Here’s Why You Need to Buy This Car Now

rev up your engines, today I’m gonna talk
about some cars they can actually go up in value and why they might, now first
I’ll give you a little disclaimer most mass-produced cars hey they’re one of
the worst investments you can possibly make, they just flat-out lose value as
time goes on, and even take cars that aren’t that mass-produced like a Ferrari
people think oh it’s a ferrari and expensive oh it’s worth a lot of money,
most of them the values dropped like a stone you can pick up use Ferraris dirt
cheap compared to their original sticker price, when people talk about a Ferrari
that’s older and worth a lot of money it’s because they didn’t make that many
of them and it was some kind of special model, just like Mercedes Benz hey you
get one of those old Gullwing Mercedes there’s only a few of them left on the
planet so of course they’re worth a lot of money, but as for mass-produced cars
heck most of them will never be worth hardly anything even compared to their
original price, but today I’m going to talk about some cars that can actually
appreciate in value, the first one is the Honda s2000 it was made from 1999 to
2009 and open-top sports car, Honda was a good engineering company especially with
motors and where they placed the motor on that, it’s got a 50/50 weight
distribution front to back, so it’s a true sports car, it handles really well
and for a little 2 liter engine had a lot of power, the early ones tend to have
a little oversteer they redesigned the suspension system they kept perfecting
them, and when they finally stopped making them in 2009 they sold about a
hundred and ten thousand of these things now in the stock version that little
2-liter and you put out 237 horsepower it’s naturally aspirated,
doesn’t have supercharged, it doesn’t have a turbocharged, of course guys put
that kind of stuff in them, but the stock one was a quick reliable since it’s a
Honda, the stress is on reliability sports car that not only was fun to drive and
fast, but the thing didn’t fall apart like other sports cars tend to, and now
since they stopped producing the values starting to go up, five years ago the
fancy ap1 s2000 was pretty much valued at about $30,000, but today it’s
valued at thirty nine thousand dollars of course as time comes on some rust
out, some get wrecked there’s less of them on the market, they become more popular
the price starts to go up, so if you’re looking for a car like you go up in
value but still a very dependable car hey you might look at an s2000 Honda
roadster, now the next car that may go up in value,
they certainly have lately is the Acura NSX of course that’s a higher end car,
it’s not like you know s2000 it didn’t cost that much in the first place, but as
I said previously most high-end cars they depreciate like mad,
well the NSX is kind of a different animal, the NSX was the first
mass-produced aluminum body vehicle, it is a supercar
it started out at $60,000 which today you might think isn’t that much, but
$60,000 back in 1990 was a lot more than it is today,
people dubbed the NSX as an everyday supercar, a supercar that you could drive
every day, hey I mean a newer ones man they have technology up the wazoo in
them, you can still drive them everyday they’re not like you’re trying with a
Ferrari, go through potholes and stuff on the road, I got customers with them and
man they spend more time in a shop than they do going down the road, and to prove
that over the last five years the first generation NSX the prices have more
than doubled, five years ago you could have got one for 40 grand, now they’re
going for over $100,000, now the newer version that they just came out with
they’re not selling all that well because now hey their prices are getting
pretty astronomical for a new one, the price starts at a hundred and fifty
seven thousand dollars for new NSX heck I just read the other month that they
only sold like seven of them, in all of 2018 they only sold a hundred seventy of
them these are pretty rare cars now and at that price tag hey you might think
about getting an older one instead they’re appreciating in value, and I
quite imagine with the rarity of the newer ones but that really high sticker
price they’ll probably be just another one of these
supercars that I’m sure they’ll hold their value better than a Ferrari and
stuff, but in those astronomical price ranges and if they only sell a handful
of them, I mean you’re paying a bunch of money and if somebody really wants to
get one and they have bad sales already starting to discount the newer ones, so I
don’t think they’re gonna hold their values like the old ones did, maybe 30 40
years down the line who can predict that but I’m talking about the near future
you’d probably be better off buying an older one that was taken care of, now the
next car that can go up in value that I’m going to talk about it’s a 2013 Shelby
gt500, and notice I said 2013 an historical gt500, that was the last one
that was built with the help of Carroll Shelby when I named it after Shelby died
a few weeks before they released it, so he’ll never have anything to do with any
of the new Shelby gt500, so I’m thinking historically that’s going to mean
something and the value can go up because it’s a classic it’s a v8 with a
six-speed standard transmission and Americans love it put out like 667
horsepower, it can actually go 200 miles an hour, now a lot of people argued that
plus or minus I’ve seen one go 200 miles an hour, so I know they could go 200
miles an hour at least the stock one that I had for a week, I like the one that
I road tested for a week cuz it didn’t even have a front grille, it just had a
hole, because they figured they needed that much air to flow in to cool the
engine and to suck air into the engine so it could get enough air, burn it fast
enough to go 200 miles an hour, it takes something to go 200 miles an hour,
and really for $61,000 car to go 200 miles an hour
most of the 200 mile an hour cars were 200,000 up at the time, so even though
there’s still a lot of money for a car that can go that fast, it was pretty much
a bargain now it’s 2013 I believe
really that they’re starting to appreciate more, I just saw one that sold
for 63 700 which is pretty much the original price of the car you try
finding a seven year old car that you can sell it for
the same price that you bought it for it’s going to be a rarity, but I believe
overtime for 2013 Shelby gt500 will keep appreciating in value because it’s the
last one Carroll Shelby had anything to do with and they’re really fast cars a
lot of them are destroyed wrapped around telephone poles whatever rolled over by
the process of attrition as time goes on it’s gonna be less and less of them still
rolling down the road, after all they only made four thousand eight hundred
and eighty five of these things there weren’t that many to begin with, I’m sure
they’re gonna appreciate in value as there’s less and less of them left and
when it comes to the value of cars and most other commodities it’s more the
rarity that makes them worth something yeah they gotta have a reason why but it
all comes down to numbers eventually, so realize the sad fact, that if
you own a car and they made five hundred thousand of them, it’s probably
never going to be worth much money, it’ll depreciate and if it’s a good car
like the Celica hey keep driving the thing around have fun with it, just don’t
think that it’s going to be worth a king’s ransom one day, so if you never
want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell

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