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Hot Tub Cadillac Attempts Land Speed Record

Hot Tub Cadillac Attempts Land Speed Record

COMM: In Los Angeles a pair of engineers have taken the idea of car pooling literally, converting
a cadillac into a hot tub. Affectionately named Carpool de Ville, the vehicle is
fully functional as both a car and a spa. DUNCAN: Hello, I’m Duncan Forster. PHIL: And I’m Phil Weicker DUNCAN: And we’d like to introduce you to the Carpool de Ville. COMM: After building an earlier prototype out of a 1982 Chevy Malibu, Duncan and Phil decided to embark on a new project, that would let them attempt the land speed record for
the world’s fastest hot tub and a Kickstarter campaign followed. The starting point for
the project was a 1969 Cadillac Coup de Ville, which they bought for $800. COMM: Over 6 years, they stripped the car and fitted a custom-built fibre glass tub,
along with a range of other features. DUNCAN: The original 472 cubic inch Cadillac V8 has been restored to a top running order.
Components not relevant to the Carpool de Ville were removed and most notably the
alternator was upgraded to deliver the power necessary to operate the hot tub related accessories. PHIL: The stark suspension system has been replaced with air bags. In addition to easily
accommodating the added water weight, this airized suspension features a four wheel independent
adjustment. COMM: The dashboard gauges and steering column have been made watertight and a boat throttle controls the car’s standard automatic transmission. DUNCAN: The controls are also sealed and located well above the water line. Switches control
the suspension while information about gear selection, turn indication and headlights
appear on this display. The trunk has been converted into the carpool’s physical plant, it contains
the inverter, that delivers the DC current and the performance alternator to this AC
1.5 horse power spa pump. Additionally there is an electric heater, a filter and an overflow tank which allows water to be cycled back into the tub as it is needed. The components related to the pneumatic suspension are back here as well. PHIL: For indoor use auxiliary water and power connections are located here, this outlet
is for the electric heater and can accept 110 or 220 volt power input. Stainless steel heat exchanges deliver heat from the engine’s cooling system into the water in the tub. While the engine is running the system can be turned on and off and is tied in to the main controls
for the hot tub. COMM: With the Carpool de Ville now fully functional it was time to make their bid for
the record books. DUNCAN: In August of 2014 we took the Carpool de Ville to the historic speed way in Bonnaville,
Utah, in an attempt to set the land speed record for the worlds fastest hot tub. COMM: However, their official attempt was to be thwarted. DUNCAN: For the first time in decades the time trial event was cancelled on account
of there being water on the course, not ours, but the irony wasn’t lost on us! COMM: Determined to get something from their trip, the pair decided to stage their own time trial. PHIL: We found a patch of dry mud and marked out our own course. We timed our run and collected
GPS data using various smart phones confirming that we achieved a top speed of 50 miles per
hour. DUNCAN: We were limited by course length and conditions. Although there are presently no
other known contenders for the record, we expect that under the right circumstances the Carpool
de Ville ought to be able to go a lot faster. COMM: Maybe next summer Duncan and Phil can return to Utah and officially take the record
for the world’s fastest hot tub.

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  1. Someone should buy a truck put a bed cover over it and take the window between the bed and the back row seats of the car and make that the entrance then put the jacuzzi in so they have a roof over they’re head then they can also open the windo for the bed cover when it gets too hot

  2. If anyone disagrees with the idea that humanity is doomed and evolution has started spinning in reverse .I present my evidence to the court that a caddilac DeVille is the sole victim in this direct result of flouridated water and cousins marrying cousins

  3. Ok no fuckin dudes in the passenger seat. Just chicks,and how I'm sposed to keep beer cold wth all that hot water? No room for a cooler in the trunk.

  4. – Waste of Money
    – Waste of Energy
    – waste of time


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