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Here’s Why People Buy Expensive Luxury Cars

Here’s Why People Buy Expensive Luxury Cars

it’s time for show-off Sunday, where
everyone has a chance to show off their own car and here’s this week’s winner
this is an AMG 63 s-class 2014 the first production year of this current
generation, and it sounds cool and stuff but I’m a nobody so I won’t be driving
this around, I mean we’re at the dealer auction here, but there’s a few interior
things that I want to show you, because when we really get into it it gets
really special, and if you’ve got OCD typically I’d say tune away but because
this is an s class, you’re going to be very satisfied, now the s-class can satisfy
your OCD because the fit and finish in a car like this is just impeccable, as good
as it gets really, when we look at the materials and how it all comes together
the detail it’s just beautiful, this time around Mercedes took some inspiration
from the English with the piping, you’ll see these tabs switches they’re just
perfect perfectly flush, my goodness I just hope that the camera is steady
enough we are really close ladies and gentlemen, some might say too close, I
want you to notice something with the design decision, notice how the buttons
functions are not carved onto the buttons themselves, but rather they’re
presented to you in a black glossy field above the actual button itself, I
wouldn’t say they’re merely presented they’re displayed like in a gallery
I mean in most vehicles an analog clock is a pure afterthought, do you get
that impression here, this is actually perfection ladies and gentleman you can
control the majority of this car from here, this really is like a throne for
your palm, everything is at your fingertips, volume with your pinky and
here you know what you can delegate, of course to get to the details buttons and
back the buttons, the buttons worked very well
into the steering wheel design, coming around here everything actually is
tucked in perfectly, properly straight no gaps, no imperfections, look at orgasmic
you’re correct now OCD people mind you nothing is
perfect, the veneer doesn’t quite meet the panel perfectly and look even worse
the accompanying aluminum strip does not end quite where the veneer,
this to the perfectionist it’s a little unsettling, but I guess if these kind of
things bother you you’re crazy and look at the proportions, it’s a
little bit bulbous a little outrageous I like it, well unfortunately this is
vent is cracked in, this is pretty flimsy, that design with the toggle tab
switches it continues, enough of the details take in the big picture
yes yes yes you know what top stitching
there’s a timeless elegance about it what can I say
obviously the armrest very legit, the veneer they made it into two pieces, I
mean are we expecting this to be one piece, I mean as a non customer am I
expecting too much, you know maybe I didn’t want this to be one piece, – a
point here guys I can’t let this one go, the seat belts that have air bags in them
yeah they’re thick you can feel that there’s stuff inside, the stitching is
elaborate I can confirm, oh it’s called belt bag
the back of the headrest look at this, this is top stitched leather covered
plus one right there, well let’s see if there’s any luxury details we feel crazy
about in the trunk, of course the opening mechanism well covered you don’t see any
hinges or joints none of that stuff, it really just looks like someone simply
took some scissors and went cutting along here and matched it in and you got
like a finished product that looks like this, really on the flimsy side nothing
to brag about but I mean this is everybody, the
roof of the truck doesn’t have paneling what pressing questions I ask, and yes
you see on this Bentley first of all we get this very thick fabric, but the way it’s
done it’s nice, it’s not just cut liner, it’s very nicely tucked in, but look at this
trade off, the s-class was all covered up the trunk, the trunk is massive,
okay since we’re here we may as well have a
look, here we have a 2010 Flying Spur I’ll tell you this much they don’t age
as well, the veneer is cracking everything is just leather wrapped and
the places where nobody cares, nobody looks, you know what I’ll take the
leather ceiling over the Alcantara, look at this corner the design language and
execution for the Mercedes day and night difference of course
necessarily better, I mean look at this leather handle very decadent this is one
interestingly shaped piece here that they have, anything else I can pick about
just slick, so anyway folks I think that’s enough details, for those of you
who are crazy about this stuff you’re welcome, for those of you who think I’m
crazy for caring about this stuff, well maybe you’re right
darling danke Schoen, thank you for all the joy and pain
well that was this week’s video, and remember to have your car video
highlighted here on my channel, check this out
so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to
ring that Bell!

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  2. Mercedes should be PAYING you good money for this! This was 10x better than any standard commercial advertisement by Mercedes.

  3. I'm just about to get rid of a jaguar xj it's an 06 had it 7 years it's been alright I've just moved to the City and half the distance to work don't need it anymore so getting a small car

  4. If you’re gonna buy a luxury car at least have the job to go with it. It’d be kinda hilarious pulling up to your McD job in this 😂

  5. I love hearing this guy talk about Mercedes, he's hilarious. I could never go down that road though. I like having my money in my pockets.

  6. Once the costs of endless repair bills at outrageous prices start mounting, I promise you, Scotty's old Toyota Celica will look astonishingly beautiful.

  7. Upppps! Ya lost me at 0:11
    Stanking, low down, snowflake, expensive electrical monsters! I am SO DONE with MB, particularly past the year 1990. I am OUT of LOVE with that <insert string of profanities here> MB sitting in my port. 54 DAYS in the shop behind a simple stock stereo draining battery completely! And not 100% sure that was the culprit. I'm cleaning her up and SELLING! MB is an abusive partner!

  8. Isn't this the car you said had shocks that cost $1200 each and over $300 labor each to install? Why are you promoting it?

  9. Scotty, a faintly pedagogical question for you, if you don't mind: Mercedes-Benz boasts about their engineering: "best engineered cars in the world", or words to that effect, or "Das Beste oder Nichts", meaning, "The Best or Nothing" …. so, what's up with their horrid reliability and repair/upkeep issues? I don't get it. How do they get away with it?!?! So much for "engineering". In my book, if the Engineering at Mercedes-Benz was all that red hot, they'd be as reliable as Toyota Corollas or Honda Accords. "Engineering" indeed.

  10. It's all about the image for most of these people. I workout and eat right so I look good, my car doesn't need to. Give me a reliable 4 cylinder and manual transmission all day over anything else.

  11. Should I be jealous and say it's stupid to buy a luxury car? 

    Don't think so. Endless money pit? If I have that endless money to burn, why not? 

    Heck, what do I know? I can only afford to drive a 1984 Mercedes.

  12. S63 is a 100k usd car a bentley is more like a 250k usd car, all for a nicely tucked in trunk liner, talk about an exponentialy increasing marginal cost

  13. Why don’t you just stick with mechanical stuff and don’t worry why people buy expensive cars let me guess you run out of everything else

  14. I do believe Mercedes and BMW where great cars in the 1970s and 80s. It was a big wow factor owning one back in the day. Now times have changed. Japanese companies like Lexus, passed the Germans in quality and reliabilty. A fully loaded Toyota Camry or Avalon is just as luxurious and comfortable as any BMW or Mercedes. I believe most consumers just buy Germans luxury brands because of the status of driving one. Once problems and maintainance costs start to hit, they get rid of them.

  15. They are pretty, but I need something for hauling big dogs, that will still be running ten years from now.

  16. Wow what a nice car it's about time you let people show off their nice Mercedes instead of just bashing them and calling them endless money pits like all of the followers that you have the can't afford one

  17. Most of the people that I know that do own a Mercedes are not pretending to be rich they just are rich probably the reason behind them owning AMG Mercedes

  18. I love my CLS 550. While it is definitely expensive to maintain, it is an extremely nice car and nothing rides quite like it. Instead of spending 30k on a newer base model, buy a high end model for 15k and put that other 15k in the bank for maintenance. You will still end up spending less than you would have if you bought the newer base model for 30k and you will be riding around in a high end luxury car in the mean time.

  19. Probably all super high mileage exotics. The only people that buy those are losers that want to appear to be rich. I see lots of Maserattis in Baltimore. Ghiblis and Quattroporters with a shitload of miles. They slap some Asanti wheels on em and roll around, flexing on the other ghetto crawlers xD

  20. People buy expensive cars to show how much money they have or to show how much successful they are, I've noticed some people buy a expensive car just once then they go back to a normal car just to show people that they can afford it and to show that they do have money
    But really you dont need money nowadays to own a flash car they are giving them away at the dealership nowadays.
    There is no respect nowadays with people driving flash cars, years ago if someone had a flash car it showed they had money but not nowadays. The worlds all about respect people and that's gone nowadays

  21. Those switches reminds me of those old am/fm presets that were strings on plastic rotary wheels when pressed down. And the misuse word OCD was awful, not even in context.

  22. My sister was looking at a used Mercedes C something or other.
    I pointed out all the electronics problems as we sat in it before the test drive. But the clincher was … It needed a jump start. I even heard the garage tech say he just charged it the day before.
    We drove it just for the hell of it.
    She ended up buying a new Mazda CX5 all decked out.

  23. To bad all that Shiney stuff doesn't make them run any better. And you'll need to sell your house just to repair them.

  24. Can't imagine spending money on a car with extra engine cylinders that I don't need, while I save money with plastic trim that is supposed to look like wood, but looks cheap af

  25. to e honest I never cared about car tech. airbags yes. I just want to drive a good solid built quality running car. all these lcd displays is just junk. you will never use most of it driving anyways. keep your hands on the wheel and look forward. seems the car laws don't care about paying attention to the road. I am more old school. give me a 1969 chevelle that car is cosy and cool.

  26. I dont like luxury cars. Especially modern ones suck. Old Mercedes are cool, this one is just ugly. I wouldnt drive it if you pay me.

  27. No, I am not crazy. Those bad built-quality-little-details irritate me and are a clear warning of all the problems you are gonna have with that Mercedes in the future – If you want true quality you gotta buy a Lexus, not a Mercedes – DOH –

  28. Thought it had to be your car? But
    [1] great use of the music .. haha ..
    [2] dude sounds like he was in a porno. "Oh yes .. yes .. yes .. yes .."
    I'm sorry, I had to say it.

  29. Crazy how everyone just hates these cars because they can’t afford the repairs. If someone enjoys the car and has the pockets to afford it then what’s all the fuss about ????

  30. Common obsessive thoughts in OCD include:

    Fear of being contaminated by germs or dirt or contaminating others.

    Fear of losing control and harming yourself or others.

    Intrusive sexually explicit or violent thoughtsand images.

    Excessive focus on religious or moral ideas.

    Fear of losing or not having things you might need.

  31. people buy luxury car because of the seat confort with bigger backseat legroom for 14 hours road trip and people lilkes to travel in confort on longer road trip, If you want cars for confort, my advise is to buy a new Toyota Sienna or a Avalon, that what I would do.

  32. the question does not get answered in the video. mine would be: because you can OR you need this as a superficial person.. OR you love luxury cars.. I know I don't, well, the sound of those v8s is great nonetheless (coming from a Honda guy).

  33. If you have the means, life is too short to be a cheap bastard and drive a Corolla. If you can't afford it, I get it. We have to start somewhere, but we spend a lot of time behind the wheels of our cars and for those of you who don't "get" the difference of driving a really nice luxury car as opposed to a Toyota, the rest of us can't explain it to you.

  34. The S class rear hinges may be "covered up", but they are the same cheap design that cuts into your trunk space that economy cars have. The Bentley's "exposed" hinge is the better way to do it. My E46 BMW was also done the good way, but BMW has now gotten cheap, too.

  35. I like how he put emphasis on perfect. Lol it’s a prefect money pit. 😭😭😭😭😭🇩🇪

  36. This is how I feel every time I step into my Kia stinger GT…that I am paying $41,000 for. So not expensive luxury but luxury light-years ahead of the 2016 Fiesta I jumped from. That was the car that taught me to do good research on a car before buying. There is a reason why my dream car was a Mustang GT but I got the base model Stinger GT instead. Sure it's a twin-turbo V6 so it wont last as long as a naturalltly asperated engine, but it is techincally BMW M engineered so I'm sure it will be fine and the car is built better. I can tell it will be bulletproof. I baby my things anyway.

  37. I absolutely do not like mercedes. Moms had one (and it had about 75K miles and it was about 20 years old at the time and had no accidents or anything whatsoever) and the coolant leaked and leaked even after she got it fixed!

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