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HIDDEN Buttons In a Stripped Domino’s Pizza DXP Car

HIDDEN Buttons In a Stripped Domino’s Pizza DXP Car

Hey guys what’s going on? I am Samcrac, hope you all are doing very well out there, and, well, I want to take you over the Pizza Car. I have been disassembling pretty much the interior, I’ve got that whole drink container holder thing… completely out of the car. I’ve got most of the spare parts out of the car; I want to show you some of the magic underneath all of that stuff. But really, I thought of a lot of different ideas while I was disassembling it, and I want to get your opinion on it So here, let me take you over to the pizza car now and show you exactly what I’m talking about. So the outside of the Pizza Car is pretty much unchanged from where we last left off. It’s really the interior that has a lot of different stuff pulled from it. So here, the driver’s seat, I’ve pulled it out completely. The passenger seat, well, that wasn’t in the car from the get-go. There was a drink holder contraption here. Let me show you really quick this thing right here. This is supposedly to hold your drinks, any pizza accessories, I think like sauces, all sorts of different stuff, so it does not roll around, it’s not lost with the order, but that sits, well, it sits right here. It’s actually only bolted in by a few little things, comes out fairly simple and underneath this, which is really interesting, here’s part of the SRS system: the seat belt right here, they’ve left this all plugged in, and they just velcroed it to the floor. Look, they didn’t even attach it on this side so that it doesn’t move around, and that it’s still all wired in. Here’s our wiring here, zip tied up as to not throw an airbag light on the dashboard, and we’re gonna talk about that in our upcoming video, and we’re gonna also replace all the seatbelts and airbags and everything like that, so when we take a look in the back seat, you can see I did leave the warming box in place obviously, that thing is really kind of a hassle to move, it was kind of in the way of actually moving the driver’s seat and really the hardest part was removing the trim from this pillar because the door – this is a fixed door, remember – see this door on the passenger side, it does open and close, just like the donor car Spark same exact thing. This door was completely replaced to put the warming oven and of course, this is a fixed door. There’s no opening this. There’s not really, I’m pretty sure the majority of this is a shell of a Spark door, and then you could see the overlay here where the black trim is. This was added into the window, we can go and look from this side and see kind of how that all works. We’re going to talk more about the warming oven and how that works in a future video, but you could see back here, I’ve got a couple spare parts, I took out most of the spare parts over here to make room while I was working on the car. When I’m working on cars, I like to take the parts that I’m disassembling and leave them inside the car, so they don’t get lost. These are here temporarily, and the barn is obviously a mess so excuse that. Once I can get this car running and moving, I’m gonna drive it out and clean everything up. So regarding the rear floor, this is actually a raised rear floor. Remember, this car is supposed to be able to carry 80 pizzas, and it’s supposed to do so in a very functional fashion, so if we come and look over here we could see where the floor goes up here. The seat would mount below this new added piece. I’m guessing that this was added by Roush, and then this is where your feet would sit in the footwell area here Well, wouldn’t it be cool If I had, well, one of the only DXP cars that a individual has but also if I put a passenger seat, you know, because in the donor car over here at first I was thinking maybe I could stick the passenger seat in the back there, and then I didn’t realize the floor was raised up, but I’ve got seats for days in here, okay, and when I say seats for days I just have all the original seats, and you know with a little cleanup job, a little de-funking job, because this car is dirty and smelly, I think that this would just fit obviously flush in the passenger side here, no problem. All the mounts are still intact, this is where the seat clicks into place right here, and then it screws in right there, so I was thinking if we put the seat there we obviously don’t want to discard the cool custom holder piece, especially with those awesome insignias on the sides. You know, I think that we should take it and maybe figure out a way to mount it in the back here, where you see all my spare parts are and… then we’ve got a passenger seat, so I can give people rides in it, and it would make it maybe that much more functional, especially, because I’m not planning on doing a lot of pizza deliveries and it may be a few. So a few other quick observations when I pried this piece off here, if you guys remember, this seatbelt was tucked behind the pillar because while they remove the seat here, so this seatbelt was actually duct-taped to the pillar, remember, I told you guys that Roush likes to tape hood scoops on the Mustangs and sell them a special edition. Well, I can assure you that they have a lot of duct tape at their facility, and well, they used quite a bit of it on the DXP car. I threw most of it away. It was really kind of a well, we’ll just say an ‘okay’ job, but anyway, we’ll go to the other side here and let me show you on that side some cool stuff. One thing that this car has, and again, we’re going to talk about all the special features of the DXP car when it’s completely finished, but there’s a couple switches wired here. Things that aren’t normally on the DXP car and here you see in the pillar, this is added from Roush, this plugs in right here to the original pillar that was in the car, and it’s gonna go back in the car. I actually have it right here, and you can see they’ve added a switch to the pillar and this pillar actuates, well, the door here for the warming oven. Now all the power’s disconnected, and this switch is completely disconnected, so I can’t really do a demo of that, but if we go here and look, we could see the wiring goes all the way in here, and they’ve just tucked everything under the floor and then ran it up and this right here is likely a power inverter of some sort. Maybe you guys could tell me in the comments section. You see, it says Roush and I’m wondering does it maybe power the pizza oven. Of course, the pizza oven has the LED lights in there, I should blur this out, I’ve got a mod that I’m putting in the pizza car soon you guys can obviously see that and guess what it is now, but there’s a bunch of wiring that goes under there. And then let’s go take a look at the back of the pizza box and see where that runs into. So, it runs down up into the warming oven box and of course, if you look on the inside, there’s an LED light strip that runs across the top and that LED light strip runs 24/7 whenever I’ve had the battery plugged in, it never ever shuts off. By the way, this paintbrush right here I don’t know what this is for, but this was left in the car. Thanks, whoever left that. So, regarding the engine, transmission, the power plant of the DXP car, or the lack thereof of a power plant, we’ll come and look at it here on the donor car because it’s the same exact thing and the lighting is better. A lot of people have said you need to turbo the pizza car, it’d be so cool, or supercharge it or do a power adder, a nitrous, something, well one of the big things is this right here. This is the CVT transmission. Now, this car makes a whopping 79 horsepower and that’s according to someone in one of our live streams. I honestly haven’t even looked it up, but you can see how small this engine is. I mean, there’s my hand and there’s the engine, this is one tiny tiny engine and so 79 horsepower mated to a really really quick shifting or non shifting CVT transmission and that is a huge limiting factor in this. Transmission was made by a company called Jatco, they make a lot of the CVTs that go on Nissans and a lot of other cars that have CVTs, and this transmission, I think, is rated up to like a hundred or 120 horsepower. So yeah, I think that if we were gonna do any sort of engine modification in this car, which I don’t think would be advantageous. I mean look how small the engine compartment is here, I think it would be best left off to just do a complete engine swap. I’m pretty sure the Chevy Spark has a turbo engine choice, or you know as its Chevy Cobalt or something You know it get Cobalt SS, where you could just take the whole entire power plant, drop it in here transmission and everything, and well then you’d have a really really awesome Pizza Car that would be a little bit of fun, too. But I also do think that there is something about keeping this car original. A lot of people have talked about taking all these stickers off here, and this one is the neatest sticker… This is a high intensity reflective logo. When it’s dark out and you shine a light on this, this really reflects. This is really awesome driving down the street when it’s dark, and no, I haven’t driven this car yet for obvious reasons, but this car in its original state again remember. There’s only like a hundred and fifty of these cars, and pretty much all of them are going back to Roush and being disassembled when they’re done. So I’m really wanting to keep most of it as original as possible, but of course that doesn’t mean we’re not going to customize this Pizza Car a little bit. So, I want to hear from you guys. Right now, first things, let me know what you think about adding a passenger seat to the DXP car, do you think we should leave it as original, or do you think it’d be fun to put that in there? I really think that we can make some great videos, give some people some great ride alongs in the DXP car, you don’t want to just hear me sitting in the driver’s seat of the DXP car talking about the DXP car… that sounds like a terrible idea, but of course we want other people to check out and hang out in the DXP car. So I like the idea of the passenger’s seat, maybe give an Uber ride in the DXP car also. Let me know any sort of modifications you guys are interested in seeing. Yeah, turbo LS swap, all that sort of stuff, I’m sure we’ll see it down there, but stuff that you guys think might be fitting and, of course, is easily reversible if we want to at any time turn this back into a factory DXP car. Well guys, I really appreciate you watching this video. If you have any questions, as always, check out the description box below, it’s got my email in there, it’s got my Instagram on there, and feel free to reach out regarding really anything. If you had fun during this video and checking out all of that Roush duct tape, make sure you hit that like button. Thanks a lot for watching, and I will catch you very soon.

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100 thoughts on “HIDDEN Buttons In a Stripped Domino’s Pizza DXP Car

  1. I’m surprised they didn’t add a passenger seat cause when you start at Dominos they like to have an assistant manager ride with you on your first day to help train you on interacting with customers and to assess your driving. At least that’s what my store did. We didn’t get the DXP cars though. I wish we did.

  2. I say add the second that way you and friend can ride and hang out. But I like can't weight till your done have a good new year. God bless

  3. I could see this thing at an auction 40 years from now fetching some cash because of it's rarity. Keep it original, especially if Roush is destroying them. It'll be neat.

  4. it appears dumbinoes has made a very dangerous drink and sauce
    accessories holder that is only bolted in a few places, on a side impact
    it could crush the driver – it's the most unsafe addition to a vehicle I
    have ever seen in my life… dumbinoes might need a big lawsuit before
    they own up to this terrible and life threatening design…I believe we need Arthur Tussik's opinion on this before suing dumbinoes out of existence

  5. 3:07 "supposed to be able to carry 80 pizzas"
    Oh give me a break… 30 minutes or less no dominoes can even cook 80 pizzas in a reasonable time

  6. Hey man I have a tip for audio. U have the microphone on top of your shirt collar right up against your neck. Because it’s right on your neck there’s a vibration when you talk. To fix this just put it a little lower on your shirt. I just wanted to point this out but don’t get me wrong I love your vids. Keep up the work.

  7. Put the original part of the dxp back and dont add a passanger seat so i like original no modification and go deliver some pizzas

  8. Make it an uber car! That would make an awesome video. You could put Digiornos pizzas in the warmer oven & your uber passengers can snack on pizza. You could put 2 liters, solo cups, & sauces in that container that was in the passenger seat location in the back. If that doesn't get you a 5 star rating, then I don't know what will! Hahaha

  9. You're not going to get many miles out of it with boosted horsepower. That CVT is the weak link (more specifically the belt). And, I'm not knocking the CVT – it's amazing tech. But, I guess if you can stay below 20hp gain it might be ok. Just seems like a lot of work for very little to no noticeable gain other than bragging rights. Wait – why else would you be doing this? New idea – get some of that ROUSH duct-tape and just tape a turbo somewhere.

  10. I am sure it has been said, but with 1000 comments, I can’t read them all before I want to say you need a NOID in the passenger seat if you can fit it. Leave the drinks carrier out in a safe place so you don’t have to hack it in as no one will really see that, but make sure you add a cup holder for you the driver as well as the ride along person to enjoy a fresh cold one.

  11. I think it needs a passenger seat so you can give people rides. The cobalt ss supercharged engine swap sounds like the easiest swap for that car

  12. Give it 3 years and that car will be worth an incredible amount, once all DXPs get recalled to roush, yours will be the only one in existance

  13. If you plan on selling the DXP to a Dominize store, consider who'll be driving it: skinny teenage pizza boys. They don't need a lot of horsepower – one already crashed the dang thing! There's a reason Domino's went with the small engine and CVT – the car was never intended to haul a big load or go Interstate highway fast. Keep it simple, keep it stock, and get the most money out of it you can 😉

  14. I think a gerbil wheel in the engine compartment would be about all the mods I would do on the drive train. You DO need a passenger seat or at least an upside down milk crate. Even motorcycles can take a passenger – c'mon!

  15. There is no issue with adding the seat as it's just a bolt-in and nothing needs to be cut and removed. My question is this: How sure are you that your purchase is legit. What I mean by that is: Does ROUSCH Ent. have the exclusive rights to the equip after Domino's is done with the car. There are some promotional vehicles that when the contract is done or the promo has ended that the installation company has the right to and MUST get those pieces/equip back prior to selling it out on the open market. If you haven't checked up on that, I would highly recommend you do. You might lose out on your investment and whatever mods you do make, they might have the rights to those also. I'm not trying to rain on your parade but I was in the same boat back in '93 with my XR-7. It was a factory mule and it was never supposed to be released to the public in as-condition. After 2 years of restoring and rebuilding it along with a stroker kit (347 ci w430hp) I had to turn over the car back to FORD. When all was said and done, I lost the $4,500 I put into the car.

  16. Keep this car long enough and some car museum will want to latch on to it. By that time it will be the only one left in the world. Maybe Domino's will have their own museum and will see the value of displaying it in their museum.

  17. I'm very disappoint. I was expecting you to show off it's hidden pizza cannons -100/10 for lack of weaponized pizzas.

    (Obvious sarcasm, loved the vid)

  18. This video is likely why Domino's wants their car back and are taking legal action. They probably have propietary tech that car that they don't want you exposing.

  19. Yea bro fuck dominos won’t be getting ANY PIZZA from them so they can stop with that “this week only order online and…. whatever bullshit”

  20. Keep it originall if the cars are going to be destroyed then this will be a show car of the future. So many rare vehicles have been changed and efectavly wasted because someone changed unobtainable parts and lost them. It's surprising how soon very common cars disappear from the roads and become rare collectors items. I'm old enough to remember when you culdent moove for Ford Escorts Cortina and Capris. Now you will pay tens of thousands for some of them. Your pizza car culd end up being last man standing at some point in the future how cool would that be.

  21. The other thing that MAY have triggered them, is the claim that the car can carry 80 pizzas… If it can not, then wouldn't that be false advertising on their part?

  22. I don't know anything about the dxp cars but that little black box what is thought to be a power inverter of some sort, in my semi truck under my bed I have a bit bigger Black Box that has a wiring harness going to it but it also has an input and output for air that is my heater for the sleeper could the black box in the dxp car possibly be a heater of some sort the heater in my big truck uses diesel the dxp car may use gas.

  23. Did they get a roadworthy certificate for modifying the car like they did removing the seat and ect ?.if that was in Australia it would require a roadworthy inspection and certificate of compliance before it is deemed roadworthy.

  24. Funny that you slipped in a comment about delivering pizza's from the car once it is done. " Not many, just a few…." hehehe That outta poke the Dominoes bear a bit. But if you are going to deliver pizza, consider a different food instead. Network with a neighbor or 2. Deliver fresh pies or barbecue ribs and chicken.

  25. That black box is most definitely a power converter for the oven. Pricey car for Dominoes to build or buy. Find out what that car sold for originally, once it was a finished pizza car.

  26. I'm from the days when I used my own vehicle, paid for my own gas, went to areas that never should have been in the delivery range, and nobody cared. So, I quit. Sorry, Dom.

  27. As a heads up, the reason it has no passenger seat is that drivers aren’t allowed to have passengers at all. I ran a dominos for 4 years that had one of the cars.

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