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How Do I Remove a Sticker From My Car?

How Do I Remove a Sticker From My Car?

whether they’re on your car’s bumper or window stickers enable you to express yourself to a large audience the problem is that trends and tastes change and political campaigns do finally and we’ll give you some tips on how to move on and clean the slate if it’s on a bumper first watch the surface to prevent brit from damaging the paint in the following steps then use a hair dryer on its hot setting to soften the adhesive stay a few inches away and work from the center outward next use a plastic card like a frequent shopper card or a hotel key card at an angle to gently scrape the sticker loose using a song action if necessary and it doesn’t work right away go back at it with a hairdryer a number of times if necessary once it’s removed repeating the heat and scraping can remove any residue or try bug entire remover designed for use on paint finally use some quick detailing spray and a clean cotton or microfiber cloth to finish it off for window stickers get a razor blade scraper it seems extreme but glass is hard enough to resist scratching unless the window and question has been darkened using aftermarket tenth film we find that the seeker itself can be used to remove remaining adhesive or you can rely on the hair dryer here as well last cleaner should finish it off whether its last year city sticker or a period of life you’d rather forget it shouldn’t be too difficult to move on

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16 thoughts on “How Do I Remove a Sticker From My Car?

  1. The BEST answer is to NEVER put stickers on your car surfaces! And then you will avoid not only all of this work but ANY chances of someone who disagrees with your political views from vandalizing your car.

  2. i put a "APPLE" sticker on my car and it was a bitch to remove. i damaged up my paint. i used a heat gun and ended up bubbling my paint. parts of the sticker are still there.

  3. What if it's a perforated sticker such as the ones that let you see through it with all the small micro holes? I tried to remove mine ( it was for advertising) and it only came off in tiny little chunks because it kept breaking where the holes are.

  4. Who the hell has a hair dryer at hand which doesn’t have a chord :/ who the hell happens to have a massive extension chord that reaches the drive way lol

  5. Glad I found this video. I bought a Golf 3 but the "Joker" sticker on it really bugs me. And I didn't want to remove it if it meant damaging the car itself.

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