100 thoughts on “HOW the FASTEST CAR has CHANGED in GTA Games Over the YEARS (Evolution)

  1. The fastest car in Gta Iv was the Infernus. But the Police Stinger from tbogt was the fastest in the whole Gta Iv franchise.
    (Not to mention that the Tampa was not accessible in Tlad except for mod menus)

  2. Sometimes when you do videos the money thing shows it's going up and I wonder why it does that, if you want can you please explain lol

  3. buen video bro! le infernus del gta san andreas me gusta mucho por que es muy parecido al honda-nsx-r ó tambien conocido por acura nsx-r y el comet es el porsche carrera 911.👍👋 y mucho éxito bro!

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