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Here’s Why New Cars Suck

Here’s Why New Cars Suck

rev up your engine,
a fail says Scotty is planned obsolescence the standard of the industry nowadays
well it certainly seems to look that way with all this electronic stuff it can be
easily made to fail once the warranty is off the overuse of plastic parts
certainly is planned obsolescence I mean come on now you know the only reason
that they’re making the engine intakes and parts on plastic because it’s
cheaper to do they can design them any way they want and make them fast because
if they wanted to design a really good metal intake Oh they’d have to have very
good casting and even then when they’re done casting the metal they got to
polish it inside and stuff the plastic is injected molded and it’s all smooth
inside there I have to do anything to it other than bolted on when they’re done
it clip the tabs off so yeah it pretty much is what the future is hold it for
us, arty says can a seven year old Civic Si be a good car if it was taken
care of oh yes definitely I’ve had many customers over the years
buy those things used totally happy with them as long as they were reasonably
taken care of units to do much to those Honda’s as long as you change the oil
every 5,000 miles it’s regular oil or seven thousand miles with synthetic oil
generally they’ll keep running there’s not much maintenance those things as I
didn’t beat him up I mean if you’re looking at one and some kid had it and
it’s got one of those funny little mufflers in it it’s been all souped up
with a body panel and it has a crazy stereo I
wouldn’t buy it then because they probably beat the heck out of it but if
it’s still stock oh yeah it could be a great used car
no Ingram says what’s your opinion on a 91 dodge cummins those were solid built
vehicles back in the day it’s got a cummins diesel engine those are solid
built trucks now it is a 91 it’s old as the hill who knows it’s all worn out or
not I mean you would never buy something like that
unless you’re buying it for like four hundred bucks if it still runs and
drives without having a mechanic check it out mechanic look at it but if you
were thinking about buying one and maybe fixing up not a bad idea cuz they were
solid built I’ve seen those things were three four hundred thousand miles never
still going okay not like the new ones, Nick berline says Scotty what do you think
about a Toyota trucks or Ford trucks it depends on what you want now if you’re
talking about smaller trucks yeah go Toyota for sure tacoma beats the
heck on out any small trucks the Rangers can be okay but
they’re nothing compared, now if you’re going to larger trucks of course the
Toyota Tundra is an expensive truck they get expensive to repair as they age and
get 200-300 thousand miles cuz of their design but a lot of guys
go forward full-size pickup and if you’re gonna tow stuff yes definitely
you’d want a Diesel it’s made for towing, now I know the rest of the world
companies like Toyota sell a lot of diesel engines and stuff that they don’t
sell in the United States so worldwide you can get a Toyota with a diesel that
go right ahead but their not that big in the United States with selling any
diesel engines in their vehicles, Sergio Reyes says what do you think about a Volvo
s60 scotty, fun cars to drive their too high-tech and you know the Chinese on
them now and they’re only gonna be making hybrid and electric cars that’s
all they said they’re gonna be making you lose a lot of money when you buy a
Volvo when I get all their their endless money pits but on the other hand I’ve
had customers buy an s60 used would say eighty thousand miles for peanuts for
three four grand and love the car if they didn’t put on much mileage they
didn’t have much breakdown it can be a good car to buy used if it’s low mileage
in you know a guy like me they can check it out to make sure it wasn’t wrecked
or flooded but don’t pay much money for them because they have no value now
that they’re not gonna be making any of that stuff anymore, cpu club I just
bought a 64 AMC Rambler classic wagon is a project car what are your thoughts
cool project car cuz you can get them cheaper they’re not like you’re buying a
67 Mustang and you’re going to pay through the nose, those really
interesting cars you know people either loved them or hated them but it’s basic
technology that was before catalytic converters that was before all this
anti-pollution EVAP system crammed, yes I think you made a good choice you can
still get parts for you’ll have a unique vehicle to drive around with I think
it’s a good choice, Steven says Scotty what’s the best way to
keep my power sunroof working as long as possible first thing you want to do is
every once in a while when you open it up realize they have drain holes in them on the
front there’s two little pinhole drain holes and on the back too easily are two
so you want to clean that out around so where you get a garden hose spray it and
get all the leaves and stuff out then you want a good lubricant that’s going
to lube where it slides and I find that those sprays silicone ones are the
best go spray silicon lube is pretty much waterproof it’s very water
resistant and it will stay on and a right and net will keep it lubricated so
it won’t bind and stink and if you live up north leave
the thing alone when it’s freezing outside because if you try to open it
and things are frozen you might burn the motor and even melt some of the wiring
so that’s the best way to keep those things lasting, Mathew Gabe says
are Filipino mechanics good and honest well I’ve never been to the
Philippines so I can’t say there I’ve met one Filipino mechanic and Houston
here and he was a very nice honest mechanic so it all depends on people you
can’t you make racial stereotypes you know whether this person is a good
mechanic or not I don’t know when the Philippines I have no idea I’ve never
been there you know, I have fans in the Philippines so if
any of you guys want to chime in and say yeah I know some good mechanics and a
Philippines or they might say no they’re all crooks here cuz I know guys
in New York City and they say the mechanics there are all crooks I don’t
know I only know the one Filipino mechanic here in Houston very nice guy
and he’s an honest mechanic, so if you never want to miss another one of my new car
repair videos remember to ring that Bell

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  2. some good observations the reasons the intakes and so many parts are made of plastic is it can be recycle Today's governments requirement are that the whole car or truck must have the ability to be recycle so it does not get berry in a landfill but it gets back to a different product .

    Talking about communication it is the ability that the service adviser or technician has to understand the customer concern .Simple wheel noise? Replace all the brake ? But it needs a wheel bearing and had 30 % brake left it's a common mistake that will make any shop look bad So yes speaking the same languages help How do you describes the noises Whine grind squeak clunk .

  3. I wish the aftermarket would make aluminum replacement parts for the plastic garbage but, for the most part, aftermarket is also plastic so I guess they are in on the planned obsolescence game too.

  4. Scotty, even our beloved Toyotas are headed to the endless money pit category as they age. It is going to tank the used car market. Why buy gold when you can buy today's used Toyotas!

  5. Hints why I don't really like new cars because most of them don't maintain their value over time. Sure it can be fun to test drive one but we live in a world where a lot of things are quantity over quality.

  6. Scotty you’re the best at telling it like it is. You don’t sugar coat or beat around the bush. I genuinely appreciate your honest integrity. I wish you were somewhat closer to me bc I’d chose you as my personal mechanic hands down.

  7. They're all crooks in NYC, not just the mechanics. Law enforcement, justice system, politicians (well, they are crooked everywhere). The whole state is owned by the mafia.

  8. OMG, you’re so funny. The pop up of the two black guys fighting the white guy over the fried chicken bucket was hilarious. 😂

  9. In the Philippines there are some fantastic mechanics, often working in adverse conditions. Parts are not always readily available but you can almost always be sure that a Filipino technician will know or invent a way to circumvent problems. Necessity is the mother of invention right. Sure, there are some scumbags especially in the cities and big workshops are generally a rip-off. Also, be aware that some tradesmen will try to overcharge foreigners, but I found that once a relationship is forged this seldom happens. God Bless Scotty

  10. Hey Scotty, I've got a 2012 Tacoma that's had some crazy vibration issues that the dealership can't seem to figure out. At low speed, when I go over a bump in the road the steering wheel wobbles a lot. It vibrates a lot at high way speeds. I can feel it in the whole truck, but can visually see it in the steering wheel. I've had tires balance, alignment, bought all new tires, had the rotors replaced, the wheel bearings replaced and the needle bearing on the differential replaced. None of that has helped at all. HEEEELLLPPP!!!!!!!

  11. You should se ethe video on what it was like to buy a car in 1970. It really shows how todays cars are overpriced. What really get s me is how UGLY every car is! Painted plastic turds.

  12. Everyone: We just want a simple car that we can acctualy afford and its gonna last
    Car manifacturers: Bunch of electronics that will break down all the time? Say no more…

  13. I'd like to know where you get a used car with 80k miles for 3 grand. Even a relative would charge double or triple that.

  14. Still super interested if my chevy 2000 1500 pick up head gasket being blown would be enough to give me low or now oil pressure gotta do a head job but not sure what or if that's enough to pick possible other problems

  15. I have a 2015 Chevrolet traverse, had engine out to fix leaking timing chain cover. After this service was done at dealership powersteering pump went out, real bear to change by the way. While I changed pump changed serpentine belt, since then I've been getting an arc or spark off belt area near flywheel. What is could cause this? Also noticed fuse box under hood not tight tightened then car wouldn't start had to move it till relays could be heard.


  17. According to this individual new cars suck,old cars suck. Here's the reason why you shouldn't buy this type of car,or that type of car.l wonder what he drives and should we all buy one? Or maybe we should just walk. But,wait! If we did that he may begin to talk about how these types of shoes suck.

  18. I drive the s60 and I'll be hard-pressed to buy anything else in the future, besides the xc70. I bought an 07 with 143k on it.

  19. As much as I like this channel, sometimes the "horse laugh" (enter a picture of a horse showing it's teeth}, or the constant Toyota this or Toyota that, or the mispronouncing of Hyundai as 'Yundai' just gets on my very last nerve. Honestly Scotty, sometimes it's more pleasurable to go to the dentist than to watch another this is crap, this is a scam, don't buy this, this will ruin your… You seem like a nice guy and the free info you put out is greatly appreciated. I know to do these videos is difficult and time-consuming. So a big thank you for all of your efforts. Now please can the horselaughs, learn to say Hyundai correctly and back off of the mini dramas.

  20. I own a 23 year old Bronco and while I love it, slowly but surely I realize it's just not a car for commuting to work anymore. Due to its age, poor fuel economy and lack of modern features and safety equipment found in new cars. While I agree new cars suck, at least they do what they are designed for until the warranty expires.

  21. Here's is why new cars suck?? The sarcasm is good!! So witch cars are good, uhmmm let me guess,, 1994 toyota celica..

  22. New vehicles are ugly, handle poorly, are weak, flimsy, and heavily over engineered. They will not last half as long as the older vehicles. They are all belly dragging, weak suspension, weak engined junk. Avoid them at all costs. You would be better off keeping your paid-in-full older car. Almost all of the lose oil, will have engine problems before paid in full, and all are ugly.

  23. So Scotty tells us to never buy new cars but to buy used. 10 years later, a used car would be those new cars. So really it doesn’t make sense. New cars suck but in the futur when you need a used car. The used cars available will be the new cars that suck.

  24. You didn’t need to make a video for this Scotty, the reason new cars suck it’s because…well…they’re new!

  25. He didnt answer the F150 Tundra question, so Ill do it. Dont even think Ford that Tundra is by far the best, I know Scotty is a Ford fanboy at times, but not over a Tundra.

  26. Scotty I bought a brand new 2019 Jeep Compass and I’ve had nothing but problems with it. To today I have had to take it back to the dealership 12 times and it’s still there I bought it with 4 miles it currently has 2,345 miles I’ve owned it for 3 months now it has been in the dealership for parking brake getting stuck transmission problems it will down shift really hard when you let off the gas and most recently it shuts off while I’m driving it no warnings it just shuts off and then engages the parking brake I don’t know what to do from here the dealership makes it out to be my fault every-time this last time it was in the shop for a week and I went to pick it up and I didn’t even leave the service drive and it cut out on me the computer doesn’t save any codes in the system so when the huke it up there’s nothing reading it’s a brand new car that should not be having these problems

  27. My uncle got his focus serviced in the Philippines . Where his wife is from. He’s rich and pays to ship his cars from Alaska, Washington, and of coursephilippines. The 4 ford dealers in the USA told him his transmission stuttering was normal.. the Philippino ford said it was a major known issue and replaced it for him. Cheap too. About $1,000 less.
    Look at us now, Ford is under investigation because they knew the focus had these issues and doesn’t want to issue a warranty.

  28. Scotty I've been pulling all-nighters watching your videos (actually as of this moment its 12:30AM & have work tomorrow) and taking intricate notes to make the best, most informed decision on my car purchase. I am huge fan of the Jeep Wrangler and mustangs mostly because of their body/designs. After seeing your video about Jeep being owned by FIAT-Chrysler I have been considering the Toyota FJ.

    I'm not concern about power/ acceleration but if you can explain gas mileage, transmission, handling, cost of fixing a FJ, Wrangler, Mustang I would appreciate it. I am interested in newer models mostly because I would really like a rearview camera, anti-collision/lane departure/ interactive cruise control, keyless entry, and carplay (bluetooth audio).

    Also, I live in NY so i need something good with the snow so will definitely get 4WD or AWD. That being said, what is the difference in gas mileage between 2WD vs. 4WD vs. AWD

  29. Dam dude I just seen a friend spend about $280 because a plastic tee melted and broke. The same tee just diffrent size cost like $7 to 12 dollars but since it was a "special" size you have too buy the whole assembly if you can't find it in a junkyard

  30. Imagine starting a small to medium business that specializes in making car parts built to last to replace the crappy stock ones. You'll be making a killing!

  31. You though on rattle at start on Toyota engine ? Just bought a venza 2013, there's a 2 sec rattle every morning

  32. the original mustang was a restyled Falcon. in Minnesota where I lived back then. my cousin bought a new 65 mustang with the 289 four barrel standard trans. the car was good till the rust ate it.

  33. I drive a 63 Chevy PU. People either love it or hate it and feel free to give me their unsolicited opinion. I think it's perfect in everyway except no AC. What puzzles me is the many people who say they love it and would like to have one just like but buy new crap ON PAYMENTS instead. The old trucks are easy to find and you can still get them cheap, so why aren't they?

  34. Me: buys a Nissan

    Scotty: Nissan's are all money pits buy a Toyota

    Me: Trades Nissan for new Toyota

    Scotty: new Toyota's aren't as well as they used to buy a used Honda

    Me: Trades Toyota for a used Honda

    Scotty: Honda's have weak automatic transmissions

    Me: Trades Honda for a used Acura integra

    Scotty: you made the right choice I rather have an integra than my Celica

    Celica: feels jealous

    Scotty: ends chat and takes his celica to a romantic date

    Celica: you really hate me you said I want an integra why?

    Scotty: sings the song "Don't you forget about me"

  35. Scotty you bring up painful memories every time you show the Toyota starter. I had that go out on my Tundra and the very next day after I got the truck back the secondary air pump goes out and puts the truck in limp mode! I ordered a bypass kit and saved $1000-2000 dollars. I’d love to see you talk about that crappy flaw from Toyota. Still wouldn’t trade it for anything else.

  36. I have a SA version Ford Ranger 2018, 3.2 Diesel. I love it, but for the money the body is CHEAP, CHEAP, CHEAP… My little finger can dent that thing. The could have just added some fluffy material and a "As seen on Sesame Street" sticker.

  37. Modern cars tend to overheat. Smaller radiators, lower bonnets and modern streamlining are to blame. Compare to old cars were they had upright radiators.

  38. Scotty what's your opinion on mobil1 high mileage, advanced synthetic that's supposed to last 15,000 miles between changes. With the mobile 1 oil filter?

  39. And Yes Filipino mechanics are very good in my experience and very nice people, at least all the ones I've met 🤙

  40. Hey scotty if you find a 91 dodge cummins for $400 i will take 6 of them. The cheapest i ever saw a 12v cummins was about $7,000 for one about to blow up. Thousands of those lasted over 1 million miles

  41. Sorry Scotty Toyota is the WORST vehicle to EVER OWN! WORST!

    Give me a DODGE or FORD or even a CHEVY! Never TOYOTA or Honda! ONLY American MADE! Sorry Toyota and Honda WORST cars to EVER OWN! EVER!

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