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Hertz in 60 seconds – Where to drive in Los Angeles?

Hertz in 60 seconds – Where to drive in Los Angeles?

LA is renowned as a drivers’ city – not only does it have the most vehicles per capita in the world, it also has one of the biggest high speed road networks. For the full Hollywood experience, head for the hills on Mulholland Drive. Here you can visit Griffith Park and enjoy spectacular views over the city, before swinging down onto Sunset Boulevard. Take in historic downtown LA on Wilshire Boulevard all the way out to the Pacific Highway, Santa Monica, Venice Beach and Malibu. Stay on the coast and you can drive north via Santa Barbara all the way to San Francisco in around ten hours or south via Long Beach to San Diego in around three hours. Alternatively head inland for two hours to the desert resort of Palm Springs. From here you can explore the Joshua Tree National Park, the San Jacinto and Santa Rosa mountains. There are a few rules of the road you need to know before you arrive. If you hit the freeways, stick to the slow lanes on the right to avoid annoying local drivers – who seem to always be in a hurry! If you want to turn left at an intersection, it’s customary for as many as five cars to creep into the road when the lights are on yellow. Days out from Los Angeles, brought to you by Hertz.

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