How and Where To Buy T-shirts Wholesale

how to buy t-shirts wholesale and how to
get that elusive resale license coming up right now what’s up guys Gary Ajane t-shirt
help desk com and I have read your comments emails DMS about having issues
getting wholesale t-shirts okay Bella canvas t-shirts in particular
so in this video I’m gonna show you how you can get them the easy way and how
you really want to get them which is getting a wholesale or a resale license
alright so let’s get into it okay before we get into the resale certificate I
just want to say there’s a couple of ways that you can get wholesale blanks
that are relatively simple you want to find a wholesale distributor okay there
are tons of them these are places that buy in bulk they buy from places like
Bella canvas and they have it there for you and local spots all over the country
so you don’t have to go straight to the manufacturer there are a lot closer and
you can cut down on some of those shipping costs okay another thing is the
beautiful people at Bella canvas have a list that I’m going to have a link in
the description box that you can go check out and you can find a whole bunch
of these guys from all over that you can get some t-shirts from okay the next
thing is print-on-demand okay print on the man is something i’ll
tell you about all the time you can go to something like plentiful and as soon
as you log in you’re gonna see that you can choose a blank
they have Bella canvas right there you can choose that and then you could
upload your artwork and then bang you can make money without having to buy any
inventory without having to do any printing or shipping it’s just that
simple soap wholesale distributors and print on demand let’s get into that
resale certificate so let’s go to bella canvas and let me show you a couple of
things okay now this is the Bella canvas site now this is the deal to buy shirts
here you need to be a qualified decorator that’s a screen printer and
Reuter er or you sell promotional products or you’re a brand a legitimate
brand alright if you look up there’s going to be a car at the top right hand
of the screen I want you to click that because Bella cam has made an excellent
video in which they explain all of this alright so click the card now let’s get
into this ok so you can go inside and you can make an account and you can make
your order but then they’re gonna ask you a few questions alright and if you
don’t have these things in order it’s not gonna happen ok so right here I’m
just gonna take some time hopefully it’s not gonna get too
complicated but I’m going to explain to you how this works in order to buy
direct from a manufacturer you need a wholesale or a resale license in order
to get a wholesale or a resale license you have to be a legal business entity
alright what is that that is a sole proprietorship which I’m gonna get back
to a partnership or a corporation ok ie S corporation C corporation or the very
popular l.l.c if you have a partnership which is like a sole proprietorship but
it’s more than one person or a corporation you have to have something
called an EIN number now an EIN number is pretty much like a social security
number for your business ok if you have a sole proprietorship you can just use
your social security number okay now in many cases people who have sole
proprietorships is something called a DBA a doing business as certificate
which is pretty much you as patty Ishkabibble doing business as you know
out of sight T’s ok so once you take your EIN or your social security number
you can then go and apply for a wholesale or a resale
license in your state province City Town County okay now this is a deal every
state province town city county is different so I strongly suggest that you
do a google search and do your due diligence to see exactly what you’re
gonna need to get your wholesale or resale certificate all right that’s it
in a nutshell all right so after you have that you can
go in you can go into the back end of whoever you’re gonna use we’re using
Bella canvas here as an example and you can put in your information your resale
certificate put in all your stuff and you can get those beautiful blanks
delivered to you okay guys if you want to know more about Bella canvas I want
you to go up here and I want you to click on that link I want you to go over
there and I want you to subscribe they have really great information everything
from how to size your teas how to design your teas sublimation celebrity
interview so many great things that you can use with your t-shirt Benna so if
you like what we’re doing over here you are going to love them make it happen
okay guys this just end before we close out of here I’m gonna tell you some
places where you can go and get blanks Bella canvas in particular you don’t
need a resale license or anything now there’s gonna be a slight up but hey
surprise of doing business baby so you can go to bulk apparel calm shirt space
jiffy shirts or you can just hit Amazon okay links are gonna be down in the
description box so make it happen alright now I’m just gonna close this
out and give you some last bit of information I let’s do this alright guys
and the last thing that you can do is you can simply contact your local screen
printer or embroiderer and see if they have any
excess blanks left over that you can buy you can ask and generally they will sell
it to you because it’s a great way that they can make some extra money and you
can get what you want so just go to your local screen printer or embroiderer and
ask okay but make sure that it’s officially real product is not a bootleg
or knockoff or something that’s defective alright and they will take
care of you hope that helps alright guys that’s all
I got for you today make sure you go out and you make those blanks happen anyway
look I’m f—ing to put some put on these shoes and slide on out the delt I
wish you all well cheers to your t-shirts and I am oh god bless and peace
also if you want to know more about LLC’s setting up your business doing all
that good stuff make sure you go down in the description box and you sign up for
the start up business or die trying’ master course I got something really
great coming down for you guys it is off the chain it’s going to be great make
sure you sign up for that back to the video buying directly from
the manufacturer it seems like this should be the simple way that everybody
does no G

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