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How Kamikaze Pilots Created This Absurd Car Style | Bumper 2 Bumper

How Kamikaze Pilots Created This Absurd Car Style | Bumper 2 Bumper

– I have a question for you.
(enigmatic electronic music) Have you ever thought about the fact that there were retired kamikaze pilots? Guys who were conditioned
to fly their planes into ships as weapons who
didn’t get to do that. And then the war ended, and then they had to
go home and live lives. Just think about that for a second. How do you go back to your
normal life after that, what do you do to fill the time? They made stuff like this. Kinda. But what is this? It’s a bosozoku Toyota Cressida, and we’re about to go
bumper to bumper on it! So strap in, grandma,
there’s a bear outside, and the doctor’s in
the kitchen with mommy! Yeah, it’s an absurd intro,
and this is an absurd car. This is Bumper 2 Bumper. I’m James Pumphrey, and
Jesse’s over there (laughs). (invigorating rock music) Big thanks to Kove Audio
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like stoked about this thing, I have two of them now, so, mahalo baby. (intense electronic music) After returning home from Doub Doub Two, kamikaze pilots had a lot of trouble adapting to the humdrum
routine of everyday life again, and they were looking for thrills, so they bought motorcycles,
modified the mufflers to be extra loud, and terrorized
the streets together at night. People called them kaminari
zoku, or thunder tribe. (thunder clap) As the kamikaze pilots got
too old to make trouble, newer generations of
rebellious working class teens picked up where they left off. They even took their awesome
style, called tokkō-fuku, their motorcycle mods got more extreme with ridiculously tall rear seats, raised handlebars, and colorful
paint jobs on big bearings. They rode recklessly and
purposefully clogged up streets. The dude is freakin’
circlin’ around a cop car. After a couple of massive group runs blocked traffic and incited
riots in tranquil neighborhoods, the Japanese media started
called calling them bosozoku, which translates to violent running tribe. True to the name, a
lot of bosozoku members got into fierce disagreements with rivals, carried weapons, and
ended up in the yakuza. Just like Nolan, if he
takes his shirt off, he is covered in tattoos. (traditional Japanese music)
(fierce yell) Police crackdowns have drastically reduced the number of real gang
members since the peak in 1982, but the crazy modifications lived on, and somewhere along the
way, cars started getting the same treatment as the motorsicles. Today, I am here with this
bosozoku-style 1982 Cressida, which is arguably the
automotive version of me. I’m a boy from Kentucky. You know what kind of
lives a boy from Kentucky and a 1980 Cressida usually lead? The kind that nobody notices!
(thunder clap) But neither one of us wanted that, so I moved to LA, bought a blazer and some skinny jeans,
and died my hair blond. Max, roll that footage
from that party we went to. (intense electronic music) Not willing to live the
typical Toyota Sedan life, this car transformed into something that doesn’t just scream look at me! It demands it. This is one of only a tiny handful of bosozoku-style cars
built on American soil. And I tell ya, these
parade floats (laughs) are some of my favorite
things in the world. (smooth 80’s music) The builders of this Cressida
are the Moonlight Runners, also known as John and Astrid. They grew up in the American punk scene, and they felt a special connect
with the bosozoku culture of young motorheads who
challenged authority. When they discovered
they didn’t quite fit in with typical car enthusiasts around here, they were inspired to
build something different. Bosozoku gives a big ole middle finger to the conservative blend in aesthetic. This is anything but mundane. Now if I wanna change my hair, I can just go to a salon
and pay someone to do it, or I can go to a racetrack,
which is where I dyed my hair. But it turns out you can’t just go on eBay and order all these crazy
parts for your 1980 Cressida. You can’t even get ’em for
a Corona Mark II either, which is what this car is called in Japan. So what is a bosozoku lover to do? D-I-Y, just do it yourself. (James burps) The Moonlight Runners learned
everything as they went, fabricating all of their
own custom bodywork with a little help from neighbors and friends at Old Town
Restorations in Orange County. With bosozoku cars, most of
the action is on the exterior. You might think it’s all just one style, but you’d be wrong, dead wrong. There’s a lot of different subtypes, there’s garuchan, based on
Group 5 Super Silhouette race cars and their
functional aero features, there’s kyusha, a more understated look usually seen on classic Japanese cars, shakotan and yankii are race-inspired lowriders with fender
flares and stretch tires. Some people even consider VIP Sedans or bippu to be a subset
of the bosozoku style. It’s all a bubble chart, guys, we are all made of stardust,
everything is connected. time is a construct, nothing is real. But there are no rules
when it comes to expressing one’s personal style, and
bosozoku is really a combination of bits from any and all of them. This car combines many
elements of shakotan, with ultra-low stance, big
flares, and wide wheels, and grachan with this
huge, huge front splitter. Let’s talk about this
splitter for a second. It’s impossible to ignore,
go ahead and try, I’ll wait. (clock ticking) You couldn’t, could ya? On the Group 5 Silhouette racers that this was based on,
protruding splitters were used to help direct more air
over the top of the cars, increasing down force
and improving traction. This exaggerated, four-foot-long, behemoth probably doesn’t do that,
because it’s big enough to host a dance off. ♪ Power baby ♪ This massive splitter looks
like it’s gonna scoop you up and make you love it, just like me. (kissing) Bye. Shakotan-style cars often run
(smooth 80’s music) exposed front-mounted oil coolers with oil lines running
through the front grill or an open headlight
housing like this one. The Moonlight Runners had
one on a previous iteration of their build, and it looks very racy, but after an unfortunate traffic incident, they decided to go without. This headlight isn’t
missing for any reason other than they haven’t
found a replacement for the one that was damaged. If any of you know where to get one, these guys would love it
if you drop them a line. After the huge splitter,
the other most look at me feature of this car has
got to be the exhaust. These are called takeyari
pipes, or bamboo spears, and nothing makes a
statement quite like 10 feet of bright yellow exhaust
tubing in the air. It’s an absolute must
for any bosozoku fan, and this Cressida does not disappoint. Unlike my dad. If you’re out there, I hope
you’re done buying cigarettes, ’cause I’d love to talk to you. There’s no way you can miss the pipes comin’ straight out of the hood and flying over the roof
to come out up here. The exhaust has to make a quick U-turn right after it makes its
way out of the headers. Under the hood lies the
same engine that came in the Supra.
(thunder clap) No, not that one. The Supra of the time, Toyota’s 2.6 liter 4ME straight-6, making
a blistering 110 HRSPRS. In fact, this was the first
motor that Toyota made that offered fuel injection
in the United States. Let’s go look at the sides (laughs). (intense electronic music) The sides keep the party going, starting with the aggressive
shakotan-style fender flares in another nod to the
classic JDM race car look. They are made of custom-molded fiberglass and carefully curved to flow
with the Cressida’s body lines. Tucked under them are
fat AF SSR Mark I wheels, 13 by 10 upfront, and
13 by 12 in the back. You know, super common size. The custom side skirts have
just centimeters to spare between themselves and the
harshest of bodywork mistresses, that (beep) known as the ground. (scraping)
(laughter) The goal of this build wasn’t speed, and obviously, you can’t go too fast on public roads with all
these pavement-skimming parts, the goal was to have a car that the owners would get a kick out of
cruising on the weekends, and one that would make your
eyeballs say, w-w-w-what? Something else your eyeballs
should seriously appreciate is this incredible pin striping. A lot of bosozoku cars are
painted eye-catching colors or in two-tone schemes that represent the province that they’re from, but they don’t have pinstripes like this. Purple and silver was always
the Moonlight Runners’s preferred combo, and Astrid spent 60 hours painstakingly thinking about
how the paint would go on and exactly where to lay the tape. It took two weeks complete
the paining itself. And the result works. The number plate on the
door is also a classic Kaido Racer feature,
with the 32 referencing the MX32 Cressida chassis coat. (clap) Back here, there’s a
signature on the C-pillar, why is there a kanji signature
on the C-pillar of this car? Well, that’s where Kei Miura,
creator of Rocket Bunny, you ever heard of it, left his mark. When our friends at Hardcore Toyko, ‘sup Jun! When Jun was putting their
booth together at FD Long Beach, the original display car fell through, so Miura-san asked to park the
Moonlight Runner’s Cressida in the booth instead. If you think about it, it’s very cool to have your car
recognized and acknowledged by the godfather of overfenders. (clap) Around back are these sick-looking vents that were sourced from a Mark II MR2. I also love this tall NASCAR-style spoiler that is grafted into the trunk lid and the rear quarter panel. A shaved rear end is not only a funny way to groom your dog but
also an incredible way to cap off a bosozoku build. The license plate is even tweaked upward at an angle, in a nod to Japanese gangs, because it’s harder for the
cops to read the numbers. (heavy electronic music) The Moonlight Runners’s
attention to detail carried on through the interior too. This place is decked out with
more crushed purple velvet than my daddy’s lingerie drawer. The seat covers make you feel like you’re sitting on a throne. The dash cover features legit
crystal and tassel fringe in beige to complement
the stock interior color. Even the door panels got the
amethyst velvet treatment. Forget the rug man, they’re what really the
ties the room together. This is absolutely tiny, teensy-weensy, (laughs) little, teeny, teeny,
teeny Grant steering wheel probably is the only American-inspired
thing about this car. It’s more of a hallmark
to the lowrider style, and it doesn’t make
turning those fat tires with no power steering any easier either, but like the front
splitter and takeyari pipes on the exterior, it’s one of those key look at me pieces of the interior. Almost everything else here
is functional 1980 Cressida. In fact, when Cressidas were new, car magazines raved about how
quiet they were to cruise in. (engine starts) (engine roars) You know, quiet. It’s nice and quiet and luxurious. The cherry on top is this
flashing purple warning light. The car just wouldn’t
be complete about it. Ow.
(laughter) (upbeat rock music) You can’t help but lose
your (beep) and smile when you see a car like
this cruisin’ down the road. You might not like it,
but you gotta respect John and Astrid for building it. They now have another car in the works, and a future kit for
people who wanna build their own bosozoku-style rides. I might be hitting them up in the fut. So but thanks to the Moonlight Runners for loaning us this car. They hope to use this
car to organize events and help kids and the
homeless in their community. And gangs are all about community. Gang, gang. Hey guys, if you’re like
me, you love stunts, you ever wonder how they do them? I wondered, so we made a
show where I find out how. We drive a car under a semi-truck like in The Fast and Furious. It’s every Wednesday for
the next three weeks. It’s tight. Thanks for watching Donut Media. If you guys didn’t watch it,
I wouldn’t get to make it. Honestly, this is my dream job, I think about it every
day when I go to work. Follow me on Instagram at @jamespumphrey, follow Donut on Instagram and
Twitter now at @donutmedia, watch this episode of my
son Nolan’s show WheelHouse, and watch this episode of
my other show Up to Speed. Lots of new shows coming all summer and throughout the year,
so make sure you subscribe to the channel so you don’t miss anything. If you liked this video, let my boss know by clicking that like button. I love you!

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