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How Do I Buy a Car (the Right Way)? | #AskPelican in Your Community

How Do I Buy a Car (the Right Way)? | #AskPelican in Your Community

the first thing that you want to do is
research next to purchasing your home purchasing a vehicle is the most money
you’re probably gonna spend on a large purchase and if you have to purchase one
especially if you’re in a very tight situation maybe a tight money situation
or time situation you may not do the research that you need and then you’re
not gonna get the best deal so always look and decide are you going to buy new
or used. how are you gonna go about that what do you think is gonna be the best
option for you what car like if you’re buying used is that car holding its
value is it worth what they’re selling it for you and I know the best that
they’re gonna tell you they’ll give you thousand dollars for your car then
they’re gonna turn around and sell it for ten on the lot right and somebody’s
gonna buy it so it’s really really important to make sure that you’re
getting the best value research the type of vehicle that you want I’m not saying
you can’t get what you want it is none of my business if you want to
buy a suburban buy suburban if you want to buy Audi buy an Audi you might have to
drive to Nebraska to get the best deal but it’ll be worth it right
determine the amount of money you want to spend on your vehicle very important
how much are you willing to pay every month for a car note more importantly
how is that going to fit in your budget right and I always like to remind people
that finance manager is not your friend just because they’re getting that car
doped down to where it fits that does not mean if that’s how much you want to
pay for that car so we have got to make sure that we know how much in total we
want to pay for our vehicle this thought on the gadgets that you
have to have you know what things are really important to you need in dash GPS
whatever I was really excited because the first car that I bought after I
graduated college had automatic windows and locks that was huge I was like I don’t have to roll the window down anymore this is great and I
felt like I had really moved up in the world I’m not even joking
so decide the things that are important to you I think that’s probably standard
now just like a/c right calculate your expected gas mileage are you gonna get
a very gas efficient car do you have to travel really far do you not have to
travel far my husband jobs like to work and back and so he had like this
ridiculous truck because you know it that’s he didn’t draw very far so it
doesn’t matter if he gets it really great gas mileage it’s not really
ridiculous we got a very good deal and I’ll tell you how later but still he
gets less gas mileage than I do but again it doesn’t matter since he doesn’t drive that far and then ask yourself will this vehicle meet your needs over time do not
go buy a Miata convertible if you’re a pregnant where you gonna put the car
seat right I mean you can have one but you need
something else to put the car seat in we did this presentation with some high
school kids and they had to go around and do budgeting and by the time they
got to the part where we try to tempt them with really cool things to buy but
people had that were our employees that were working it convinced them to all
trade in their cars their sensible family cars for motorcycles and a
sidecar for the baby right so you know and kids are like yeah that’s fine I’m
like you’re gonna go to jail no so it’s very very important to think about your
needs over time what are you doing long term so that you
can have what you need

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