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Helping Veterans Get a Home Loan

Helping Veterans Get a Home Loan

Helping veterans is actually one of the most satisfying things that I do there’s a certain level of trust that you have when you’re in the military and speaking to another veteran because they know they’ve seen the same things of you they they have a certain level of trust and you can really help them out and educate them even myself you know up until the last year I’d never use my my VA benefit to buy a home or to refinance a home I had a really good friend of mine that is a veteran he’s actually disabled veteran got blown up and Afghanistan but he is back working now he’s doing is his normal life and unfortunately he’s made some bad financial decisions and his credit was terrible so we call it a typical lance corporal in the Marine Corps he had already had a divorce and twenty one percent interest rate on a Mustang and bankruptcy and so he couldn’t really recover from it and he was really struggling financially needed to buy a house because he had a kid and his new wife and they just weren’t financially into it and they’ve gone to another bank and had been turned down they’d gone to another mortgage banker and actually got into an escrow it was cancelled because the mortgage bank wasn’t able to fulfill it When he brought me the file I asked why didn’t do it at first it was kind of embarrassed of his situation but once we sat down and went through it all looked at his credit we saw what was right there was some mistakes on it we’re going to correct the credit and then we actually got into an escrow, we sent the file before it was even started and the underwriter manually underwrote the file told us what the challenges were two months later all the challenges were addressed and they were actually able to close escrow and they actually got their house it was pretty cool

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  1. Most of the time, when I have sought funding info with lenders reaching out to "help" Vets as you are here, they turn around and require, at one point or another, thousands of dollars front monies. A VA loan is suppose to be $0 down, 100%, and in some cases, up to 60% of income for monthly loan repayments (should the Vet have at least steady provable income and a 620 score). I've had a VA loan before, and that was the conditions when  I completed the loan. What's your story? Do you require "fees" sooner or later?

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