Homemade Wooden Ferrari Makes Waves In Venice

COMM: With his floating wooden Ferrari,
Livio De Marchi is the only man who can drive a car in Venice. COMM: Made out of pine, the wooden Ferrari F50 took five months to carve and weighs 2,000lbs. But where did Livio get
his inspiration from to make a car that travels on water? COMM: Before he
made the Ferrari, Livio has created several wooden vehicles including a
1937 Jaguar, a Mercedes and a Volkswagen Beetle. They’re all now in a museum in
the USA and he even made a fantastic Cinderella pumpkin carriage for his
daughter’s wedding day. COMM: But he’s understandably proud of his Ferrari which is powered by a Yamaha boat engine. COMM: Over the course of his career
Livio has also worked in marble and bronze, but wood remains his favourite
material. And his incredible wooden Ferrari is now in an American Museum
where it was recently restored and made water worthy once more.

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