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How Do Blind Spot Mirrors Work

How Do Blind Spot Mirrors Work

hi there this is Vadim Mikhailenko and in this quick video we’re going to look at the blind spot mirrors in the cars, how to
install them were to buy them So stay here with me on this channel [Music] Blind spot mirrors are designed to
improve safety and solve car blind spot problems. Every vehicle has a blind spot
this is the area around the vehicle that cannot be directly observed by the
driver while at the control. Blind spots are an unfortunate and unwanted feature
of almost every vehicle, as they obscure the drivers vision. Blind spots can also
be created by a number of obstacles inside the car, including vehicle pillars
headrests passengers themselves cargo pets and anything else inside the car.
Blind spot mirrors is a typically an adjustable spot mirror which is
installed in the outside rearview mirror and offers a small but wide view blind
spot mirrors increase the visibility from within the car, helping drivers to
make decisions how to plan a safe move on the road. Blind spots represent a very
high danger for drivers especially when driving in freeways at high speeds
drivers can’t see other vehicles in their blind spots and can’t make safe
decisions due to the lack of visibility. Thousands of accidents happen when
drivers change lanes and collide with other cars that were in the blind spots
blind spot mirrors are designed to solve this problem. Blind spot mirrors are inexpensive to purchase and easy to install. I prefer purchasing them at Amazon because there are a lot of
choices and you can pick the specific one for your car or you can pick a
generic one. There are blind spot mirrors for the trucks and there are also a lot
of generic versions that work for almost every vehicle you can buy blind spot
mirrors at Amazon and there are a lot of inexpensive versions. I provide some
helpful links in the description and you can pick blind spot mirror for your own
vehicle some blind spot mirrors come in two
packs which are easy to install and match on both sides of your car Typically blind spot mirrors are very
easy to install and manufacture provide specific instructions for your vehicle
I have blind spot mirrors on all of my cars as I consider them very useful and
they add a lot of safety when I’m driving the installation of the mirror
was very easy you just need to pick the most outside point on the side rear view
mirror of your vehicle make sure it’s clean and dry and then remove adhesive
paper from the mirror and attach the blind spot mirror to the side view
mirror by firmly pressing it to complete the installation it takes a little bit
of time to adjust after the installation of blind spot mere wellhe driving but I
got used to mind very very quickly they are very useful when you’re driving
during the day and also get work very well when you’re driving at night thanks
for watching hopefully you’ve learned something and now have an action plan of
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