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Hertz Car Sales – Buying A Car Made Better

Hertz Car Sales – Buying A Car Made Better

Narrator: Ah, time to buy a used car? Narrator: Well, get the kids ready or a least dressed to head out to find… Narrator: Ohh! Narrator: Hertz used cars! Narrator: searching online is way better than searching all over town! Narrator: and all their vehicles are certified!! Narrator: great choice Narrator: well vacation is a nice rest before you have to do all that financing paper wor.. Narrator: wait Narrator: you can apply for credit online too? Narrator: well how many differ… Narrator: whoaa! Narrator: look at all those financing options! Narrator: and there’s no haggle prices! Narrator: so when are you going to deal with the dealership? Narrator: probably have to take the whole day off Narrator: and/or figure out someone to watch the kid… Narrator: whoa! Narrator: you got it all done during lunch!? Narrator: and traded in your old one! Narrator: now that’s buying a car made better! Narrator: learn more at Hertz Car Sales . com

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