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How Tesla Handles Model 3 Issues

How Tesla Handles Model 3 Issues

– Good morning. How are you? I hope you’re good. Today we’re gonna talk about some issues I’ve had with my Model 3, and they’re pretty important to share. But before I get into the details there, I need to lay some groundwork, and explain the context behind this. (mandolin music) You see Tesla gets (bleep) about every little detail that
is just even slightly off. I mean, 1/16th of an
inch in between a panel. Material in a part of the
car you don’t even use, or people just don’t like what they chose, and how they did something. And you hear about it
nonstop in the media. Whereas other companies
you don’t really get that kind of scrutiny. Do you remember the Takata airbag recall? The one where there was basically a grenade in your steering wheel. So I remember this specifically because we had this issue. And it took us nine
months to get it resolved. We couldn’t actually use
our car with our son, because we were afraid, basically, shrapnel would shoot into his face when we got into an
accident, if we ever did. That’s terrifying, right? But yet we don’t think
of the manufacturer’s being the one to blame. And so, just take a pause for
a minute and think about that. (mandolin music) Before you scrutinize Tesla
over the minut little detail. So, back to the story though. So the first issue we had, started actually when
we picked up the car. I noticed water coming out of it, because the AC had been running, which didn’t really alarm
me or surprise me there. But I believe this is actually when the very first issue surfaced. So, this issue actually was caused by something called phantom touches. And, I’ve seen some other
people talk about this online. Apparently this happened back with the original Model S, as well. And the deal is, is that
how the screen is mounted, there’s tension on it. And apparently, it felt
like someone kept touching and tapping in the bottom right near where the volume button was. This actually led to some funny, some funny circumstances. Where we were sitting inside, and all of sudden the music started blaring out of no where, and we didn’t know what was going on. (loud music in the car) And in other cases, it was more concerning because it, essentially the car had
been running the entire time and the AC had been going, and that wasn’t good. (mandolin music) So what they ended up doing
was replacing the whole screen and they had to order a part, because each one is
tied to a specific car. It’s not like they’re just
interchangeable between cars. But I later learned that
they could have done it with a software update. They just didn’t have the right kind of
troubleshooting setup yet. And so they didn’t have the fix. And it was just faster and
easier to replace the screen. So the second issue was, this little door that
covers where the phones go and it was making a weird clicking noise. And they tried to fix it on the spot. Maybe there was like a
little piece of plastic in there or something. And it turns out that they just
ordered a whole new console, because they just didn’t want to risk it. And it was so new that
they didn’t wanna have me, have the car in the shop for a long time trying to troubleshoot it. So they just replaced it, and it actually was probably the easiest part of the whole thing. Then came number three. The third issue I had,
which is a bit more scary. (mandolin music) And so this one got me really kind of turned around. Because, they weren’t totally clear with what the problem was and how scary it might be. But they seemed extremely concerned. So after I got the first call, they really wanted me
to come in right away, but didn’t have too many
details or anything else. And I kept going, so I just kinda ignored it said look, you know, I can’t come in right now. What I ended up doing later in the day, after getting my car lowered up in LA, at Unplugged Performance. I, they called me again, actually missed a few calls from them. And as it turned out, they didn’t want me to drive at all, and they wanted to get me in a loaner. But the challenge was, is that I had a meetup the following day, scheduled with, I don’t know, 20 or 30 of you guys, to show you my car. To show you the Model 3. I was so excited to share it with you. And so I basically told them no. I said, “Unless you can get me a Model 3, as a loaner, I’m not gonna do it. Because you won’t tell
me how scary it is.” It was just kind of a weird situation. They seemed very concerned though, even though they didn’t say there were any incidents
or anything like that. So, what it came to be was, they found me one. They actually came to the spot in LA, they towed Tes. Took her in to get the
steering gear replaced. And what they did is
they gave me a Model S to drive down to San Diego, and I got the very first
ever Model 3 loaner. So this was the second time
I had to take the car in. The first time, I had that Model X P100D, which I wish they would have actually just taken it and kept it for longer because it was so fun to drive. This time I had a Model
3 loaner and you guys, many of you that went to
that meetup, saw that. That’s what was going on when
I had my car in the shop. What do you guys think of the Model 3? (crowd yells) So all in all, Tesla
really bent over backwards to make this experience work for me. Not only did they take care of me with getting me a Model 3 loaner. They were proactive in reaching out, in fact, notifying me via software that there was an issue that they had, that they had needed to repair. So since then, Tesla has actually
given me more information. Because I wanted to make sure
that when I told this story, I had all the contacts, and
not just one data point. And Tesla told me that, “the Model 3 “quality
and condition” scores, after delivery, are at
an all time high of 94%. These are the best customer
scores we’ve received for quality and condition ever, across all of our vehicles. Customers provide feedback a minimum of five days
after they take delivery, giving them time to thoroughly
scrutinize their car and get the opinion of
friends and family.” So the moral of the story is, that Tesla is going the extra mile here to make sure that all Model 3 owners, specifically, are being
well taken care of. And while they’re still in the process of ironing out all the
kinks and everything here. I think it’s important for
a lot of us to just know that they are taking this to heart. And that any problems you
have with your Model 3, go direct to the engineering team. And engineering, back at the headquarters, has to actually assess it and figure out what the problem is, and what the resolution may be. So, they are going way far and above any of the other manufacturer’s. Think about the Takata airbag again. There are people still today that haven’t had their airbags fixed. People are dying from
this, and it’s insane. We don’t really hold any
other auto manufacturer to the same level that we do Tesla. And again, I think that’s a good thing, because that will push them to succeed, and become even better. So I’m curious what you guys think. Is this something that we
should be really concerned with? Is it a great story and you’re thrilled about
how they handled things? Or do you have a Model
3, and you had issues? I’d love to hear about how your experience has been down in the comments below. Leave me a message and let me know. And don’t forget, when you free the data,
your mind will follow. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you guys back here next time. (mandolin music)

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100 thoughts on “How Tesla Handles Model 3 Issues

  1. Dude, that's a lot of problems in a pretty short period of time. Two were serious. The fact that one was "scary" and instead of explaining what it was they gave you PR fluff is a little disturbing. I'm really rooting for Tesla but let's call a spade a spade. Them being on top of fixing it is awesome but you can give them plaudits for that while simultaneously being disappointed in build quality. The two aren't mutually exclusive.

  2. You misspoke, EVERY car manufacturer gets shit for panel gaps, as they should it speaks to the build quality of the vehicles………it is even more so important for a high end luxury brand such as Tesla. If you are suggesting that the likes of Porsche and Mercedes dont get shit on for some pretty grotesque panel gaps (wayyy more than a 1/16th of an inch in Tesla's case) then you are fooling yourself. The more likely cause of other high end brands not getting crap is because there are very few examples of panel gaps (and many other manufacturing quality issues as the Tesla's) and I would venture a guess it is because the other high end brands (and their customers) have rightfully decided such mistakes in/on a $100K+ vehicle ($45K+ for the Model 3…..$35K if you get a bone stock version which almost no one is) is………wait for it……….COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE for the price point. Yes no one talks about panel gaps issues (or any other issues for that matter) on a Chevy Spark because it is $14K brand new out the door and not in the $40K+ range. In their defense though Tesla is still new as far as manufacturing goes, and there are going to be issues (especially due to the time crunch Elon is putting on his people) these cars in my opinion are pretty much an example of mass prototyping and I am all for people (who have that kind of disposable income) buy them, that is how all the issues will be found and eventually fixed. I will happily buy one when 1)The price matches the current quality ($20K base, without the tax credit btw) or 2) The fit, finish, and material quality (dont have to replace the battery pack and drive units several times before 150K miles) issues are fixed. Just my 2 cents.

  3. Maybe that's because Tesla people are bigger fanbois than gtr fanbois. Tesla tards call the cars perfect and any flaw is a design feature.

  4. I hope they continue that level of service, once they start delivering Model 3s to those of us who haven't been Tesla owners before.

  5. I couldn't disagree more with your opening statement about people complaining about their Teslas. Ever since Teslas cars/reviews came out I have for friggin years I been watching reviews of Teslas on youtube and the amount of giant thumbs up has always been way higher than I thought for any car, and it made me dubious, I have found the constant endless "fantastic reviews" as kind of annoying as it defys laws of probability. I expected to see lots of reviews of unhappy people and its been so rare that I assumed for all these years that everyone is just a huge Tesla fan period. Its not that I expect Teslas to be bad but a lot of car makers have lemons so why wouldn't Tesla.

  6. I have a model 3 and had very similar issues. However, I'm left a little more irritated then you. I won't give you the long story, but in short. The mobile truck has come out twice and I've had to drive to the service center probably 5 times now. I was without my car for probably a total of 3 weeks. And I did not have the happy experience with their loaner program that you did. I'm a very patient and understanding person, but it's been very inconvenient as the closest service center is an hour away.

  7. Seems like they're doing the smart thing by scrutinizing the limited productions to work out all the kinks before they ramp up production. If that mega factory can go full capacity, they totally going to want repeat buyers when they catch up with current reservations. Case study is Toyota, top seller and stays on top because of repeat buyers. Making a first impression is a huge opportunity that I'm sure all the established manufacturers couldn't do when they started off.

  8. Takata is a really bad example for the point you are trying to make. They are not being held to a lower standard than Tesla… the exact opposite is the case: they have literally been sued into bankruptcy. The company doesn`t really exist anymore, that`s the only reason the recalls are so slow!

  9. Sure hope they at the bugs worked out soon. I was a day one reservation holder but decided we needed something bigger. So ordered a MX.

  10. In light of these reported quality issues from basically every Model 3 owner, I start questioning if I should just take my deposit back. Tesla may fix all the issues but it is still lost time and frustration of owners. I always buy my cars new and keep them 3-6 years and I've never had anything close to what Ben described. Perhaps I am lucky, but for past 15 years I only had two (minor) warranty issues across all cars. Tesla needs to step up their quality ASAP before general public (non Tesla fans) gets Model 3s.

  11. I am a big fan of Tesla and electric cars in general, but they absolutely deserve the scrutiny. They purposefully release what is essentially Beta-test vehicles to the public. No other car manufacturer does this, and for a good reason: the unreliability gives you a bad name. Tesla can keep releasing test versions to the public because there is no real alternative to the Tesla yet. As soon as any of the big car manufacturers release a real competitor to the Teslas, the rational consumer will skip the car that is known for its unreliability and head straight for the Toyota/Honda/insert reliable car brand.

  12. New variant of BMW one of the first on the road factory ordered. price to pay for having one of the first on the road 18 visits for repairs from failures, fixes for parts not fitted right, replacements parts because the first two would keep falling off due to manufacturing flaw. My fuse box was not even secured with no screws I kid you not. This was not a cheap Car. Talking to BMW direct about my disappointment was like talking to a wall. Tesla sound the opposite 👏👏👏👍

  13. The airbags was not the fault of the Automakers it was the supplier and it took many months because there will Millions of Cars from 7 major automakers and it would take a long time to complete all recall orders, Tesla had only about 100 thousand. it is a problem

  14. Dude I understand the video and worrying as it is you’ve had a number of issues with a brand new $55k car I don’t think this is fully representative. You have a YouTube channel pretty much dedicated to EV’s and Tesla with a large number of subs. I’m sure they are aware of this and thus act accordingly. Maybe went that extra mile so to speak…

    I’ve had a 3 on preorder from day one but as mine would be RHD I don’t expect it anytime soon. So I believe in an EV future and Tesla as a brand so please don’t mistake my comment as a slight. Merely an observation that perhaps they are aware you are influential in this regard. Love the content though 👍🏼

  15. Great service by Tesla Ben but do you feel that you are a beta tester for the car, albeit with excellent support?

  16. Yeah, Tesla was helpful to a Youtuber that has 100.000 views on each of his videos…. so nice of them. Now if they would treat all of their other customers that they are not youtubers like that… that would be GREAT! …..

  17. I will be very surprised if Tesla can maintain this level of service if / when they reach their targeted production levels for the Model 3.

  18. Tesla’s are not inexpensive vehicles. That’s why these quality defects are discussed. There is an understanding that early adopters (who paid a premium) for Tesla vehicles are the reason the Model 3 can exist and be sold. It’s hard not to hold them to a standard that reflects the price.

  19. Other companies don’t get the kind of scrutiny that Tesla gets over it’s obvious fit and finish issues because other companies don’t have them…and when they did, every publication wrote about them. You’d be hard pressed to find a review of early 00’s GM and Ford products that didn’t complain about interior panel gaps. Same thing with the Teslas. They have the audacity to charge $80-100k for these cars and then have interior and exterior trim and whole panels that aren’t even CLOSE to fitting. Stop being an apologizer. It wouldn’t be acceptable on a Mercedes or Audi so it’s not acceptable on a Tesla.

  20. I'm surprised you don't have a electric skateboard. If you do decide, Meepo has Tesla batteries. LMAO. Tell them I sent you. And if you do a review on your channel you might get it for free

  21. Great vid theme, quality determines a great company. At this moment TSLA has 67K reasons to keep you happy. The bane of early adopters is that they are field testers finding out things which made it out final outgoing QA. Couple of random thoughts
    1. make customer satisfaction #1 (put customer at top of org chart)
    2. make root cause corrective actions(design based) and add quality metrics to executive pay package
    3. give incentive to any employee to stop the line regarding quality improvement

  22. Can someone explain why Tesla keeps getting a pass on these types of issues? Many of the Tesla channels I watch discuss similar issues and say how great Tesla service is. Great, Tesla does a great job trying to resolve issues and take all of these things to heart and really care about the customer. I get it and have no doubt customer service is as good as everyone writes. In my mind, why is the car going back for so many issues no matter how minor in the first place? Yes, other car companies have their problems, but I don't remember hearing that a car goes back as many times to solve what I believe are quality control issues. There are times it does happen, but the issues that I keep seeing come up with Tesla have been going on for a while. I would think that eventually we would not hear about them anymore, (i.e misaligned trim, screens that go bad, door handles that break, etc.). I don't understand how a Tesla owner can say my car went back for this, that, and that, and that, but it is OK because Tesla addressed them, takes it seriously, and has fantastic customer service. I know if we change the name from Tesla to Toyota, Mercedes, Lexus, or whatever many people will say, these cars are not built well and do not understand how they can deliver this car with so many issues, again no matter how minor. Tesla has an opportunity to be the electric car, but in my opinion many Tesla owners are so in love with the car that are almost blinded to the fact there are quality control issues. If you depend on your car, how many times can you have it down for a repair for these minor things. If Tesla gives you a loaner even for a few hours, when does it get to a point where you say, I wish I would not have to keep bringing my car in? When other manufactures develop their own EV, all it will take is people to say, hey, my new car is great and I don''t have to have to bring it in to service too often to have minor things fixed before Tesla falls behind.

  23. Problem with tesla is production isn't great and take too long to deliver! And the amount of expensive parts that break when out of warranty will kill you

  24. Ppl think all these big parts they just change the whole thing its great but the fail rate is high and after warranty gone they way too expensive to fix

  25. NISSAN has a lot of engine problems and a lot of software errors…… and they can not solve it, and then when it finishes the warranty they discard the responsibilities it has, I hate nissan, it has a horrible customer support. Congratulations to the tesla. greetings from Portugal

  26. For such an expensive car they are actually shit. You get better quality from a leaf than you do from a $130k Tesla.

    You can absolutely blame Tesla for the quality. They are the manufacturer of the car, they have final say on what goes on them.

  27. You're just flat wrong about expectations regarding luxury cars. You can't buy ANY Tesla for less than $50k, including the Model 3. They're not competing against Kia, they're competing against Mercedes, BMW, etc, companies that made their reputation on build quality. So when you're new $50k Tesla has panel gaps and misalignments like a 1990s Kia, people are going to notice and complain. And why do these issues even exist? It was Tesla's decision to skip the normal pilot production that every other automaker does to improve such issues before customer cars are even made.

  28. I really admire Elon and Tesla but I will criticize any issue with thier products. The thing is don't don't glorify Tesla too much. They should be held accountable. It seems there are a lot of issues in modle 3

  29. How on Earth was the Takata airbag defect the fault of the car manufacturers? It was Takatas fault and they are to blame. And while there is absolutely no excusing it, the fact that they manafactured tens of millions of them, you would have been more likely getting struck by lightning walking your son to school than getting killed by a defective Takata airbag. As an aside, you're about 30 years too old to be on a skateboard.

  30. In my opinion, it boils down to the way company leads their consumers' perceptions/expectations. Majority of what we read about Tesla's cars (the company's official statements, company sponsored/non-sponsored reviews including YouTube, CEO's series of tweets, etc.) is "the best car you will ever own." But the majority of these people who ordered Model S, Model X, or Model 3 had to wait additional months/years on top of what they originally anticipated to receive the car due to company's way-too-ambitious delivery goals. I admire Tesla's tendencies to want to overachieve in everything, but they have clearly demonstrated they are incapable of meeting their original target delivery dates that they publicly announced in the press. Then for the excited owners to find these quality control issues, it only highlights these non-major but nonetheless annoying imperfections that they now have to get them fixed. No other mass-market manufacturers in the automotive business does this in my opinion. When you are a company that wants to try to change the entire industry, and the CEO often publicly "throw shade" (for the lack of better term) at the entire automotive industry, you then have to deliver a perfect product every time. Otherwise, everything is under a microscope for scrutiny.

  31. Update: Hi Ben. We've had the same screen issues as you. They replaced the screen and yet 10 days later, it happened again. We left our car at the dealership and they contacted engineering. They said they will have a software fix soon. The Model 3 has now been at the dealership for 16 days. We ask the dealer to replace the screen again, but engineering turned that option down. There is nothing the dealership can do right now but wait. They've given us a Model S as a loaner, but I would really like to have my car back. The dealership has gone out of their way to keep us happy and I understand the fact we are early adaptors, but engineering needs to provide us with something more than a promise with no timeframe. By the way, our screen went bad after we went to pick up the car, went through the orientation, and had driven it 200 feet out the showroom doors!. We drove it around the building into the service department. Tesla has had our car longer than we have.

  32. Not really. Heard of a guy where the trunk panel is not fitting in his Model S, it scraches the rear bumper and they tried to fix it 3 times and failed always. Also on one side the trunk panel gaps are so huge you can fit a finger in and on the other side its so tiny that the two panels are even touching.
    The car also had a problem with the electric motor at the beginning, it was loud as a Gas engine. But they couldnt fix it either so they let him drive 4000km until they finally fixed it. Everytime he would show up to the Tesla showroom they just half assed everything so they wouldnt have to deal with it anymore.
    Problem is that Tesla showrooms are rare and have to cover the needs of many customers, they often have to much work than they can handle. Also many of the employees are new and unexperienced. You only hear the good stories but there are also many negative ones.

  33. Wow amazing. I think there are federal lemon laws to protect you if you have that many problems. How many times can you recharge a lithium ion battery?

  34. New update: Our car is back and the screen seems to be working fine now. They came out with the software update that fixes the screen issue. It seems to have fixed the lower louver opening and closing issue also. Happy so far!

  35. How about this: Spent more time on perfecting a product before it's released for sale. Yes, it is nice to have new technology but most products (cars, electronics, software) sold after 2000 was/is prematurely released. The number of defects/recalls/bugs should be decreasing, not increasing. When I buy a product, I buy it so it can server me, be my slave and help me, not the other way around. You said model S had the screen issue – is it normal that they have not fixed it for entire new generation car? Think about that and what is wrong with the current market of consumer goods.

  36. Tesla needs to create a parts Network for their users & allow them to fix their own cars.

    As Tesla dosen't provide a jack because they want you to call them to replace something like a flat tire on our car & it's insane.

  37. Are you kidding me? They should be given slack for what are essentially recall-level issues? My Mazda has a few issues less serious than the crazy crap you're brushing off and they're fixing them all for free as well.

  38. I've decided not to go Tesla. Just don't have the time to keep returning it. Two years driving my current car, never had to return it.

  39. Does one real person own a Model 3 ? I mean a normal person that is not broadcasting is life and all is consumer decision on the internet to get supplemental income ?

  40. Number of problems with my chevy volt = 0 Thanks for beta testing the model 3 for me, when they sort out all of the model s issues, maybe they will get to model 3 issues.

  41. Its almost like they had to bend over backwards because they fucked up so much and they didnt want a popular youtube to let people know the truth.

    You know why BMW, Mercedes Benz, Lexus and even Honda doesnt get scrutinized about build quality like 1/16" misaligned panels and doors? Its because real car manufacturers do not have that problem.

    For real people fit and finish is very important especially when we are paying $40k+ on anything.

    I have a year old Honda van vehicle and I have not yet needed to take it in for any kind of repair. Your car is new for fucks sake and you already needed a loaner. You call that good service?

  42. You don't hear about these issues, because most manufacturer's don't have obvious quality issues such as body panel alignment and trim pieces falling off.

  43. If people enjoy their Tesla, that's great. However I don't think 5 days is enough time to evaluate ones vehicle. For many, they can go two weeks before requiring a full charge. I've drive many different types of vehicles and I can say, I enjoyed them without issues. Let's remember the air bag is not a Tesla issue, Takata is the manufacturer and it is there issue, Tesla most likely gets some sort of funding for replacing it. As to the statement that people are dying? Where is the stats on that please?

  44. You said you wanted to make sure you had all the info. Then proceeded to give no info on what the issue was besides the steering gear was replaced?

  45. Kool Aid drinkers!!! Tesla is going to become a battery company!! Companies should focus on what they do best!!

  46. Most complaints that I've seen or heard are because tesla won't service a rebuilt tesla car or sell parts to fix or anything. Other things I've seen are they refuse advice or refuse to give vehicle history reports on used tesla vehicles. There are some I've seen that are just people whining but mostly it's the first mentioned issues.

  47. What is Tesla going to pay us for all the hassle and us being test drivers for his incomplete perfect products / I by any other car and the first time to the Garage (NOT Car Maker)is on its first service / Are we all suckers to put up with a crap job

  48. As one of my professors always says, “good quality service is the best ever business strategy.” Even if they don't know the reason or the resolution of the problem, an honest explanation can make you feel good.
    I'm a bit concerned about the part you said they weren't clear about what the problem was.

  49. Was Tesla "bending over backwards" because you have your own YouTube channel? So far, in my own experience, they seem to be very unresponsive and rigid! But I'll wait and see the first time I need them for any issue, hopefully not anytime soon!

  50. The Takata airbag fiasco caused a bankruptcy. Tesla is safeguarding any further liability. Tesla makes a great car, however this model 3 is tipping towards a major issue for the company. The interior is bad and for one screen (software) to be the brain of the car is the catalyst for serious issues for consumers ie drivers.

  51. If Elon Musk doesn't listen to Deming's 14 points philosophy, Tesla's will forever have manufacturing defects. That's why Toyota's quality control is the best in the game because Toyota was part of the Industry-in-training when Dr. W Edwards Deming travelled to Japan to train Japanese business executives on Lean Manufacturing and quality control. The Just-In-Time Production system was developed that evolved into TPS.

  52. Yet another YouTube Tesla pusher. Of course ur car gets fixed right away did u tell them about your YouTube channel? The airbag thing was nothing by now they have replaced them all free and it only takes about an hr.

    I think I'll wait for the Dyson EV and see what that's like before I buy the Tesla junk.

    Turns out Tesla used the same airbags he mentioned.

  53. The worst cars being built today are the Chinese cars and by the looks of things Tesla is below them. Chinese cars are also projected to improve dramatically soon.

  54. If people have this much problems with a toyota they will be mad, yet a tesla owner finds it normal his new car is full off problems. After warrenty the real costs will start.

  55. As electric cars mechanics and power electrics are so reliable, I think the new reparing technicians are gona be geeks, because ost of the problems are computer issues.

  56. Sorry, but it's a over hyped piece of crap, it's like a supermodel with stds, looks attractive on the outside, but many issues on the inside, trust me on this , the money u save on gas u will triple on repairs

  57. Picked up my model 3 July 21st having the same screen problem you had. Car currently in the shop waiting for new screen. Have a model S as a loner

  58. Hello. I am a long time fan of your channel. I am in a terrible situation with my model S. Do you have any contacts at Tesla corporate who may be able to help me. Please let me know. Thank you

  59. How big the gap between glass roof and panels? on my passenger side is about 10 mm gap vs 5 mm gap on the driver side. Any one has this issue and how tesla fixed it? Thanks

  60. Informative video Ben, but are you perhaps overlooking the 800 pound gorilla in the room involving the musky, murky Tesla CEO. Musk as you know is the name of a snake defense mechanism to ward off jungle predators. Why would you expect quality production excellence in a car rushed into production by a seeming drugged out CEO. You are spending big money on an electric car company technology as old as the hills. If you want a refund for the quality issues for the car, look for Elon in a Hollywood basement making fake looking cgi movies for SpaceX. This character actor is a hype machine who mocks the audience with a snarkey, musky demeanor while hiding in the grass over quality control issues. Do we even know if this close eye seeming character actor with a q angle in the hips is even a man as some YouTube videos suggests Elon could be a female to male transgender. Better look deep under the hood of under the dress to verify before making any new overpriced purchases with this erratic musky CEO.

  61. I got my M3 delivered last Sunday (4th Nov) and the next day I took it to work and in evening when I was leaving I saw something leaking from the front. I checked whether it was water or coolant and it turned out to be HVAC coolant. I called roadside assistance and they gave me option to tow or get the car next day early morning to service center. I got a message from service center 5 days later saying they are changing coolant reservoir. I was so bumped and shaken by this incident. They got me a loaner Model S but I hope they get my M3 up and running soon. It hurts me to say, but I didn't expect this from Tesla! 🙁

  62. I love my Tesla, but the service is horrible. This is my second Tesla and I've owned a Tesla now for several years. A woman drove into me a over a year ago. It took months of me calling and emailing to find out when the car would be fixed to finally get me car back 6 months later. After that time I've had to return the car multiple times as it is still not fixed. Hold time? Greater than 40 min to talk to someone. Try emailing? No response. After spending a great deal of money on a car that I really love, it's incredibly frustrating to have such poor customer service. My car continues to reboot while driving, the passenger window continues to roll down from time to time when the car locks. These and other issues continue. I used to have a Lexus. I like the Tesla much more than my Lexus, but the customer service at Lexus was exceptional. It would be great to have great customer service with this great car. Maybe someday. On the other hand, I know this is seriously a first world problem and though it would be nice to not have all these issues with my vehicle, it's also not the end of the world.

  63. Sorry Ben, I disagree with making excuses for Tesla. Think of what you paid for this car, and how long you have had it so far. TESLA says their quality level scores are 94%. I just cancelled my reservation for the Model3 after my demo ride last month. I showed up early, checked out all the 3's the showroom had set up, and found many "WTF's?" on the cars. My 4runner has been to the dealer only once for warranty work at 97,000 miles… windshield washer pump motor went out. I'm looking for PROPER C.P.O. Model S for my hard earned money. They've been around longer, maturing. Elon needs to focus his SpaceX quality control meme on his car company.

  64. The model 3 looks good but I already have my Camry. That car, which has 100k, I suspect will get an additional 300k. So I'm not pressed to get another new car which may not measure up to my Camry. I'm interested to see how Tesla's pickup capabilities will be like. I'm hoping for a truck that has the tow capabilities of F150 13,200lbs and interior ride and comfort of a Dodge Ram 1500 Long horn with 12" infotainment screen.

  65. Hey Ben what was the problem with the steering gear that needed to be replaced? can you share? I have some problem with the steering on my model 3 as well. I'd like to know what happened to you and what were your symptoms. Thanks for sharing! Pablo

  66. Wish I had the same experience. My brand new Model3 refused to let me in (had it for 2 weeks), the locks didn't work with the phone or the key-card. The 24hr assistance was good, but I had to get it towed to the dealership, they got me a cab and an Audi loaner…diesel…*sigh* We're now 2 weeks in, I still haven't gotten the car back, they still don't know what the problem is, I can't even get them to tell me what the issue is (they are still investigating). I really miss my Tesla….I am seriously thinking about cancelling the purchase and just ordering a new one – a wait of 2 mths is nothing compared to the 3 years I waited for it the first time – compared to it sitting in the shop and just paying insurance for a car I can't even drive…*not happy*

  67. The hood gap on the front of my Ford Focus is famous among car owners and yet nothing was ever done about it!

  68. How did your Model 3 get those rims, those are rims from the Model S right…??
    Can you just talk about that for a sec.. please explain…

    they look awesome..

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