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How Can Red Baron Deep Dish Frozen Pizza Be So Good?

How Can Red Baron Deep Dish Frozen Pizza Be So Good?

Hello everyone, this is running on empty food review Well, hello, ladies and gentlemen and everyone watching This is running on empty food review and I am your host the report of the week So well, thank you for checking in. Thank you for uh, hey sticking sticking here with With me through all these crazy times and crazy times. They are of course. It is a developing situation. You don’t really know What’s going to happen you don’t you don’t have a crystal ball? But of course it is a serious situation as a result. I think you’re seeing a lot of changes being made to daily life of course one thing that I’m a huge advocate of the social distancing You know just staying a bit more isolated through all of this I mean, that’s something that I’ve already been doing for the last number of years but anyway I am inside I am back in the climate controlled dome this time around And I know you know a lot of these places that I review a lot of these major fast food chains they have been making adjustments like they’ve been making changes and Some of them are closing down the dining rooms Some of them are just maybe even closing down outright and with more changes, I would see happening soon You just don’t know what the future holds. I’m still gonna be getting some items delivered I’m still gonna be trying out, you know, the the delivery for certain places or whatever if a new item comes out and Everything looks good, you know, I’ll give it a shot. We’ll see what happens And otherwise a lot of people are interested in frozen food. They’re interested in like frozen food items Storable stuff etc. So I figured okay. I’ve been doing the frozen pizza reviews for ages I mean you can go back in the bracken today. I Was trying to just say that in a really weird voice and that absolutely fell through very very poorly, but either way Pretending that never happened back in the day back in 2014 I would I mean I would do these frozen pizza reviews all the time. I mean, I would try them out So often and I went out let’s go back to the roots and though let’s try out an item this admittedly is a product that I’ve been that I’ve been I mean eating a lot lately so already, I mean I just I don’t want to try and say I’ve never had this yet somehow the box is empty and one of These things is missing already. And why is there a bite mark out of the pizza? You know, what’s what’s going on review bra? You know too much hand sanitizer. What have you been up to? But no I have had these before and I really like them and I just want to say kind of why I do It’s a Red Baron item. I think it’s probably still available most grocery stores. I mean even with supplies as they are You know, the supply lines aren’t down. That’s another thing that people need to remember Things are still getting restocked and I guess everyone will be able to get they’re blessed a toilet paper as well soon enough It is getting restocked. This is Red Baron’s deep-dish singled Pizza It’s a personal deep dish pizza and the box is not lying to you There are two right here as you can see kind of this one is slightly eclipsing the other one there But there are two comes with pepperoni on it and two pizzas One of these would mainly suffice as a snack or maybe a small meal Whereas if you’re feeling a bit more peckish, right the both of them would work out as a satisfactory meal But anyway, I discovered this I was going through the frozen food section. I just wanted to get some frozen pizzas I saw these and I wasn’t really sure if it was gonna be good or not But I tried them out and I just kept getting them because they’re really good. I mean I really liked them I think this is something that’s I think a lot of people look over it, but I’ve been a big fan of it. So my Red Baron’s deep-dish singles pepperoni pizza There you have it all right now what I did for the sake of the video I always enjoyed going out and preparing these and they’re making a little bit of a separate Segment for that. So with that follow me over to the oven and take a look while I make this So here’s a good view of the Red Baron Deep-dish singles pepperoni pizza two of them in this little box You know small enough. Anyway Red Baron, there he is With his moustache of glory right there I’ve got two of them. Here’s what it is nutritional facts there it is for you to see you have 430 calories per pizza’ though and The instructions to make them are pretty simple. You could do it in the conventional oven which is recommended or in a microwave In my opinion for superior taste, I would recommend the conventional oven and that’s easy as this 200 375 degrees so that’s what you preheat the oven to Put it in the oven rack in the center position You will remove this from its little Plastic wrap now. It’s in focus Take it out from there. And then we focus back in there and you cook it every oven is different but 22 to 24 minutes My oven usually cooks it best for around 22 minutes. I would say so With that there’s the there’s the pizza, you know, you can see it contained in its little wrapping. The oven is all preheated and You do want to take the plastic off of it. I know some people have said that the plastic is like a flavor Enhancement and you know, some people actually call that disc the disc of flavor um but those are lies ignore that you Remove it from the plastic wrapping you take that disc away and then you just you know you you slide it in there you just you know, you’d shove it a little bit, but it’s recommended that you kind of just Gently, you know So I’m gonna take it out of its plastic and then I’ll reconvene and you’ll see the grand oven entrance take it out like this and Put it in And there you have it the Red Baron personal pan pizza, I Say it’s cooked. Pretty good. Anyway, you know, I always like it with a little bit of a baked but still good You know a little crispy right on the outer edges. Um, but you can still see still fresh Right there in the center CALM MEALTIME CHAOS with pizza The whole family loves that’s what it says right there Yeah deep dish so it’s gonna be a little a little on the thicker side, but it’s saying yeah Yeah, a personal pizza that again. I’ve just been a big fan of so two of these in the box again, you too, two for one and Price for this is it’s pretty affordable. I’ve seen this go anywhere. I mean here’s the thing with supermarkets Sometimes it gets a different price based on that whoever selling them So I’ve seen these guys I knew anywhere from I mean even as cheap as like three four bucks, to You know seven or eight dollars, but it’s pretty affordable for what it is again It could be one meal or you can kind of have you know One is a snack one later one one day one another random Someone yeah, I’ve been a big fan of them Red Baron’s pizza, and uh, well, let’s try it out. So here it is. I Always like mine a little well done. That’s the other thing every oven is different number one and then number two You know, you like it a certain way some people they like it raw Other people they like it a little more well done. Hey, I just I don’t know. I like this one There’s a little bit of bake on the pizza. So yeah Let’s try and do this safely for the safety of the pizza I’ll kind of I’ll sure it to the camera like it’s some sort of sacrificial offering For you There you have it yeah close up but yeah pepperoni pizza So I always cut it into the little quarters here and there you go. That’s what it looks like again you can see it’s a little on the Thicker side, but I don’t know. I’ve just been a fan of it So with that let’s just try it out and then we’ll see what it tastes like Red Baron’s deep-dish singles pepperoni pizza going Going forward I’ll be trying out a couple more items like this might do a little um livestream here and there and Yeah, I mean again, it’s it’s interesting. It’s It’s unique times. That’s the better word for it is it’s unlike anything that I’ve ever seen before That’s the best way to put it but we’re gonna get through this. I think that really goes for everyone We’ll get through this. I’ll be here I’ll be trying out different things all the way through and I might do some more live streams too to keep everyone company I know a lot of you guys are home right now Might be under lockdown might be under quarantine But uh, yeah, I’ll be here. I’ll try to do a couple more live streams again in the near future Depending on how I’m feeling and so on. Uh-huh. No, we’ll get through this We will it’s gonna be a unique a unique times for a while, but we’ll get through it I can kind of see I was hoping it would focus in a little bit better. But there you go right there So, I’ve always been a big fan in this one What I like about it so much and of course when you’re looking at frozen pizza It’s very difficult to try to compare it to the actual thing. It’s difficult to say You know, this is just as good as what the one Pizza maestro who lives down the street Cooks up every Friday night or something, right? It’s it’s gonna be different so understanding that of course, I Just like that little bit of a balance where it’s just a little thicker. It’s not like it’s chewy It’s not like it’s completely dull. We you are soggy, right you bite in and while it’s thicker and it does have Just more volume to it. It just doesn’t have like that sogginess to it, right? it’s a little bit more firm and number one just texturally wise I like it how You still have that baked on the bottom and you still have that baked on the crust? Yeah, it’s still soft in the middle there. So I like that number one I like the sauce – that’s the thing that I’ve always been a fan of for Red Baron I have always been a fan of their pizza sauce. I’ve just enjoyed it. I mean there’s this the certain The certain robust flavor to it, but I don’t know it just it’s just a flavorful pizza sauce I’ve always liked that the cheese is okay and the pepperoni has just a little bit of saltiness that I think contributes to it Very well, um, but for just a little frozen snack You know something you can prepare up relatively effortlessly and I think it just tastes good for what it is Again, you know, especially if you’re just at home, you don’t really want to go out, you know Everyone of course feels different about delivering things or you know, everything’s different for everyone, but it’s just a good little snack I think that you could prepare at home One thing that I also like about the frozen pizzas and I’ve always liked this you can customize it you can do anything that you want with it and What I always like to do is I have to get some of this garlic seasoning Crack it open and I just put a bit on You know I think the garlic seasoning just goes very well with it and I would take a little bite In my opinion I think adding a little bit of garlic salt to it Just kind of brings it up to the next level You know It just gives it that extra little boost of flavor on top of what it already got but what it already has I shouldn’t say so Yeah, I’m just a big fan of it. I like the flavors I like the way it tastes and I can just feel like a very easy inexpensive and uh, yeah quick to prepare a snack I think it’s pretty good for what it is. So well Yeah out of ten there. You can see the Plate with the semi devoured pizza on it for evidence So Anakin, what would I rate? I have to keep looking back at I’m sorry the Red Baron deep dish singles pepperoni pizza out of ten I’m a fan of it. I would give it an eight point zero out of ten. Didn’t you have to remember it’s not Restaurant quality it’s not you know pizza god Quality or anything like that, but it’s good for what it is So whether it’s all that I have for you and yeah, just something that it’s an option you could consider If you just want to stay in a bed eat some frozen food, whatever it’s good And it’s something that I had just overlooked in the the grocery store for a while. Finally saw it finally said oh, right I’ll give it a shot see how it tastes and I was very impressed with it. And yeah, I have one of these At least every couple days. It’s just a good snack. I’m a fan of it with that That’s all they have for you. Ladies and gentlemen, and please stay safe. Please be hygienic practice the social distancing and we’re all gonna get through this we all will Stay strong and take care. I’ll be back again in a couple days with another video. Take care I’m your host the report of the week

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