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Here’s The Monthly Payment For My Lamborghini and Why I Financed

Here’s The Monthly Payment For My Lamborghini and Why I Financed

what’s up guys this is bc welcome to another video if you are a new person coming in to watch the channel i am gonna put in the cards here in a few seconds a video to me picking up my lamborghini three months ago and this specific video is made to not only educate you a little bit about finance right probably what some of you don’t know but also to give you the specific reasons why i financed my Lamborghini okay i’ll be straight up when i went to go buy the car that i have all the funds available to buy a cash no I was pretty close however with the other funds that I did have what I wanted to do is be smart and leverage my money alright so not only am I going to break it down exactly what I’m paying it all that which by the way in the cards you can go to the video of me going and driving my Lamborghini back from Vegas when I picked it up I’m gonna break down my payments and all that you can see it in that video too and at the same time I’m gonna show you what you can do by not dumping all your money into the car how you can take that same money and actually make it work for you and make you money instead of having it tied up in the car okay now there are lots of schools of thought when it comes to investing whatever you buy into cool a lot of people will tell me well VC you’re an idiot you should only buy the car if you have the cash available well I don’t really buy into that I have a different style I’m gonna explain to you exactly how I did it when I’m doing with my money and just to give you guys a better picture and understanding of how my mind works and what I’m doing with my money in order to leverage it the most and make the most from the money you want to make your money work for you ladies and gentlemen that’s the key make your money work for you and make you money I invest into appreciating assets right now the car obviously is a depreciating asset however I didn’t tie up all my funds in it I took a lot of those funds and put it in other places in order to make me money and put it in assets like real estate that actually appreciate over time okay so let’s break this thing down here’s my loan an interest interest rate two point one five percent there’s a total interest paid over the life of the loan that’s the interest rate that’s the term that’s the monthly payment right now this is your investment example where you put twenty thousand down you take a loan for that at four percent over 30 years that’s going to be your monthly payment right total interest paid over the life of the loan if you were to write it out thirty years rent we’ll assume is nine fifty if it’s a duplex and you get to or you just have a single family that’s just an estimate again I’m just letting you guys know these aren’t exact numbers these are just ballpark expenses ballpark that would be your monthly expenses so it will leave you with 800 minus what this is write your monthly payment this leaves you with your cash flow every month and then the total that you would make if you cash flowed for 30 years all right and then this would be the interest that you pay over 30 years who would subtracted this from this and of course I haven’t accounted taxes and that kind of stuff but this is just a raw general example so here’s your snippet of what everything would look like there you go if you were to look right here I put my loan amount on the car which is a hundred thousand I put the total amount of interest that I’m going to pay over the life of the loan of 48 months you see I took the loan and I’m done in 48 months right my term is 48 months my interest rate is two point one five percent right my payment turns out to be 20 176 something like that it might be off by a dollar – I don’t remember I need to go look at the paperwork but basically over 48 months I’m paying what you see to be a little bit less than a hundred dollars in interest a month okay just so that’s clear and below I ran an example of buying a piece of real estate I buy most of my real estate in Texas at the tax deductions from Houston I’ll make another video that I made explaining that process I also give a huge shout out to Mike wolf who is the investor from Canada who I met I did his tour I learned his investment strategies for Kansas City Missouri Houston and Atlanta highly recommend his programs he taught me a lot he himself owns probably 250 properties I met him through my old real estate coach and again I’ll put his website in the description all his information Mike Wolfe you can also find them on Facebook he’s on YouTube really good dude very personable very very savvy and smart investor as well okay I don’t want to turn this into an advertisement so I ran a basic scenario right um having that money instead of putting it into the car right because I paid about two hundred thousand give or take on the Lamborghini may be a little bit more and so we’re acting is it now right we had that extra hundred thousand and instead of buying a cash for putting it into something so this example I’m pretending I’m buying a property for $100,000 which you can find all over the Midwest right I’m running an example of a property that I may consider purchasing here which is a duplex in Kansas City I’m putting twenty thousand dollars down again hypothetical situation taking a loan for eighty thousand interest rate of 4% on that property right over 30 years 360 months we’re looking at a monthly payment of three hundred and eighty one dollars a month right the interest paid over the thirty years if I were to pay that full loan would be fifty seven thousand four hundred and ninety five dollars and 61 cents so just over or just under fifty eight thousand dollars we’re gonna assume that from both units duplex or you can pretend this as a single family up to you but the total rents gonna be 950 now for expenses because we’re gonna account for about 10% for the property management which typically they charge you anywhere from 8 to 10 percent roughly and I threw in an extra 50 60 bucks a month just for leaks or any small things like that so in essence the profits gonna be about 800 a month all right now when I subtract that from my monthly for my monthly payment what I’m coming up with is just over four hundred eighteen dollars in cash flow cash flow meaning I’m making money off that property right so a portion of that right it goes to paying the mortgage the rest goes into my pocket so I’m positive four hundred dollars every month so just with this investment you see that I’m paying what is an interest a little less than one hundred a month but now I only took twenty thousand dollars of what I would have had and there’s a hundred thousand dollars extra right that I kept and with twenty thousand I’m investing in a property real estate property that over time will appreciate a value and that’s cash flowing me four hundred eighteen dollars a month meaning if we subtract the interest that I’m paying I’m still positive three hundred dollars every month okay now let’s say I bought another one right and you get the point so basically what I’m saying here is guys a lot of people are painting interest in leveraging your money is bad now at the same time you don’t want to go to extreme and over leveraged yourself right you have to do it properly but this is just one example of what you can do with your money now there’s other little factors that I didn’t put in here right that people can do their research on like let’s say there’s a market crash or something like that I can’t predict that I don’t have a crystal ball however what I’m giving you is a very rough example right now let’s say over the life of the loan I actually paid on the interest which is just under fifty eight thousand dollars right here right my profit was 150 thousand so even if you subtract this I’m still up a hundred grand plus the appreciation of the property so even after paying off the interest with my cash flow I still made money now over thirty years it’s not really that much but you get what I’m saying here all saying is this is not a win-lose this is a win-win situation so the next time somebody tells you oh you have to buy a car in cash that’s cool that’s one school of thought what I’m giving you is just a rough simple example of what you can do with a little bit of extra money because if you put the two hundred thousand into the car all your liquidity is tied up in this depreciating asset right when I can take that hundred thousand or whatever it is extra for me it wasn’t a hundred thousand and a half quite a hundred thousand but almost I can give you a quick little example like this of putting twenty thousand dollars down which is 20 percent down again leveraging yourself right getting the loan and four percent I believe right now you can get a better interest rate I was looking it’s about 3.5 3.6 for a conventional loan so actually the numbers would be more beneficial for you but what I’m saying your ladies and gentlemen is the point that I said in the beginning leverage your money right but make it work for you make your money work for you all right less than a hundred dollars in interest a month for my lambo which will be paid off in four years but I’m cash flowing four hundred and eighteen dollars it makes sense it makes sense now people are gonna say well what if you get a crappy tenant and stuff like that look there’s always risk there is always risk and any kind of an investment you make same thing with my tax deduction approach all right there’s a risk that the owner might come back and within six months because that’s the Redemption period they can get their property back okay well it doesn’t matter because if they do they’re not gonna check for my initial amount invested plus 25% back right so I’m still even if I don’t get the property and I lose I’m still getting something in return okay so what I’m gonna do right here is zoom in a little bit more on the numbers in case you didn’t see them but I want to make a point to you guys that I want you guys to criticize that and look at everything differently right criticize what I’m saying here to look for the holes in it because when you start comparing all these different theories and flaws or these theories and schools of thought of investing you can pick the one that works for you this might not be for everybody this might be too risky for some people right some people believe believe what Dave Ramsey says no debt none of that cool if you want to go that route go for it all right I kind of used to buy into that then when I became debt free I said man I want to make my money work for me more right so not only am i buying the tax deductions but I’m also by these other properties now looking into further even single-family multi-family real estate investments because I can cash flow alright and total and cashflow right now I’m probably making low 3 thousands a month in cash flow with all the properties that I own which is awesome right I’m paying myself basically so point is guys whether you buy into my investment strategy or not pick something and make your money work for you right there’s no perfect way like this there’s a million ways to skin the cat and if you want in the comment section below pick which strategy you prefer right if you think you should buy a car all cash post it and then explain why right that’s what I want I don’t want you guys to attack each other attack me I want you to post your opinion in the comments section below about your investment strategy or your purchasing car strategy or whatever it is and give us insight into exactly why you feel that school of thought is correct that way maybe we can get a little bit of a debate – one in the comment section and in the end this is to benefit people to give you insight on my strategy and what I did but also to benefit you as somebody watching on the internet maybe thinking about buying a Lamborghini or trying to figure out this whole investment thing whether it’s for a car or not so you can make money you can become financially free and live the lifestyle that you want ok so that’s it for this one guys make sure that you like the video subscribe to the channel and I will see you on the next one peace

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83 thoughts on “Here’s The Monthly Payment For My Lamborghini and Why I Financed

  1. Doesnt everyone finance except saudi prince's….and thats only because they have no sense….or care of the value of money?

  2. I agree, make your money work for you. I think people have an issue when they try to take a loan out on items they can't reasobably afford. Some people have no concept of what a loan is, and they just think its free money. Not having any debt is smart if you're horrible with your finances.

  3. Number #1 rule of becoming wealthy. Stay broke. I learned that the hard way. I also learned don’t save to save. Save to invest. I would love multi unit complex.

  4. Before I watch the video, I already know why. It would be stupid to buy a 200k+ supercar for cash. Money is losing value & the car will lose value. Financing is the smarter move

  5. Can someone explain this to me because if you're making $418 bucks a month that's not alot of money to be making off a property and I can see why Dave Ramsey says to pay cash

  6. I agree with you Bryan, I wanna buy a Nismo but my friends keep telling me no I should buy it cash 💰 and I just open a trucking company I need more trucks to make the business grow too. Those trucks aren’t cheap.

  7. I've heard this strategy of leveraging among many wealthy people (another youtuber and LA local, Solomondrin is also in real estate investments and leveraging from what I heard in his vids). I think this is a common technique for building wealth. Whether it proves out in 20-30 years time, I have no idea. But i've heard people doing this. IMO investing in markets and other forms of passive wealth building is still key. Without investment and earning money while we sleep, well there's not much to be had in what others may call sweat equity (your labors) which diminish over time as we get older and less capable.

    Great vid. I think you might have forgot to reduce your profit by your initial 20k fronted for the loan in the property example (ie. $150,505 – 57,495.61 – 20,000 = 73,009.39 over 30 years).

  8. I don't think either approach (Financing Vs. Dave Ramsey) is wrong. As far as cars go, I only pay cash, however, for business and Real Estate I will finance. I think there are two different reasonings for each. For the "Cash Only" style, it lowers financial stress on your family and essentially if you lose your job today you can survive because you don't have $1,500+ a month in debts. Your style more targets making money, not lowering financial stress. This being said, I think both approaches are right depending on what you're trying to accomplish and aren't really comparable. Good video.

  9. Where do I find a group about starting rental properties, I have a lot of cash available to do so and quite good at math… but I do not have local resources

  10. Hey I live in Kansas City…and things here are booming and I’ve wanted to invest into real estate but have no clue really. Gonna look into Mike Wolf

  11. I recently walked into an exotic car dealership here in Portland, and the general manager told me that many of their customers bought the cars as investments. I’ve been searching the internet for a breakdown like this ever since, and you answered my questions. Thanks BC.

  12. Isn't the interest rate compounded annually?? How can the total interest be only 4500 on a 100k loan? That makes no sense… Isn't it 2.51% every year?

  13. Great input. Last year at 34 I decided to downsize to create focused intensity for me. Sold a rental to pay off a home in hopes for a short term few year period make more by building my company and taking its profit to cash buy rentals. So far my company has increased a good deal and it is fun to see and hear options even if I am a Dave Ramsey guy. I will own rentals and I think when the all gets going it will build momentum more quickly, safely.

  14. you can do alot better than these but its good example of what you can do with money siple tricks that would made easier to pay thaat high montly paymenth i you really whant you could make an strategy to actually buy the car for free meaning that you set a plan to make the rents pay the car any way you already have the money to pay the montly paymenth

  15. Instead of using the remaining profit from the left over cashflow to pay off the loan, you just pocket it for future investments/other things? Is it better to do this or pay off the loan asap?

  16. Yea I think leveraging debt is a fantastic idea. It’s only a bad idea if you don’t know how to manage debt and suck at paying bills every month, then the best option for you is to go debt free and don’t buy what you can’t afford in full.

  17. You are a total savage beast , I really appreciate your videos. Thanks 🙏🏿 for sharing your knowledge with the viewers.

  18. Couldn't you lease the car then write the payment off on your taxes? Assuming you use it for your job and you keep a milage book. Then buy assets as well.

  19. I agree with the most part, and I am also looking into invest some properties, but I want to know if a 100K property is worth it? There probably will be some vacant period, and how about HOA, Insurance and property tax? After those expense how much will you get for each month?

  20. How would you be making any money though if you have a 2,100$ payment every month? .. Would you just make money after the car is payed off..?

  21. Unless its an owner occupied property you are not taking a 30 year mortgage (25 year only for investors such as yourself), nor are you getting a 4% interest rates, rates for investors are around 5.5-6%. Your numbers are way off. Your also missing two major factors in your expense such as insurance & taxes which are going to be guaranteed and must be your expense sheet.

  22. Hey Bryan I have a question for you.
    My fiance and I have no debt and we are about to graduate college. We are getting married in may and after the wedding and honeymoon we will have together 20-25K cash after our downpayment on a townhouse. My plan has always been to invest my money very wisely but in an orderly fashion. I want to pay off my home first so if the economy ever tanks I will always have a place to call home no matter my income. I will take us 18-24 months to pay off the townhouse in full. My question is do you think we should invest more instead of tackling the mortgage or should I play it safe and pay it off then invest much more with peace of mind? I am 21 and she is 22. Please let me know what you think and congrats on the great car!!

  23. I'm a cash guy and follow Dave Ramsey, but I can also see where this is a somewhat palatable compromise and minimizes risk. I like what you did by putting down at least 50% instead of financing a huge portion of the purchase. A Lamborghini is a toy, not a necessity, so you at least have some considerable skin in the game.

  24. That interest on the Lambo is minimal. I'd have done this too as long as that $100k down wasn't more than 20% of my wealth.

  25. Very interesting vid, and congrats on the Lambo! I also believe in making your money work for you, but I do lean towards purchasing a car slightly used and with cash. I guess mainly as a safety net, i.e. in case all hell breaks loose and I went broke, at least my car wouldn't get repossessed.

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  27. You say you're cash-flowing from your rental investment, which basicaly cancels out the car loan
    but do you reinvest the cash flow into the property or use it to your account to get more deals and expand that way? Relying mostly on just cash to your account TO look at more deals, and then relying on appreciation to sell the houses eventualy?

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  30. Now finance a microphone and two photography lights… this looks like it was filmed in 1972. JK, just felt like being a hater 🙂 cool video.

  31. Something is going wrong. You are saying that a 100k appartements can be rented 950$ a month? no way that someone would rent the appartement if he knows that he is paying 9.5% of it every month.

  32. Idk if this is smart man, I know it’s hypothetical but this is in the terms of IF you keep a consistent tenant, IF they keep paying and IF they even paying on time? Not worth it for a small $400 a month 🤔

  33. U are making 25% annual ROI on down-payment which is ridiculous.. Plus if the market is right it will give u capital gains.. That is why everyone should invest in real estate.. Plus u get tax brakes through depreciation..

  34. First off, the property's cashflow doesn't really help you with the $2176.07 monthly payment, so I think there's probably a better angle here. But of course you still have 80k in the bank to make payments with, at your own pace. Also, using some of your numbers, and adding in appreciation, you may make anywhere from $20-50k profit on that house in 4 years. And of course, you've probably deducted the Lamborghini as a partial business expense.

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