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How Can a Millennial Own a Car in Singapore? | CARRO Leap

How Can a Millennial Own a Car in Singapore? | CARRO Leap

So you’re looking to buy a new car in the world’s most expensive city to own a car. It’s said that the price of a brand new Volkswagen Golf 1.4 would cost you enough to buy 2 of the same models in Denmark. That’s because in Singapore you are not only paying for the car you’re also paying for the rights to own the car mainly your COE! Plus, there are other fees and taxes included in the overall cost such as Open Market Value, Additional Registration Fee, and Vehicular Emissions Scheme. It’s even estimated that the average Singaporean millennial needs to be earning at least $7,500 in order to be able to own a car And when you add in all the other financial priorities the average Singaporean millennial has… Like a newly engaged couple who has to think about their upcoming wedding or their new house. Or first-time parents who now need to factor in additional costs for their newborn Even for those who are enjoying their YOLO life they’ll surely have better plans for their finances rather than being tied down by a depreciating asset It will be tough to juggle all the different financial commitments while also owning a new car So how else can you get access to a brand new car? Introducing CARRO Leap the future of car ownership. A new subscription plan that allows you to own a brand new car without all the burdens. There will be no hefty downpayment that you’ll have to make in cash. With just $1,000 you will get to drive a new car of your choice. There will be no long term commitment to a depreciating asset. All you’ll have to commit to is a short 6-month period. And there will be no need to pay for additional car ownership costs, like insurance, road tax and maintenance. Because CARRO Leap’s monthly fee is inclusive of all that. And the best part? When it comes to car insurance you only pay for how much you drive each month! Sounds good? Find out more today at or visit us at Midview City. Be part of a new era, and leap into the future of car ownership today!

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