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Here’s Why the Volkswagen GTI is the Best Selling Hot Hatch

Here’s Why the Volkswagen GTI is the Best Selling Hot Hatch

welcome to wacky Wednesday’s, where
everyone has a chance to show off their car mods, and here’s this week’s winner, hey Scotty fans my name is
Ethan, today I’m gonna be showcasing my 2006 volkswagen GTI, Volkswagen began
making the GTI way back in the 1970s and they still do today, one of the best
things about this GTI is all of the mods that it has, the inside of my GTI has a few mods but
nothing too outlandish, something else I like about this GTI is the fact that it
has a 12 inch sub and amp installed, as you can see it maintains a nice clean
look by being completely hidden, so while the engine is still up to tab I’m gonna
go ahead and get you guys a quick sound clip well that was this week’s video and to
have your car mod shown on my channel here check this out, so if you never want
to miss another one of my new car repair videos remember, to ring that Bell!

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100 thoughts on “Here’s Why the Volkswagen GTI is the Best Selling Hot Hatch

  1. Check out Ethan on his Instagram: @ethan_reinsch

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  2. God the YouTube algorithm is just whacking this guys little old wrinkled wiener like there is no tomorrow…

  3. _ Hi Scotty. Enjoy your shows.
    _ I am 72 years of age and thinking of maybe purchasing a final vehicle.
    _ I've been looking at the Mazda3 on the internet.
    _ Any comments on their automatic transmission?
    _ Thank you.

  4. Ignore the haters, they don't understand… 😉 The 1.8T is a very tuneable engine. It was available with 225bhp as standard in the Audi TT. These days, the GTIs don't seem as popular; people seem to be going for the Golf R, which is very quick.

  5. We’re is the bbs rc’s ? also not a great place to put your subwoofer very common for them seals to leak water inside .

  6. LOL! Craigslist is filled with broken GTI's and Jettas. If you are a young kid and really want a GTI, buy a MK3 with the ABA engine. If you have some wrenching skills, buy a MK3 VR6. Newer VWs with the immobilizer and the 1.8t and 2.0ts are for VW veterans. MK1s are for people who want to get off of crack or meth; very addictive cars so stay away.

  7. You're stupid that's not a 2006 the latest mk4 model was made up to 2005 after that year the rabbit mkv came out which is 2006

  8. These cars do have their quirks BUT they are very well rust proofed. Mine is an 01 VR6 with absolutely no rust. Entire life in the rust belt. 185,000 miles. Show me a Honda from the same era in the same region with zero rust. Nope.

  9. Nice build, I bet it makes people look suprised when it takes off full boost at the lights. That Subwoofer placement in the spare tire space is a great idea, hmm I might copy that hahaha
    So they built the MKIV GTi till 2006!? but the MKV was already available in 2003 so did they sell these side by side for 3 years? that sounds strange. In my opinion a MKIV Phase II is a much better choice compared to a 'first edition' MKV model

  10. I owned a mark 4 golf 1.8 turbo gti for eight years great car to drive not to many problems every couple of months which was ok sold it at around 60k mileage sad to get rid.

  11. That's a huge dish of German rice!!!!! Also, the MK4 ended in 2005 so this dipshit ricer must be smoking butt flakes from his vape.

  12. You guys in the USA still had the mk4 in 2006?. The U.K. where well into mk5 production by then?, we got the facelift mk5 in 2007!!

  13. Scotty – I own an 01' GTI GLS- 1.8t. But; I just don't like doing the mods and end up seeing the dash turn into a Christmas tree

  14. People love to bash german cars but the truth is vw makes the best 4 cylinder engine in the world theres just no comparison.

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