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Honda Civic Type R is Pumphrey’s New Favorite Car | The New Car Show

Honda Civic Type R is Pumphrey’s New Favorite Car | The New Car Show

– This episode of the New Car Show is brought to you by Turo. Stick around to the
end for a special offer only for Donut fans. because I drove a car that was so good that it inspired me to
shamelessly rip off my idol, Jeremy Clarkson. This is the Honda Civic Type R and since 1997 it’s been
putting fear into the hearts of cars twice it’s price. Much to the dismay of my teenage self, it was never available in United States, until now. So, what is it like to drive? (revving) Many new cars these days that are marketed as
hardcore track day toys are absolutely terrible on our
pockmarked California roads, but not the Civic because it’s a Honda and Honda’s are comfortable. When driven gently you almost forget that you’re in one of the most capable front wheel drive cars ever made. (revving) If you buy a Type R, you’re gonna have to
accept that a lot of people will be looking at you, not because they’re admiring
your sensible purchase of a hopped-up economy car, but because the Civic Type
R looks like something that my 10 year old nephew would draw on the back
of his math workbook after having too many sweets. The hood scoop might appear
non-functional at first glance but it actually does work to vent hot air and relieve pressure when you’re
going really, really fast. This ridiculous wing
looks like the product of an AutoZone employee who’s
taken way too much Adderall but Honda says that it produces
66 pounds of down force at 124 miles an hours. These little winglets on the front channel air around the wheels
and down the side of the car reducing turbulence from the wheels. Even the bottom of the car is nearly flat to improve air flow. That’s race car (bleep). This car is like a
Brian O’Connor wet dream but every little weird thing
is designed to serve a purpose and it does. Civic’s quiet. The front visibility is good
and the seats are comfortable. The dash itself is uber simplistic with only five buttons and two knobs. It’s classic Honda optimization. They’re plenty of little
cubby holes to out stuff in, it’s a totally livable car. If it wasn’t for the red
Honda emblem on the dash, you’d think you were in
a regular commuter car, but you aren’t. (revving) When driven not so gently, the
Type R won’t let you forget that he was made for the track. (revving and skidding) This new Type R is not like
the one’s from Honda’s past. Gone are the legendary
naturally aspirated engines like the B18C5, and in it’s place Honda has put a two liter
turbo-charged motor. Now Honda fanboys might bemoan the fact that the new Civic Type R has gone turbo because this car (beep) hauls ass. (revving) (light hip hop music) Zero to 60 in five point eight seconds might sound slow by today’s standards but you have to remember
this car is front wheel drive which means that the front
wheels are putting down the power and steering the car. The Civic’s competitors like the VW Golf R had to use all wheel drive
to get similar numbers, but all wheel drive systems
like that weigh a lot and weight is not something
that you want in a track car which Honda proved when this Civic set a Nürburgring track lap record with a time of seven
minutes 43 point eight. Whoa, it is a very, very good car. The Type R is so good that it will make you change
the format of your show out of pure respect. For that reason, it’s the
best car I have ever driven. And on that bombshell, it’s time to end. Goodnight. (Top Gear theme song) This episode of the New Car
Show is sponsored by Turo. We got this incredible
car through the Turo app. Turo is a car-sharing app that let’s you choose from over 850 makes and models, which makes it super easy to
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I’m sure people are from. You can even get the car
delivered, it’s very convenient and I made a new friend. First time Turo renters get with the code, So click the link below and
rent your dream car today, what car would you rent, let
me know in the comments below. Would you rent this Type R? Again, that code is donut at
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us cool cars to review and I would really like to keep my job. Thanks for watching the New Car Show. Subscribe to Donut, we
make new stuff every day and you wanna make sure that
you don’t miss any of it. This car is a turbo, you
wanna know how that works? Check out this episode of Science Garage. Do you like other turbo Japanese cars? Check out this episode of Up To Speed. Follow me on Instagram @jamespumphrey. Follow Donut on Instagram @donutmedia. You wanna buy a shirt or
something, go to I love you.

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100 thoughts on “Honda Civic Type R is Pumphrey’s New Favorite Car | The New Car Show

  1. Honda cheated their lap time let's give the golf r and focus rs roll cages, race tires and remove their rear seats just like the honda and see who loses.

  2. I hate Doug video about civic type R. He says it is the worst hatchback while all other people reviewed it says it is the best car. He says it is over styled but all parts serves a purpose. Just see the Nurburgring race. Typical Honda haters

  3. Could be the best car ever, but I don't like it.
    When I think FWD track monster, I think of a lightweight, fun as hell, nimble, quick-accelerating car that sounds great.
    This is another victim of the modern day cars being huge and heavy. I know that is something we can't fight, but it's a bitter sweet thing that affects a model lineage.

  4. The 2019 Type R is rumored to be getting All-Wheel Drive, an automatic transmission, and an optional smaller wing. (I don't know whether these changes are optional or not)

  5. I think it's funny that you have a 2.0l turbo four and people get upset about it like they weren't going to turbo it if it was NA to get more power

  6. Dude thanks for the videos.
    I have 2 questions about that Honda.
    Does it the engine overheats ?
    And, are the position of the speeds dangerous close?
    Because that two points have been a really problem to Honda ever …

  7. Sorry to tell this but i think that version the typer you guys got is the ugliest one…its not proportional, looks kinda wrong.performs good tho.and comfortable

  8. Just got a 2018 CTR and for a FWD this suspension is tuned to perfection and in stock form is decently fast. I’m already running Hondata FlashPro on an E30 ots map which gave me an additional 50whp and 70ft lbs of torque. I enabled flat foot shifting, disabled rev hang, full power 1st and 2nd, with improved throttle response and it has transformed it to a very fast car. Everything else is stock. This is coming from an 04 STI owner which on it’s last build had 612 awhp and 597 ft lbs of torque on 100% E85. Granted my Suby was a stock GTR killer but the CTR is going to be my track monster.

  9. Watching this little beast, Kicking ass in the British touring Car Races. I know it's engine and Trans come from the race car, also it's Air gills and wing.. but man it's sort of a eye sore, I'm sure it's a blast. In fact it has to be.. peace

  10. its like a senna exept its a handa. how everyhing on it surves a perpouse regardless of how it makes the car look

  11. its so stupid when fat dudes do that skinny jeans that are too short thing… why would they do it?

  12. how about this, make it a two door longer more slender body and more bhp and throw it in with the super cars

  13. This car is so ugly. The exhaust position is terrible. The wing is stupid. There are two huge fake vents on both the front AND the back. Why would a car need vents on the back? No reason. And it makes the car so much more ugly. And did they have to make it fwd? No. It should be rwd. Or maybe awd. But fwd is stupid and should not be on a performance car. Smh.

  14. There's so much misinformation here on this car but here's just 2 examples that perked my ears the most as a type r owner.
    1. The hood scoop does not cool the engine anyone with eyeballs would be able to see that it cools the brakes.

    2. You said the golf r needed awd to post similar numbers, and that the awd system is heavy. Again you are wrong the weight difference between a golf r and a type r is like 80lbs, you just made the assumption the golf r is far heavier when it's actually very light. The type r is actually quite porky in comparison for a fwd car. Also the type r will lose on the street to a golf r many drag race test will show this only on a track can the type r out corner the golf.

    It's like little to no research was done on this video.

  15. Honest question. why do you need a big wing on a front wheel drive car? yes it drives downforce… on the back of the car. doesnt that reduce downforce on the front wheels?

  16. Love your videos but did you just come from yoga class? Just busting your balls keep up the great content. I have this car and it's great.

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