Here’s Why Car Guys Don’t Buy New Cars

rev up your engines today I’m gonna talk about why car guys
never buy new cars now of course I never advise people to buy any new car when
it’s a new model with new engine new transmission who knows if it’s gonna
hold up you never know so that’s a really good reason the main reason is
you can save so much money cars depreciate rapidly if you’re buying used
cars all the time let’s say you’re taking advantage of the poor people who
shelled out full price for a new car and then lose their shirt when they sell it, and I
know a lot of people are gonna say Oh Scotty I’d never buy a used car
you mind somebody else’s problem that’s why they’re getting road yeah it could
be a commerce wreck flooded or stolen or something but with the modern day
computers it’s pretty easy for a mechanic like myself that’s been doing
it for ages to figure out it’s been wrecked flooded stolen if it’s got any
problems or not it’s much harder to hide stuff like that with all the
computerized things on modern cars they keep record of all the data I remember
years ago I was that Cadillac dealer let’s find some parts right and I got
working to congress’s oh no Cadillacs are better made now I said well you’ve
been watching a Cadillac ads on TV and I said to the guy what do you drive and
he said oh well I Drive a Toyota ha ha ha, now car guys like myself know if you want to maximize value get a used car
that’s 4 years old or older because then it’s depreciated quite a bit but it can
still be a great car and don’t pooh-pooh older cars especially a little mileage
ones all right I paid 3 grand for that Lexus yeah it
was 12 years old but I only had 62,000 miles on it it’s been the best car I’ve
ever had I paid less than 1/10 the original price of the car with 60,000
miles knowing a lexus that thing might go three
four hundred thousand miles so even though I paid less than one tenth of the
original price the soccer still has probably 80 percent of its lifespan left
where else can you find a deal like that in today’s society and even if you’re
not the type a guy like me that keeps his cars forever
the average depreciation the car when it’s three years old is 40 to 50 percent
so it’s worth 40 to 50 percent less than what you paid so let’s say somebody buys a car for 30 grand you buy it for $15,000 four years old well the
next three years it’s only going to depreciate about twenty five percent of
its value you paid half of the original price and the depreciation in the future
is much less than it was before if you’re the type of person to say you
like changing cars a lot hey buy a four-year-old car when you get tired of
them and three or four years buy another three to four year old car there’s
nothing wrong with doing that if you pick the right car now you want to try
it out with a Jaguar or a Porsche unless it’s real low mileage I hear that
customers do that man they save a ton of money and if they find one that was a
toy for somebody and say it’s got fifteen twenty thousand miles even
though things generally don’t fall apart very early that if you wanted to get one
hey buy one it’s three four years old and then I keep getting rid of them
after three or four years if you don’t put a lot of mileage on it now another
reason car guys will not buy new cars if I use one it’s because the reliability
it’s up on most cars when I was a young mechanic hey it was an oddball car that
went over a hundred thousand miles but today lots of my customers have cars
with over a hundred thousand miles on the average car in the United States
these days has more than a hundred thousand miles on it the ones that have
been on a road for a while if you get a good car like a Toyota or a Honda or a
Ford f-150 pickup truck those things can last hundreds of thousands of miles and
the maintenance of monitor cars is a lot less too, oil changes you can go further
lots of them you never have to adjust the engine valves so most real car guys
they pay cash for a car I paid cash for every car that I bought my entire life
let’s say you of somebody who finances you’re gonna find that often the
interest rates on used cars I’m much higher than the interest rates
on new cars a lot of times the manufacturers have no interest loans on
their new cars they gotta sell these things they got a flawed these expensive
monsters out to people so they got to give them some kind of advantage and low interest rates now you’re paying a low interest rate on a gigantic principal
even if you’re financing a used car you’re paying a lot less yeah the
interest rates gonna be higher but you know it’s never gonna come up to what a
brand-new car gonna cost you and you’re gonna find in
most car guys they do their own maintenance they know it’s done right
and that’s the best way to do it that’s why I make all these videos on YouTube
to show you how you can do it right yourself because here’s a warning and I
see it all the time you do the maintenance yourself, you know it was done right
these days you can’t trust a lot of people here’s an example I had a customer a few years back she’s taking her BMW to the BMW dealer
to get it maintained it’s under warranty right she had 80,000 miles on the car
she towed it in to me cuz it wouldn’t go anymore was out of warranty drained the transmission fluid out it came out like molasses I said this thing’s never been
changed it’s filthy she showed me for receipts for full transmission flushes
they had never done anything now of course she would have never known she
ever looked under the hood of her car anyways but even if she knew a little
bit about cars there was no dipstick in the car she couldn’t take a dipstick see
if the fluids dirty they knew what was the sealed unit
and they didn’t care, strangely enough she went out and bought another BMW I don’t
know I can’t understand people but you can’t trust a lot of people these days, I
didn’t have any money I was poor kid hey I wanted to have a car and a motorcycle so
I learned how to fix them myself now another reason car guys buy used and not new cars is you can upgrade to a luxury car you can save money and buy a luxury car
instead of buying a stripped-down econo car because that’s the only thing that
you want to spend the money on but being honest which I always try to do
sometimes it actually makes more sense to buy brand-new if you want to buy a
really good vehicle and you think I’ll Drive this thing for twenty thirty years
or more you could do like my son did he bought a brand-new four-cylinder Toyota
Tacoma pickup truck if you really pick out something that you like and you’re
gonna keep it a long time go ahead and buy new there are a few times that you
might want to buy something new if you want to keep it forever and you pick a
great vehicle, but you can’t beat buying a ten-year-old car that’s been depreciated
down but still is a good model you’re saving on all fronts,
so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to
ring that Bell

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