Here’s Why You Should Never Buy a Car from the Dealership

rev up your engines,
philly, is a certified toyota used car worth paying for more than a
non-certified, my advice is your buying a used car, you want to drive it around a
little check it out all that stuff, but you always want to pay a mechanic like
me to check it out before you buy it this certified car, a lot of it’s a bunch
of baloney, I get people, matter of fact I had a guy a couple days ago with the
Toyota, brought one from a Toyota dealer I find all kinds of
things, including that it had been in a wreck, even though it included a Carfax that
said it had never been wrecked, we laughed our butts off because we looked
in the glove box and there was a receipt for $3,800 worth of body work, you think
at the dealer they would have at least gotten rid of that receipt and thrown it
away, but the guys didn’t look inside and there was this receipt for $3,800 of body
work, and then when I looked I could see where a lot of parts
had been changed, and they left some other parts off, that certified stuff is
a bunch of nonsense as far as I’m concerned, the real certification you
want in a used car is having your mechanic check it out before you buy it
left right, will changing spark plugs improve fuel economy on a 2008 Toyota
Yaris, if they’re really worn out yeah, but generally they don’t wear out all
that much anymore, because they use platinum and iridium which can last well
over a hundred thousand miles, if they are worn out really badly, sure you’ll get
better gas mileage, but usually it’s something else that does that, and that’s just kind
of, you got to check them every once in a while, but unless they’re really worn out
they don’t affect a modern car all that much, like they did in my day when I was
young mechanic, you’d be lucky if you got 15,000 miles out of a set of
spark plugs, now some 150,000 miles if if their iridium plugs
Rodriguez how can I make my Mini Cooper last, don’t drive it much, I was just
working on one the other, I mean those things just fall apart when
they age, you know when they get to be up to ten years and one hundred thousand
miles or more, they generally start fall apart, realize it’s a German
design car, BMW makes them they got a bunch of BMW parts and they’re built in
England, over engineered but put together by Englishman, not a
great combination, their cute looking and everything but, you know you gotta take
care of it, change the oil every three to five thousand miles, don’t overheat the engine,
stay away from water because their low and they flood out,
and just drive it normal, don’t drive it like a race car, cuz they don’t hold up
over time if you drive too hard, one broadcast hey Scotty, I noticed some
cars on a highway the rear wheels are bouncing up and down fast is that just
bad shocks, normally it’s bad shocks because if they go out and instead of
being tight they’re crazy and go up and down the their worn out, if you have
really bad tires yeah it can do that too or if you have worn suspension parts it
can also make them bounce, but usually it’s just the shocks are worn out, and if
you see them going down the road and they’re fine, but then when you hit bumps
they start bouncing then you know pretty much it’s the shocks, Los Angeles
unstoppable bubba, doing lyft and ride share what kind of car should I get, me I’d get
like a Toyota Corolla, they thing can run forever and get good gas mileage, now if
you’re gonna buy new and you’re gonna do it seriously for a living, you could go
and get like a Toyota Prius, because I know a lot of guys that do uber and lyft
and they drive Priuses for one reason, if you got a new Prius and they generally
last 150,000 miles trouble-free if you buy them brand new, they regenerate power
so in town some of those things can get
over sixty miles a gallon, cuz they regenerate electricity and if
you get just a regular Corolla driving in town, you’re lucky if you get
20-something miles in town, so you might think about getting a Prius if your
gonna buy a new one, but I would not buy a used one, but a new one yeah, noah
says what’s your thoughts on Mustang fox-body, they’re fast cars I had a
customer with one, he built his up, he’s got 580 horsepower, it scared me when I drove
it around, it had a five speed transmission, it was
fast, but personally I think they’re ugly as can be,
I think the Fox Body Mustangs were the ugliest cars ford ever made, I don’t
know why they made them, now of course if you look at the modern Mustang, it takes
most of its styling from the older sixties Mustang, and I think they look
great the Fox Body I mean they can run great you can really make them go,
but to me they’re ugly as sin, that’s just the way I feel about them, useful
reviews says, can you talk about reliable German cars do they exist, well yeah they
actually just exist in Europe, they sell a lot of German models they don’t sell
here, when I was in England lots of people drove around in Volkswagen,
especially Volkswagen diesels, but even the English people they were really mad
because for years their government said buy Diesel’s, better get better gas
mileage save the economy ba, and now they realize diesels pollute and they’re
making the British get rid of all their diesels, so that’s what happens when governments
control things, often they don’t know what they’re talking about, and then they
just turn on a dime and go in the other direction
any giant bureaucracy to me is a bad thing, so if you never want to miss
another one of my new car repair videos, remembering to ring that Bell

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