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Here’s Why This Car is the Best Bargain of 2019…Sort Of

Here’s Why This Car is the Best Bargain of 2019…Sort Of

rev up your engines alright people are
asking me hey Scotty what’s the most unpopular car in the US well
this year it’s the Fiat 124 spider they’re probably gonna retire it not
make it anymore but it is the lease sold car in the United States for any
mass-produced cars that are sold here now granted the newer one 124s
aren’t as bad as the old Fiat because they share the platform with the
Mazda Miata they’ve got a Fiat engine in it well for my money I’m gonna buy a
Mazda Miata I would want a Mazda engine and they’re pretty dependable in those
little Miatas where the Italian engines are notorious for being totally
undependable as time goes on now of course the way the Fiats got their
engine set up it’s faster than Miata but it’s also a lot less reliable and as it
shows it’s the least popular car in the United States maybe you want to go buy one
they’re so unpopular you could probably get a really good deal on one I need do
it have a lot of Mazda Miata designs on them and if you’re not grading a car it
might last a while the problem the Italian cars is they are zippier guys
tend to race them and rev them up higher then they blow up faster if you do get an
Italian kind of like that and you drive it conservatively they can last a while
but still for my money if you want to get a sports car get the Miata don’t get
a Fiat copy of the thing next question is Isaac Dean 28 I want to make a
purchase my first car done research but I’m looking at 2010 2lt Chevrolet Camaro
I love it but I’d like to know if anybody knows if I should buy it or not
if you value your money do not buy it those things are money pits as they age
and you’re talking about buying a 2010 that’s a 10 year old Camaro generally
guys abide those cars beat the heck out of now if you’re really nuts about a car
like that you’re better off getting one as a toy for a weekend toy you’re saying
this is the first car you ever buy you don’t want to buy this as the first car
you’re gonna be spending money hand-over-fist fixing the thing having problems with it
buying a used one like that I wouldn’t ever advise you to buy one of those
things as your first car, nice storm says scotty been watching your videos like
crazy need your help I’m torn between the 2017 4runner TRD pro or 2017 Volvo
xc90 t6 r design if you value your time money get the Toyota believe me
the Volvo’s yeah they’re interesting they’re are kind of fun to drive around
but they do not last now if you were talking about mobiles in the 1960s and
70s and early 80s they really lasted a long time they’re not gonna be making
cars in the future gasoline vehicles they said Chinese companies bought them
so they’re only gonna make a hybrid electric and pure electric cars that’s
all they’re gonna be making they’re gonna do whatever they want to go
electric hybrid and you’re stuck with a vehicle that’s got a gasoline or diesel
engine in it tough luck Toyota is going to be making those things for a long time
don’t even think about buying that volvo unless you’ve got a lot of expendable
income and you’re not gonna keep it all that long the Toyota you can keep
forever the Volvo yeah 2017 I’d say it’s generally gonna be falling apart when
they’re six to eight years old they start to fall apart there’s a question
people are always asking me I gotta get rid of
my car it’s a junker it doesn’t run I got a
scrap it how do I get the most money how do I do it right there’s so much
information on the Internet today first check locally in your area well
just a straight junkyard give you for the vehicle call a few up, what will a
recycler give you for the car you might find that some recyclers will have to
give you more than a junkyard will cuz if you got a car that say it’s got a big
catalytic converter with fly to platinum really nice aluminum wheels and they can
recycle the aluminum and get more money or maybe they’re a place that they like
tires and wheels and different things I’m even get more money from them
because you’ve got fancier wheels on it you gotta realize what kind of a car you
have years ago generally you got the most money for the bigger vehicle you
scrap because it weighs more but with the global price of recycled materials
dropping like a stone you don’t get much for the weight of the vehicle anymore
there’s like a glut in that market so maybe you got a car that’s more popular
and you think and somebody wants to buy it just for the parts on it
realize that you scrap a car they’re not gonna give you that much money for it
but maybe you’ve got a cars got a blown engine but the transmission is still
good it’s got good tires and body’s in good shape there are lots of
guys out that’ll buy a vehicle like that and either use it to fix up other ones
or they’ll end up fixing the thing up themselves and you’re gonna get a lot
more than the scrap value for the car when you sell it to somebody like that
so put all your options out there when you’re gonna get rid of the car just
don’t call the junkyard and say oh there take it away and they’ll come and say
either give you a nothing or give you 50 bucks for the car use your head and do a
little research first catch says Scotty how often would you
change the oil in a 2019 Toyota Camry 0w 16 oil okay I don’t care what anybody
tells you about long extended oil changes I would still change it every
5,000 miles in normal stop and go city driving now if you do a lot highway
driving you could bump it up to seven or eight thousand miles but if you do city
driving like me most of the time I would still change it every 5,000 miles you do
not want to ruin an engine because of oil that’s a very light oil you want to
keep it clean so it lubricates the engine and doesn’t cause any problems so
I would change it every 5,000 miles myself James 1987 I have a 2005 Nissan Murano
bought a new battery and alternator I got power but it won’t turn over you
find that you got a new battery and a new alternator and it won’t turn over
first we got a seat if you’re speaking the same language as me to me when you
say it won’t turn over that means you turn the key and absolutely nothing
happens the engine does not turn over if that’s the case I’ll tell you got a bad
starter or the wiring to the starter is bad go in there have somebody hold the
key on and whack the starter with a hammer if it starts to work your
starters bad replace the starter if it doesn’t do anything then check the power
and see if power is going to the starter when you turn it till you start get a
little test light put it on the starter when you turn the key see if that lights
up or not or use a voltmeter same thing to test it now a lot of times guys say
it doesn’t turn over they don’t mean the real thing they mean if the car doesn’t
start but it spins which is turning over but it spins and it won’t start now if
your spins and it doesn’t start there are a zillion things that can make it
that start I got a video on that called fixing the car that cranks what doesn’t
start up watch that video give you everything to check to see if the car
won’t start fixing a car the car but doesn’t start, up come faster says Scotty
I’d like to buy a Lexus IS convertible what’s your opinion what to
watch out for you always have to have a guy like me a professional mechanic
check it out before you buy see if it was wrecked flooded stolen if it’s got
electronic problems with these fancy computers that we have we can check
everything within an hour and tell you what kind of shape the vehicles with
Lexuses the main problem that I find is how much they cost
they cost a fortune and even a used ones generally go for a whole bunch of
money the problem with lexuses is their very expensive cars cuz people know they’re
well made and they hold their value better than a lot of other cars to do
that’s the main problem with them is that they’re very expensive but like I
said anytime you’re gonna buy a used car you gotta have a mechanic who knows what
he’s doing check it out cuz there’s just too many things that can go on in a
modern car that people aren’t gonna tell you they’re gonna lie cheat and steal
just to sell something that they don’t want anymore so you always have to have
a mechanic check out to see I’ve had some customers bring me four or five
Lexuses before they finally buy one because I find out that the previous
ones that all had been wrecked or flooded and so they didn’t buy them done
bk5 says are NGK spark plugs good for old trucks like a 2007
Tacoma and other cars are there any benefit I did better than the Iridium
once thanks spark plugs do one thing they make a spark the OEM plugs were designed
perfectly fine for the vehicles they spark and work fine the only difference
between most of the brands is how long they last originally they were copper
and the copper wears out faster because it’s softer conducts electricity quite
well but it wears out faster when I was a kid sometimes spark plugs would wear
out in 15 20 thousand months the reason now that they use an Iridium because
iridium wears even slower than platinum so they came out with a platinum once it
lasted a long time but some of these iridium’s I’ve seen cars that had two
hundred thousand miles and they were still working perfectly fine they’re not
gonna run any different it’s just that if you don’t change your spark plugs
it’s all last longer before they wear out they’ll still run pretty much
exactly the same cuz all they’re doing is creating a spark to fire to gasoline
it’s not some magic thing where years ago I remember there was split fire plugs and
forked tongues where they fired and they said
Oh get better gas mileage more horsepower a lot of baloney it’s just firing a spark
doesn’t make all that much difference as long as it’s the right heat range and
the right size for your vehicle it’s gonna work
perfectly fin,e next questions driver dad says
Scotty I got an 2001 Chevy prism the electric fans don’t kick on when they
turn the AC on but when the temperature gets up there they turn on can I run a
toggle switch to turn them on manually 19 years old an old vehicle you can
easily run a toggle switch with the fuse and if you really want to do it safe
put a relay in line because the relay will take the power better but I’ve
actually done a bunch of those if you use thick wire like say 14 gauge wire
and like a 25 amp fuse and a good toggle switch I’ve actually found that don’t go
to the auto parts stores to get a toggle switch because they sell chinese-made
junk what I do this I got a hardware store and I’ve got a metal switch the
the kind they use for our turning appliances drills and stuff on and off I
don’t use one of those switches suddenly lasts forever cuz I used to use the
cheap junk they sell at the auto parts store this plastic they all ended up melting
cuz their junky so get a good metal toggle switch and do it it’ll simplify
things and it’s a lot easier and you don’t have to deal a lot of the computer
stuff and sensors and stuff that could go wrong to make it not work when you turn
the AC on, so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos,
remember to ring that Bell

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  2. Scotty!!! Watch all the time. Great channel!! Have a 04 honda accord. Got 428k n it still runs. Just picked up a 07 with 264k. Original clutch. 1 owner. Chirps 3rd. Crazy right. In or out. Gonna do a video on my 04/07. Hope it makes ur channel. Thanks for the laughs 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  3. My buddy just bought a 2010 camaro SS with 105k miles and zero issues. Scotty: “GM CARS ARE ALL MONEY PITS!”

  4. The leading car manufacturer (Maruti Suzuki) in India sources their diesel engines from Fiat. But poor Fiat not able to sell their own cars, even in India.

  5. Haha, I've been debating buying a Fiat spider for the past three days and Scotty comes out with this video. I like the look a lot.

  6. The Fiat Spider is fine as just a car. You pull the engine and transmission out an drop a Ford I4 in there, it becomes a Mazda Miata again. All it is, is just an older generation Miata frame that FCA bought.

  7. Give it a rest please Scotty…') Please! ( I can hook you up with palm trees and monkeys with my mother in law in Phuket…..unfortunately good internet)
    '76 Toyota truck school bus conversions. 40 year old Datsuns even a Citroen CX…Mechanical wizards the yare! ;O

  8. people are incredibly brand obsessed/dismissive in the US. toyota or honda could have sold this fiat..the exact same car and people would have a very different opinion about it, also after many years of ownership. needless to say japanese brands gets a good rep about them very much for free. rep that was founded decades ago. even consumer reports go up to about 18 years back to rank reliability scores for cars sold now.. just ludicrous imo

  9. volvo radically changed out a whole generation of cars some years ago.. and there were problems with the early models. according to reports they are good dependable cars now

  10. Hey Scotty I just wanted to ask a question about a car I bought. I recently bought a 2015 Infiniti Q50 Premium with 52,000 miles and want to know what maintenance items I should check in it. This is my first car and I really wanna take care of it so it has no need for major repairs for as long as possible (hoping about 200,000 miles)!

  11. hey scotty what do you think about buying a 2003 acura rsx type s with 290k miles and aged paint and a little rust but nothing else wrong for $3000

  12. Scotty I got a 1984 ford econoline chariot
    It starts fine runs a little than while driving it shuts down. It just does out 3 mechanics later no one knows

  13. I got a 1984 ford econoline chariot
    It starts fine runs a little than while driving it shuts down. It just does out 3 mechanics later no one knows

  14. Itsjusta6 got rid of his Camaro cause it kept breaking, he got a Mustang, then he got a Corvette, and while driving it home, it broke, so now he has a 2nd Mustang, lol >.<

  15. Hey Scotty, do you have any experience with the Honda Ridgeline? I like Honda’s, and I’m curious how their pickup holds up.

    Here’s hoping for a full size from them someday if the ridgeline passes muster.

  16. Scotty i just brought a used 2002 Honda Accord v6 runs great put some money in the brake system it’s fully loaded only problem I have is my bright lights every time I try to flick them on it comes on for a minute and goes back to regular lights any Suggestions

  17. Hey Scotty, I recently bought a car that doesn’t have an AC. A 95 Civic EX. The previous owner told me it needs the tubes and the compressor, and pretty much everything else. Do you know where I could get these things?

  18. hey scotty what do ya think about a 2006 honda accord coupe with a little 4 banger on it? only 140,000 miles, manual, and looks like its been taken care of (atleast cosmetically) good buy for 5 grand?

  19. Scotty I can't agree with you, Fiat makes good engines! Most of them are old engines, that were improved to respect new emission standars, and passed the stand of time. I know Fiat engines that lasted 300-400k miles.

  20. There are Fiat 124s having birthdays on the lot. Brand new with moss growing on them. Still asking sticker.. meh🥵

  21. Hi Scotty, im having an issue with a93 SC400 Lexus .2nd car. Its not charging. I installed a new battery and alternator, along with the factory fuse 120amp. I removed the alternator and had it rechecked at the autoparts. I then measured the continuity from multiple points in wiring from battery all the way back to the alternator. Dont know if maybe its a ecu issue, not activating it???

  22. Hey Scotty I’m looking to get my first car. I found a 2004 Volkswagen Jetta TDI manual diesel. what do u Think?

  23. Nah, put a hexagon of spark plugs in a cylinder so the rate of combustion increases. So fire can only go the speed of sound, the rate reaction generates more torque per fuel. So let's say you jump off the roof, your only falling 10 miles per hour, but the faster you could buck inertia, you could almost levitate for any given amount of kick. Blah.

  24. Hey Scotty I have a 2008 Chrysler 300 hemiC v8 5.7L 57,000 miles and I hit a pot hole and then the radiator leaked out the all the coolant I drove to a friends house real quick and put water in the coolant tank and it drained straight out then I drove about 10 mins home when I got home the vehicle was not smoking it had a good amount of oil and the engine temp was 230 degrees, and when I turned the AC on and it made a weird noise, now it’s been 2 days and I does not turn on. Any ideas

  25. Hello Scotty community I have a 08is250 rwd with about 77k miles. I want to drain fill the transmission fluid. Should I?

  26. 02 and 05 Volvo S60s both over 200,000 miles a/c even still works haha 06 and 2010 Volvo S40s manuals 06 is 213,000 miles as of now, it's my daily driver a/c does not work in that one :/

  27. Thank you Scotty Kilmer for teaching me what a rear differential is since that it is one of the things I have a problem with on my old '74 chevy truck. I told some one about you at my Honda dealership when I had a recall item taken care of on my Accord today, he works there and he subscribed to your channel once he checked it out.

  28. For the person who wants a convertible Lexus IS, I owned a 2010 model (IS250 C) for 5 years, bought it with only 46,000 miles on it and it was so great, no problems at all, just the basics, oil and brake change, tires, and key fob battery. The only downside is the rattling and noise that comes from the roof top whenever you’re in a bad road. If the noise doesn’t bother you, it’s a great car specially when the top is down 🙂
    Note that the back seat can barely fit two young children, I’m paraplegic and I used it to store my wheelchair, works fine.
    Hope this helps.

  29. Only 60's to early 80's volvos last? Youre incorrect scotty. Sorry man. I had a 96 that never quit on me and i was NOT nice to that car in amy way shape or form. My stepfather had a 92 and he carried over 1500lbs of tools in the trunk for 7 years. Only needed tires and one driveshaft.

  30. Hey Scott… Did you know that common rail system is invented from Fiat. AND THE JTD ENGINE IS VERY GOOD AND RELIABLE ENGINE.

  31. Scotty will be shocked to hear Toyota is recalling over 190,000 vehicles due to airbag issues. Wow, Toyota is not perfect. Another Toyota recall.

  32. Also I wouldnt recommend a camaro as a first car because you'll be one of those drivers that appears in those camaro crash compilation videos… Why? Because as your first car you WILL crash it… Or at least scratch it with something

  33. I love muscle cars. And willing and have the disposable income to do the repairs and upgrades. I got a 2013 mustang. There's a bunch of stuff I disagree with Scotty on but that person buying the Camaro as a first car I agree DON'T DO IT! My Mustang I drive hard and race it. So it gets run harder than most! This year alone I got better than $15,000 in repairs and upgrades to it. It's a never ending battle. Would I buy my car from me? HELL NO! Would I buy my car in 2022 from me? Lmfao yeah right. DON'T DO IT!

  34. a Miata with a junk Italian motor that you'll have to pull and put in an LS motor and transmission, upgrade the rest of the drive train and stiffen the chassis if possible. Might be cheaper than a Miata LS conversion.

  35. My sister bought one of these. She always wanted a sports car. Is really nice. Very well put together. She got a very good deal. She will be very gentle with it so i don't think she will have a problem and she also got the extended warranty. It rides and sounds great.

  36. Scotty I have a 1997 Honda Accord lx with the single cam has 210xxx and the oil light randomly flashes randomly I’m getting good gas mileage and it has oil what’s going on at my wits end?

  37. Jokes on you, I got an abarth 124, at least my transmission isn’t breaking like the new miata is. Also including the transmission it’s all same as the Miata ND

  38. One commentator described Joe Biden as the political equivalent of an old Volvo with 300,000 on the odometer. Maybe he can be nursed along for a few more years or…maybe not. Guess we'll see huh??

  39. With volvo it is the same story as it is for every german car in america the built quality is not the same as here in Europe the volvos here in the eu are bulletproof

  40. Just because a car has low sale numbers does not make it un popular. I’ll take that Fiat over a stupid Pruis. And a Pruis sells much more than other cars. But if I like Mustangs and Corvettes, why in the hell would i buy a Pruis based off the fact everyone else already bought one.

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