10 thoughts on “Help for Homeless Family of Five

  1. After seeing this video my heart got filled of hope in humanity… after all, kindness and hope are real! In a world full of selfishness and greed … people like you helping families in need is what truly makes a difference in this world! Thank you for the inspiration ❀️

  2. Exactly what Patty says! It cracked my usually cynical heart open and made me believe in kindness again. I love these type of moments on this show. And want more of them…please!

  3. The teenage daughter and the son are amazing, I can only imagine what they have experienced. I have a special needs son and his siblings are absolutely amazing. I hope these two kids are patient with their parents and someday understand what happened to their parents could have happened to anyone. Thank you The Doctors for reaching out and assisting this family. Much Love!!

  4. HI DOCTORS ❣❣ I seen this video yesterday. Just tonite I was praying for this family for a new Door to open..A family that prays together stays together. You don't know how happy DOCTORS you have made my Heart. Thank you for helping them from the bottom of my heart Love you guys πŸ’—πŸ™πŸ’—πŸ™

  5. I will share a bit unpopular opinion. The kindness gesture is great, but it doesn't fix the root of the problem. The reason they end up in this situation is due to living paycheck to paycheck. They should fix this problem first. Start Savings, build emergency funds etc. If they don't fix the root of the problem, they will be broke again – it's just a matter of time πŸ™

  6. Awesome presentation! Who knew there was a kid in a wheelchair? We do sometimes judge situations by sight. By your method of presentation it explains more of the reasons "why them as choice from so many homeless". I think the man who gave deserves at least 10 golden stars and the furniture store and the Doctors. This was a really good humanitarian give and you kept their humility up high instead of suppression. Golden moments. God would smile.

  7. I am a longtime customer of The Anaheim White House and have seen this great man help many families and children. I think he does a wonderful thing for deserving families. Hats off to Bruno.

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