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Here’s What I Think About Buying a Used Cop Car

Here’s What I Think About Buying a Used Cop Car

rev up your engines, Upper Robin 29 says,
what do you think about buying a used Ford Crown Victoria interceptor, okay so
I’m assuming you’re talking about buying a used cop car, realize the police beat
the heck out of their cars, so you know they could be all worn out, if you don’t
mind putting some money into them, road test them first, you got to be able to
Road test them and if you can road test them and see that everything works okay, ah you’re
still taking a little gamble, let a mechanic scan it like I said earlier to see
if there’s any codes, but if you can get it cheap enough and you want something that maybe
you’re gonna tool around on the weekends why not if you get it cheap enough, but
don’t think you’re gonna be able to buy one and then drive it 150-200 thousand
trouble-free miles, because it’s either gonna need a transmission or an engine
in a reasonable period of time, because the police beat back out of those things and
the reason they get rid of them is because they know they’re gonna fall
apart after a certain period of time, Shane Albert says, Scotty my four
cylinder truck is getting horrible gas mileage, I cleaned the filters, SeaFoamed the gas tank, I smell a faint gas odor and I’m putting 20 to 40 bucks a week in the
thing, okay bad gas mileage the first thing you want to do, is have a guy like
me put scan tool on to look at the data we road test a car for 15 minutes, we
hook our scan tool up, then we read the data live and mode six data, that tells us a
ton of if there’s a problem with the mass sensor, if the fuel injectors are
spraying too much fuel, all kinds of stuff and our equipment is so
sophisticated, like I said earlier it’s color coded, and then if I see yellow or
red I know those areas have a problem then I know okay especially the red ones
that’s the problem, that’s why the gas mileage is bad, maybe one of the fuel
injectors is leaking and our equipment is so sophisticated it will show each
cylinder, so you got a four-cylinder engine like you have, it’ll show misfire
for each single cylinder when they happened, how rich or lean each cylinder is
running, and we know a lot of information we can figure out what’s
wrong with, start there rather than just guessing, Edoardo says, I have
an Infiniti 2007 g35 coupe that I let sit for
year will it start up any tips, well it probably should, I just did a thing on gasoline, how long should you let it sit, and the American Petroleum Institute
says you shouldn’t let it sit more than a year and even then it’s good for three
to five months unless you put fuel stabilizer in it and if you didn’t well what the
heck go in there and start it up, if it starts up and runs, then drive it a bunch
and as soon as you can when it gets down to half a tank or whatever, fill up with
Shell super unleaded that’s the best gasoline, as soon as you put new gas
with old gas, it mixes immediately and you’re not gonna have any problems with
it, good gas will mix with the old gas, a lot of times you won’t have any
problems at all, but you might have to either jump start or replace the battery,
because a modern car is not made to sit that long, all modern cars have what’s
called battery parasitic drain, and some customers I have, if they let their car
sit like a Mercedes for three weeks at the airport, it has to be jumped because
the parasitic drain from all the computers it has will drain the
battery it might not start, so if you never want to miss another one of my new
car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell!

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100 thoughts on “Here’s What I Think About Buying a Used Cop Car

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  2. One mechanic for the city told me a story, he said late at night a cop car pulled into the yard complaining there was a problem with his brakes, so the he took a look at them. The front brake rotors were so hot they were glowing red, seems the cops get bored at night and like to race around town playing a game they call spot light tag.

  3. I nabbed a Crown Vic for my first car. 40k miles on it and it was a take home unit for a deputy US Marshall. Unmarked dark titanium color, no cage, light bar, plastic rear seat, or center radio console. Limo factory tint, Kevlar plates in the front doors, safe as hell, powerful, and a whole lotta fun to drive. I can buy a full set of pulloff tires and wheels with 90% tread left for $200-250 (in CA). Parts are abundant and dirt cheap and practically every job can be DIY. ONLY downside is the gas mileage and what I spend more on gas evens out because everything else is so incredibly cheap.

    They are a bit of a gamble but even the most abused ones can still last forever. Just find out what department they were from and NEVER buy the black and whites unless you're just gonna have fun with it.

  4. I bought a retired police car,a 2 year old dodge diplomat 318 4 hole with 88 k miles,it was from a guy like you,who also dealt in selling cars,the trouble it had beforeI took it was the trouble prone computer,easily fixed with a "lobotomy"-toss the "brain" and rturn to the old ignition system with a few tweaks-ran like a bear,.
    It had been s chiefs car and was clean and well kept,ran it to 190k with very little minpr fepairs,then the gas tank sprung a leak,we bought another car and gave that one to our neighbor who ran it another 3 years,was still running but the body hed had it at that point.

  5. Hi Scotty! Hey, what do you think about buying one of those new Chevrolet Equinox? The 1.5 Turbo 6 speed automatic and the 2.0T 9 speed automatic. Thank you

  6. I use CVs as company cars. Buy them cheap under 2k. Usually put about extra 100k in miles no issues. Sell them off. Great car, I wish ford still made them.

  7. Always buy a civilian Crown Vic. CVPI's are beat on, period! 1st, they have an engine hourmeter for a reason, to measure idle hours. They usually have bad heads due to this. Next, they get launched hard. This takes a toll on the transmission. Last, yea, they have a scheduled maintenance plan. But, due to department needs, alot of things are overlooked so the duties can be performed.

  8. Really? I've bought many Crown Vics ex cop cars and they were all exceptionally well maintained.
    Just stating that "It's gonna need a tranny and an engine" shows your lack of knowledge on the subject as well as an obvious bias. I sold one CV to my sister and eventually bought it back with 425,000 miles and it didn't need "a tranny and an engine" when originally bought at 130,000 nor did it need "a new tranny and engine" during the 5 years that my younger sister used it.
    My most recent Crown Vic has it's original engine/tranny as well as everything else and it's an ancient 38 years old. It's currently done up as an FBI car and last year featured in a local movie production as a Cody Wyoming Sheriffs car circa 1980.
    ..Just because you are a supposed auto expert on some things doesn't mean that your "opinion" is any less biased when it comes to things that you know nothing about.
    How about you ask any taxi company how many miles they average with the Crown Vic's they purchase from police auction. Average ex cop taxi makes it 700,000 to 1,000,000 miles. Stick to answering questions of which you are actually able to instead of just opening your mouth at every opportunity while using pure overstuffed ego and balloon shaped head.

  9. "I have two sitting in my driveway & I completely disagree. One is an '08 with 155K, the other is a '10 with 228K. I bought them for a grand total of $1,450 @ auction. Both are incredible cars. I just drove the '08 over 3,000 mi. to Yellowstone & back. It performed flawlessly. They both had maintenance logs. They serviced the trans every 30K & changed the oil between 2500-3000 mi., without fail. " Definitely the best $1450 I've ever spent. As a full-time college student trying to live on a budget, these cars were a godsend. –>Don't listen to Scotty."<—

    "You're dead wrong about the crown vic interceptors. I suspect you don't know much about them."

    " I have an 06 crown victoria with 700,000 miles on it. Runs great "

    "Scotty your wrong: The 4.6 liter engine that's in the crown vic and town car is one of the most reliable engine's in the world."

    " Crown Vic’s are fuuking bulletproof "

    "I have to disagree about Crown Vic P71s not being able to go another 100,000 (or more)"

    "I was able to put 200,000 miles on a used cop car and never did more than basic maintenance even when I first bought it. Only got rid of it because I had a few more cop cars and needed to clear inventory. But it never came close to a new engine or trans."

    " used police cruisers are that they're usually maintained well. They undergo regular servicing."

    "i had a 91 crown vic sheriffs car, bought it with 440k miles on it for $500. it had the 5.0, efi and i noticed that all of the cars, up to the last of the crown vics have extremely solid suspension and steering components. the service package the police and cabs get, along with lots of the government cars really only make it more robust. i drove it for ten year"

    "Crown Vics are great cars, they will easily go over 200000 miles."

    "lies, all lies. every single crown vic i've ever worked on has had 650K miles or more. trouble free, and well maintained."

    "My Crown Vic is 317,000 miles strong. Original engine and trans. $500 from the county auction! Haven't done anything except tires and oil and a battery."

    " Imho one of the best cars ever built."

    "I bought a LOADED white EX-CHP 2006 crown victoria with 195K miles, Took it to dealer and service manager told me it had a NEW FORD transmission put in year before still under warranty !! Car served me well in LA Best $1500 I ever spent"

    " 205,648 on my 03 CVPI, no issues at all. I've had it since 93k "

    "I watch your challenges to see the bull crap that you say I've had many Crown Victorias never replace a transmission or engine in them and no catastrophic failures can't wait to see another one of your videos and your lies"

    "City and State guidelines see Crown Vics auctioned off at around 80 to 100K at which point the average CV is just barely on its way to making 500 or 800K as a yellow cab. Apparently not knowing or reading publicly available information and/or not realizing that every taxi you ever stepped into had a half a million miles on it – after the police sold it at auction seems the standard some people. Scott should keep his bias to himself when it comes to just answering questions for the sake of opening one's mouth to stroke one's own ego."

    "Your crazy, ive had many old police cvpi. They run to 300k miles without any difficulty. 90% of them have been very well maintained and crown vics are incredibly dependable to begin with. Your information is false. Buying an old crown vic cop car is one of the best/cheapest way to get a dependable daily driver."

    "If Scotty says it’s a bad deal jump all over it, we all know this fool is as clueless as a fucking stick."

    "I use Cop CVs as company cars. Buy them cheap under 2k. Usually put about extra 100k in miles no issues. Sell them off. Great car, I wish ford still made them.

    "Really? I've bought many Crown Vics ex cop cars and they were all exceptionally well maintained.
    Just stating that "It's gonna need a tranny and an engine" shows your lack of knowledge on the subject as well as an obvious bias. I sold one CV to my sister and eventually bought it back with 425,000 miles and it didn't need "a tranny and an engine" when originally bought at 130,000 nor did it need "a new tranny and engine" during the 5 years that my younger sister used it.
    My most recent Crown Vic has it's original engine/tranny as well as everything else and it's an ancient 38 years old. It's currently done up as an FBI car and last year featured in a local movie production as a Cody Wyoming Sheriffs car circa 1980.
    ..Just because you are a supposed auto expert on some things doesn't mean that your "opinion" is any less biased when it comes to things that you know nothing about.
    How about you ask any taxi company how many miles they average with the Crown Vic's they purchase from police auction. Average ex cop taxi makes it 700,000 to 1,000,000 miles. Stick to answering questions of which you are actually able to instead of just opening your mouth at every opportunity while using pure overstuffed ego and balloon shaped head.
    "Bought my 09 cvpi for 2300 and it had 115k, full service history. There great cars"

    ""Don't think you can buy one and drive it 150,000 or 200,000 trouble free miles" Actually, I have. Multiple times. Thank you! I just sold my old car with 209k miles on all original drivetrain. So far, none of my Crown Vics have let me down.""

    "The Ford Interceptor is a great car they are cheap to buy cheap to maintain and with cheap replacement parts they make a great 1st car 2nd car "

    "I've had 3 ex cop cars. Put about 50k on each. Dead reliable and fun to drive"

    "Please retire"

    "I have a 2008 p71 , 200k plus miles . Its rommy comfortable quick enough for me every thing works. Its an ex Indiana state police vehicle"

    " stick to foreign cars. the 4.6 v8 is known for going over 300,000 miles. there are documented taxi cars that were former police cars in nyc, and have the original transmission and engine with 1,000,000k plus."

    "Thay last for a long time i got a 2008 crown vic 420 tho on it dail driver.
    "I've had two CVPIs. An 04 and an 08. Both have been very bullet proof and we've gotten many miles out of them"

    "Bulshtt, they are extremely reliable no matter how much beating u give them. try that on any other car and see what happens. "

    "Crown vics have a huge market here in the middle east. everyone loves it, solid and reliable cars."

    "here In Miami they just paint ex CVPIs the taxi livery and add the meter. They run for a million miles or until they disintegrate. "

    "The cops maintain the heck out of thier vehicles."

    "I had a 2004 p71. Hands down the most reliable car I've ever owned. I'd buy another tomorrow if I needed a car."

    "Crown victoria and mercury marauder is the best car ever !!!!!!"

    "Is scotty just blind or stupid!?"

    "I own two (CVPI’s) the best cars I ever owned. There are companies that restore CVPI’s for budget strapped departments for about 17k thats one third the price of a SUVPI. The restored cars also come with an 3 year unlimited mile guarantee. California Highway Patrol is taking advantage of that offer. I own one and it drives & handles better than a new car."

    "I drove a many of them in my cabbie days, 300 to 450k miles"

    "My son got a 2005 fire chief's p71 with160k miles for $2600 THIS spring. Loves it, runs like new!"

    "My vic has over 300,000 miles on it still running very strong"

    "Too bad manufacturers don't make basic practical cars like the crown vic anymore."

    "They have to be Meticulously maintained for insurance and of course safety reasons"

    "A CVPI that hasen't been abused is probably one of the best cars for the money..HD everything..built to last ..most police departments keep up with scheduled maintenance….these cars are comfortable, will do an honest 130 and handle great.."

    "I've got a 2001 Crown Vic with 170k and it's running strong."

    "I bought a cop car…… and drove it every day for 7 years. Great car, and still got it and runs good."

    "The biggest problem with the Crown Vic cop cars is that the low mile retired ones are getting hard to find. The police agencies where I'm at (Western Washington) were retiring then at 100K, then Ford quit making them in 2011, and some departments were not satisfied with the available replacements, so they ran the Crown Vic's longer. "

    "I bought a miami dade beach black and white from Florida with 110k on it. Drove it 13 hours home. Started using it at the fire department, its got 156k now"


    "As long as it's a Crown Vic, I would buy one in a minute. My ex girlfriend bought one with 130k miles on it it went 200k before she sold it."

    "I sold a 2010 Crown Victoria p71 with 127k miles to a taxi cab owner. He wanted to replace his old 2006 X police car with a newer model. He was still driving his with over 500k miles on it."

    "The Crown Vic was one of the best vehicles Ford ever built, over 30 years in production the had that car down to a science, the 4.6l v8 modular engine was built to last, rear wheel drive, body on frame construction, the p71 (cop version) was especially designed with heavy duty and reinforced components and slightly more HP than it's civilian brother. If buying an ex cop car is your thing The Crown Vic will last longer than any modern cop car."

  10. By law the cars have to more than safe for the road to be sold to the public. Everything is redone because the depadtments pay for a service plan throughout the year per car within the budget alotted. So the cars will be clean and run safely and the will be honed and tuned. Some will be different packages, not all are 4:10 gears amd not all are supercharged.

  11. As a former policeman, I agree with what you say about police beating cars to hell, but here are several points. Generally the dept. buys cars with heavy duty everything, like the alternator, cooling, suspension, and most depts. are pretty good about regular maintenance, oil changes and that sort of stuff. Big problem is that the car goes from shift to shift, so nobody 'owns' it. When it gets too bad, they roll it to the local lockup and have the inmates clean it out and wash it, forget about waxing though. Here is the place where insider info can come into play, cars assigned to sergeants and officers stay with that person 24/7 and these guys don't go racing about and they want it to look presentable so they spring for running it thru the car wash and get a spray wax once in a while, often too, when refleeting these cars will have much lower mileage than the patrol ones.

  12. Hello Scotty, I am upgrading from a 2012 Mazda 6. Considering Mercedes CLS vs Passat CC both 2016 mark automatic and 4 cylinder diesel engines, what do you think?

  13. If you change your transmission fluid every 60,000 miles it should last two to three hundred thousand miles easily

  14. Buy a used taxi cab. Crown Vic. Or Chevy taxi Lol. I had a late 80s crown Vic cop car. It had a big engine 460. And the car only liked the high octain fuel. That car was not normal. Regular crown vics had v6 or 5.0 302s in them. I also had a early 90s Chevy Caprice cop car with a 350 and carburetor no cars made at the time had carburetors. So that was different . . that car only liked the high octain gas . Yes buy one .thay are good cars .

  15. For the crown vics: remember that there are civilian models too! Many driven by older folks who didn't drive them like cops & cabbies. And they are easily moded! Plenty of room for bigger engine or turbo/supercarged. Don't overlook them.

  16. I have purchased many Police Interceptors. All of them have been great. You should expect to do routine maintenance. A majority of those Crown Victoria Police Interceptors will last upwards of 500k miles if you take care of it. I own a fleet of them. They don't cost much to buy and even less to maintain them. I respectfully disagree with Scotty on the dice roll. Then again, I know what agencies to buy from due to their maintenance schedules. Most agencies take care of their cars very well. Some don't. The thing to remember here is that whenever a Police Interceptor is involved in any kind of pursuit, it goes into the shop and has a lot of things replaced, such as the spark plugs, wires, fluids, belts, filters, complete brake service, etc. Whether the pursuit was 5miles or 500miles, this gets done so that it is ready to be driven angry every time. I love buying Police Interceptors because they are built to put up with a beating. I reccomend them to everyone I know.

  17. They maintenance the frick outta of them they get rid of them because I’ve age and new tech just like a school bus after a certain amount of years

  18. I work on my cars, I had a 1996 Crown Victoria Police Interceptor that I bought had over 200,000 miles and the engine and transmission were in great shape. Still was in great shape when I sold it and at that time it had 305,000 miles on it.

  19. Drug dealers buy used cop cars. When they go into a neighborhood to sell drugs they don't have to worry about people calling the cops. They think the drug dealer is a cop.

  20. do like the Chicago police. when they know a certain car is going to be retired, they have their buddy at the city garage totally refurbish the entire car. then they buy it for next to nothing. Chicago corruption knows no boundaries!!

  21. Owned two of them, pretty good results. One was a highway cruiser, one was a police chief's car. Like any car, certain models
    have trouble with particular problems. On the 4.6L engines, they have weak plastic tubes on the back of the intakes which break which might require replacing the whole manifold, I had to replace some front ball joints. Also certain models had poor lighting
    control modules (expensive $450?) which were recalled I believe because the headlights on the 2005 modules to go out while
    you were driving day or night. It's a big roomy car with a lot of power with not too bad of gas mileage. In most cases, the cars are
    properly serviced at regular intervals which are well documented and are able to go high miles as a result. The good part of
    driving one is people look out for you (some will even pull over will driving to let you by for no reason. If you have new drivers
    behind the wheel, it is comforting to know that most other drivers are going to stay away (sometimes following several miles
    behind on the freeway.) The bad news is that people look out for you. Some drivers who know you are not a cop, will play with
    you on the road. The local police force may not appreciate your presence as well, although we did not have that experience. If
    you are in a hurry to get somewhere , it can be frustrating too when someone is not even doing the limit in front of you to avoid a ticket.

  22. One thing I do if I'm leaving my car sitting for a few months is disconnecting the battery terminal. Starts perfectly fine after 4 months of idling.

  23. I really wanna buy a Police interceptor in black, detail the heck outta it, replace some of the interior with regular interior

  24. Perhaps buying a Crown Vic that wasn't used as a police vehicle and build it to the same specs.. Of course, I've seen Chevy Impalas police also use. However, many police departments are switching to the new Dodge Chargers.

  25. I would, with a vehicle that had sat a long time, drive to a nearby gas station and top it off immediately even if it was near full already. And then repeat after not too long. Consider. 16 gallon tank. Add only two gallons = 1/8 new gas. Repeat when you need another mere gallon = a little less than 3/16 new gas. Go down to a quater tank. Fill. You're up to near half new gas. But better if you let a car sit to put in a light naptha additive. Stabil is a widely known brand, but Sea Foam or a cheaper equivalent probably would work. So would Mystery Oil, which you can get for less than $4 a quart at that ubiquitous big box general merchandise store.

    In a standard performance engine, the issue is largely precautionary. I doubt you would damage a fuel system even with two or three year old gas. But still best to keep on topping it off till you get back to all fresh gas. Generally, the advice here to fill at half a tank or near is reasonable but I would accelerate it if it was my vehicle. Hey, a chance to take a ride in the country. Or look for a new girlfriend out on the Coast. Or visit one of my friends with PTSD from Vietnam. Lower the windows, turn the radio up loud and rumble!

  26. I have the same problem with my jaguar, sometimes I let it sit for 3-4 weeks during the winter and I have a problem starting it. I thought that was only a problem for older cars but my jaguar is a 2017 and it has that problem.

  27. As far as gas mileage , I would first make sure they have stock size tires and wheels and tire pressure is often overlooked. I realize this dose not address the fuel smell though and this guy has other issues as well.

  28. "Buy Shell gas because it's the best". Lol! I have hauled fuel for many years. All gasoline of a specific octane all comes from the same storage tank when it gets loaded onto the transport truck. All gasoline gets an additive injected into then per EPA regulations whether it's a "branded" additive or a generic one however on an 8,500 gallon load of gasoline, there is typically less than 2 gallons of additive added regardless of the brand. Is there really that much difference in gas? Probably not worth worrying about. Buy your gas from a good, well maintained high volume station and try not to buy gas while the truck is unloading or shortly after.

  29. Hello Sir ! I love your channel and would like to know if you could recommend a rebuild kit for the 4.6 V8 for my Crown Victoria Police Interceptor ! Any info would be great !

  30. As to getting a used cop car, if you can get one that was a take home car and taken care of, you might make out okay. Those tend to be looked after somewhat decently. If it was a regular patrol car… Forget it. By the time my department gets rid of them, they are totally clapped out wrecks. They run all day long, then the next shift takes over, and runs them all night long, then the next shift takes them over and runs them all day, etc. ad infinitum. And since they are nobody's personal vehicle, nobody takes care of them. And they're often Frankenstein cars, kept running with numerous parts salvaged from other wrecked or surveyed cars. It's no better for our detective cars. In the squad I'm currently in, we have three Chevy Impalas. The newest one is over ten years old, and our older two are at the point of making at least monthly trips to the garage for non-routine maintenance, and conking out and stranding us places every once in a while. In fact, one of those, plus the newest of the three are at the city garage as I type this, the oldest car because one of the cylinders stopped firing in the engine, and the newest one because it got in a fender bender. I wouldn't take one of these cars if you gave it to me — I certainly wouldn't keep it for myself, and I'd feel bad about selling it to someone.

  31. I would never buy a used cop car driven like it was stolen every day of its life purposely rammed into other vehicles at high speed thrashed to within an inch of its life just buy a crown Vic that's been owned privately if u want one

  32. We going to 11 of them for taxes and we put well over three hundred thousand miles on each other and they ran the good and actually still have some

  33. I had a 97 crown Vic. Ex cop car.. Had 140k when I got it for 700$..
    Drove it till 190k.. Put a 150$ trans in it.. Tuned it up too. And sold it for 1200$

  34. The Crown Vic is the best vehicle I’ve ever owned! Bought one from a small dealership and it was from a former Sheriff department. They’ve definitely taken care of it before I got it off their hands. Talk about bulletproof, AND you can switch the Crown Vic body from the frame and put a F-100 body on the chassis! Talk about versatility for a vehicle! Other than the stinky interior smell, I’d personally keep buying Crown Vics

  35. I bought a white '97 Lumina, it ran fine, interior was beat, but I sold it after 6 months, I noticed everyone was behaving around me on the highway…it was kind of embarrassing.good reliable ride, though

  36. Bad gas mileage and smells like fuel? Most of the time its the O2 sensor. Quite cheap on a ford and easy to install. It looks like a spark plug stuck into your exhaust pipe or manifold with a wire attached. These should be changed about as often as your plugs. They operate in the hot exhaust gasses and will burn out in time. Be sure to apply the conductive paste that comes with the new one and take your vehicle out for a 5 or 10 minute drive so the computer can sort out the new values.

  37. Check the cars carefully. What you're looking for is a 'supervisor's' or captain's vehicle. These will be identified by zero wear and tear in the passenger and rear seats and floor coverings, zero wear on the window and door release handles/controls. Doing this you can find excellent fleet vehicles.

  38. Thanks bro you are so right I learned this lesson the hard way had a 01 crown Victoria transmission problems and engine problems timing chain problem next time I will get a Ford explorer like 2016

  39. A co-worker bought a used cop car for $200. He daily drove it for 4 years.the police in Canada maintain the vehicle religiously.

  40. I drove a police car for many years. The odometer doesn’t necessarily tell the entire story. Most patrol cars sit and idle for hours at a time. I’d venture to say for every mile on the odometer there is an equal amount of idle time or more. They were in the shop for regular maintenance ever 3,000 miles and breaks were replaced every 15,000, rotors too. All factory parts. All that said, I’ll pass. 200,000miles in a patrol car was enough.

  41. You are so dead wrong on police interceptor crown vic.. I've had 3 of them and they are the best cars I've eve
    owned!!! one of them has 650000 miles on the original engine.. You cannot do that to ANY TOYOTA!!
    And I am also a Mechanic for 25 years..I just haven't been around and worked on a Fred Flintstone tyrannosaurs rex or a Brontosaurus like you have!!

  42. Nothing wrong with saying I DON'T KNOW about the Crown Vic (Which you don't).. next question!! Mr I've been working on cars for 50 years..
    Doesn't mean anything.. That's like saying I've been working on computers for 50 years..

  43. One of the major problems with bad gas mileage/high consumption is a heavy foot,to start with,lighten your foot on the gas pedal.

  44. I bought a 97 police Crown Vic with 205,000 miles on it and drove it till it hit 330,000 and at that point the bearings in the rear axles gave out. Still….I got over 100,000 miles out of it and paid 1400.00 bucks for it….I think I got my moneys worth.

  45. Scotty is clueless about these cars…..If you are going to buy a cop car just be sure it is a detective unit and not a normal patrol unit…

  46. Bought my used '98 CVPI 10 years ago with 73,000 miles on the odometer, Paid $ 2, 800 There were a few inherent problems with that year, such as a leaking intake manifold, and poorly designed radiator fan.. I upgraded both, and then soon after the rear end went out on me. Got a junkyard differential. Afterwards I had very little trouble with the car, I now have 205k miles and running great.

  47. Hmmm… So you're saying you hook up a scanner and "Red is bad", "Yellow is warning", etc.. instead of looking at the actual data? Sounds like something the Stealer would do.

  48. This is the most addictive YouTube channel. I work in a shop for a trucking company and Scotty teaches and entertains us all day 🙂

  49. The 09-11 Crown Victoria interceptors are very tuff. The transmission is a f-150 with j- mode better shifting electronic throttle body no lag 78 mm. Better intake awesome car.

  50. My brother had a 98 Crown Vic police interceptor. Ran like a charm until some guy ran him off the road and totaled the poor thing 🙁

  51. obd2….a wonderful thing! the info! those of us on obd1 gotta do alot of old fashioned sluething to figure out whats wrong

  52. I own a 2007 ex-Sheriff Crown Vic. The worst thing I had to do mechanically was to replace the serpentine belt which was part of routine maintenance. At 150k she still runs strong.

  53. This guy is so dumb. I bought mine with 100k miles and im now at 220k miles all i did was oil change and air filter. A true 2005 ford crown victoria p71 interceptors. So you sir are dead wrong.

  54. The only crown victoria police interceptor p71 you need to worry about is a taxi. Those are completely destroyed. And never maintained

  55. All cop cars get treated somewhat rough, but some much worse than others. There are also detective cars and unmarked cars that usually don't see a ton of action.

  56. Still the worst Youtuber for car topics, i've owned a 2013 Chevy Caprice PPV 6.0l L77 for 2 years. I got it with 60k and now at 103k. have 0 problems with it and everyone gets out of the way

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