things happen others get tired and all they do is give up. Which one are you going to be?

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2 thoughts on “How To Become a Top Closer and Best Salesperson

  1. It's consistency and repetition that build muscle. Go to a gym and only work out a couple times and all you'll get is sore muscles and no gains. It's no different in car sales or dealership management. To become the best salesperson, the best manager, the best closer, you have to commit, train, do it consistently and with repeatedly.

  2. 1. Can you please let us know or show us how to walk around the vehicle with a customer explaining features/benefits of the car during the sale?
    2. What part of the car do you prefer to talk about and point out first to get the customer excited?
    3. and what are your strategies and recommendations?
    I am new to the car sales business and I find this part challenging, sometimes it cost me the sale when I don't know where and how to start.

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