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How to Automate Slot Cars With an Arduino

How to Automate Slot Cars With an Arduino

Hello, you want to race, but have nobody who
wants to play with you? Then why don´t you race against an Arduino? In this video, I show you how to prepare a
slot car racing track and write an Arduino sketch so that you always have somebody to
race against. For this reason, I arranged hall sensors around
the track that signal the Arduino, where the car actually is. The arduino sketch then accelerates or brakes
the car accordingly. Hall sensors are small electronic parts that
detect magnetic fields. Whenever a magnet comes close to such a sensor,
it pulls its output pin to ground, and can so be used as a kind of magnetic switch. I hot-glue strong magnets to the slot car’s
wheels and also hall sensors to the side of the the
racing track. Because of these modifications, the hall sensors
send impulses to the microcontroller whenever the car passes by. So the Arduino program knows, where the car
actually is and accordingly decides about its speed. By means of the Arduino’s analogWrite() function,
I generate a PWM signal which I amplify with a small transistor circuit and then put on
the track. So I can set the speed from whithin the Arduino
program. With the function analogWrite() called with
a parameter value between 0 and 255, I can set every speed value between stop and full
speed. Then I wired up everything and loaded the
sketch into the Arduino. Let’s race! The red car is controlled by the Arduino,
the blue one is driven by me. Aaah got him! Puuh, what a tough race! By the way, if you like this video, then give
it a thumbs-up, share it with your friends, subscribe to my channel to support me and
check the notification bell to never miss anything. And here is a brief explanation about how
the sketch works: Every time when the slot car passes by a hall effect sensor, an Interrupt
routine is being called. There the hall sensor which caused the interrupt
is identified and a speed value is read out of an Array and brought to the red car by
the analogWrite() command and the transistor circuit. In the video description you find a link where
you can download the schematic and the sketch if you want to try this by yourself. Ok, that´s all for now. Thanks for watching. see you next time.

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