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How To Become A Professional Detailer – Smart Detailing University – September 2015 Class

How To Become A Professional Detailer – Smart Detailing University – September 2015 Class

I’m from Seattle, Washington. I am from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. I’m from New York. I’m from, right here, from actually LA County. I’m from Boulder, Colorado. Canda. Edmonton, Alberta. I am from New York City… specifically in Queens. I’m from Woodinville, Washington. Uh, New York. I’ve detailed a couple of cars with my dad. Kind of you know, looked into it a little bit but I really don’t have much experience, My experience with detailing is very minimal which is why i’m here, to learn. I’ve been doing mobile deatiling for about 6 months and detailing out back of my crossfit gym. My experience is kind of detaling my own car detailing my family cars. I do as a side job as a side hobby you could say. I’m actually currently in the process of starting a business over in upstate New York, specifically in Newburgh. I’ve been detailing for fun kind of a hobby for a long time, 10 plus years. This is my second time coming to the Chemical Guys University. I came a year ago last September and… and this year I came and brought my son and his best friend Eric and I wanted them to go through the course. And I think that we’ll go ahead and start our own business. I’m very excited about it. I would like to start my own business. I don’t want to start my own business by myself. I would like to do it with some other people. I expect to know how to be a proficient and excellent detailer. And I also want to leave this class having a good understanding of what it takes to run a business in this field. I’m actually starting up my own business in mobile detailing. I have a potential business partner because this course is pretty known, even in Canada. So once i’m finished theirs a pretty good chance i’ll be opening a shop back home. I expect how to learn how to use a buffer professionally and learn how to start a business the right way. The minute I got my first car, I got a Ford Mustang 2007 in blue. The first thing I wanted to do is go home and wash the car. And I did that for a couple of weeks, and then after that I realized that I wanted to do it properly. I felt like it wasn’t as good as it could have been. A few years ago I started watching the videos on YouTube and I was searching for things, trying to remove different stains and then I ran into their videos and then i came down last year. It was the first time. Well I’ve been watching the videos and based on the videos, I looked at Chemical Guys on the internet. And saw that their was a course. Paul has so much experience and just goodness to offer and it’s fun. It’s a fun week as well. There’s lots of hands on but um but it’s fun to learn about the business and the communication and just be part of the passion that the team here brings. and I wanted my son and his friend to experience that. My week was amazing. My week was pretty good. Learned a lot. Awesome! My week was fantastic. Aw, my week was fantastic! Had a great time. This was my second time coming down to Chemical Guys. And um and I thoroughly enjoyed it just as much as the first time. This week was great. We to do quiet a bit with a lot of cars. And we detailed some amazing cars. I got to learn how to polish. I got to learn how to cut paint. Got to learn how to wax. Got to learn how to seal. How to learn how to glaze. Had an amazing experience. A lot more confident on talking in front of real customers. And learn how to run an effective business. I plan to take this passion that I kind of found here and see if I can use it to start a business. I’m kind of a bit nervous to start my own business so this really helped me get a little bit more relaxed with the enviroment. I plan on using all the information I learned this week to start my own business and apply it. Theirs a lot of different skills that I didn’t know of before. I know now. So I’m going to take all these skills and apply it into my business.

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21 thoughts on “How To Become A Professional Detailer – Smart Detailing University – September 2015 Class

  1. I would surely take this course if I were living in the United States, would be nice to see a ''road trip'' version of this course through out Europe in various countries.

  2. Colorado the legal state! This should be the channel trailer. This is very good man loved it. Does any one know a shop that uses chemical guys in Maryland (Not Baltimore) and only them?

  3. Shame ur soooo far away from me in the uk! Would of loved this! Got a clio 200 that I use all you're products on! And makes it Looks awesome!! Shame couldn't come down to learn even more! 🙁

  4. hey whens the next one im in san jose and ill go to one can u please tell me when the next one is

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