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Head on Car Crash in Slow Mo

Head on Car Crash in Slow Mo

– Hello, I’m Gav.
– I’m Dan. We’re The Slow Mo Guys, and this week on
“The Super Slow Show,” what have we got, Dan? This week’s
all about vehicles. You could say we’re
in the slow lane. – Excellent pun.
– Thank you. Thank you. Excellent name
for the week, I think. Although our vehicles
aren’t really gonna be in a particular lane,
I would say. More like to be like
in a crumpled heap, I think. Yeah. But crumpled heaps look
much better in slow motion. Dan:We’re going to be shaving
the top off a moving truck
and crashing two cars together
as fast as we can.
– I’m excited.
– Me, too.( theme music playing )One of the most requested
subjects for a slow mo ever since we
started this channel was a car crash. And because we don’t like
letting you down, we’ve finally done it, and it only took us
seven years. Yeah, only seven years. Mainly because I didn’t want
to trash my car, and there’s not enough room
in your back garden, and also you don’t drive. This is correct. So we had a word with
our special effects team. They said we can get a 25-mile-an-hour speed
on each car for a 50-mile-an-hour impact. Yeah, we were like,
“No, no, no, We don’t want a fender bender. We want to annihilate
the cars. Can we double it?” And they said,
“Now we’re talking.” So now we’re about to film a 100-mile-an-hour
head-on impact at a thousand frames a second. And we’ve even got
the tight angle running at 2,000. – Isn’t that nice?
– Cheeky. Let’s look at our setup. People may be wondering how we’re gonna manage
to crash two cars into each other without
anyone driving them. The method we’ve got
is we’ve got a tow car here,
or a truck– – Beastly.
– Beastly. And you’ve got two cables
coming from it here and here. They go from
the end of the truck through this pulley to one of our cars, and then through this pulley
to the other car, so they’re going to come in
at the same direction. So as this car drives off
into the distance, the cars just get pulled
straight into each other. So this truck
will drive off. When it hits
50 miles an hour, the cars will be
about 14 feet apart, at which point this metal cable will turn to be taut and it’s gonna unlock this so that it doesn’t rip
the back of the truck out. Quite a feat of engineering,
all this. It really is. It’s quite elaborate. But it’s gonna work,
essentially, ’cause we need to guarantee that they’re gonna hit
in the right spot so we can get it
on the Phantoms. That’s true
’cause one of our angles
is pretty tight. – Yeah.
– Pretty tight. Okay, so you’re responsible
for this car. Yeah, I came up with a little
bit of character design for the guy
who would drive this car. – Okay.
– He was a clown, actually. Do you mean like literally
or just an idiot? No, an actual clown,
a working clown. He would frequently transport
balloons full of paint,
as they do. Clowns are famous for that. I’m going to put this one
on the shelf back here. All right.
So that one should go. So when it crashes,
it gets some height, and it maybe will come
through the glass. – Yeah, that’ll be nice.
– I like it. Yeah. – So here’s your car.
– Yep. What was your person
doing for a living? Well, mine was actually
a fruit salesman, but he’d fallen
upon hard times. So he couldn’t have
a cart anymore. So he had to just put
all his fruit in the car. So it’s like a 2008-era
fruit man. So these are slightly
heftier than paint – ’cause they’re slightly
– Yeah. So I’m expecting maybe some
to go through the windscreen, or something like that. I’m just gonna lob them in. Here, just straddle
the GoPro with melons. So we’re up here.
We’ve been harnessed in. So– I mean, if any car parts
come flying towards us, there’s no chance
that we can get
out of the way. Just have to duck, I guess. Yeah, but at least
we won’t fall three feet
to the containers. That’s true. Also we’re up here
with the cameraman, who’s the only other person that actually has
a good vantage point, but he can’t look at it because he’s
looking at us. So we’re going to take
a bullet for Tony if a tire hub
comes our way. So if a wheel comes flying
at him, – I guess… that’s it.
– Okay. Are you ready? I think we’re ready. – Yeah?
– I’m nervous but I’m ready. Okay.
Right, three, two, one, go! Off he goes. – Oh, no, the concrete’s moving.
– Is that an issue? I think so. It’s an issue. – Oh!
– Dan: Oh, man! Oh. That didn’t work.
( bleep ) Dan: The concrete moved. – Oh, man.
– So… the sort of anchorage point on the concrete– the concrete
wasn’t heavy enough. – So I imagine–
– Dragged it. It dragged it, like,
15 feet almost. Dan:Because it missed
our Phantoms.
Gav:I think we have
to do it again.
Dan:Yeah.Thankfully it’ll be
really cheap and not a big deal
in any way. And just like that,
some time has passed. We have two brand new cars
fully loadedwith the same exact items.Yeah, last time we had
a bit of a failure because we had one K-rail which was used as the anchor
point with the pulleys on, but the weight
of the K-rail was too similar
to the two cars
being pulled, which meant
that the timing was off ’cause they
got yanked away, so this time,
we’ve doubled the K-rails and we’ve also put three-foot
pins into the ground. So hopefully this time there
well be no mess ups and we’ll get that exact
perfect smush that we want. And the drag of the K-rails just slowed down the rate
that they hit each other, so now they should hit
a lot harder, right in the middle
where we want them. Good luck, us. You nervous this time? Well, second time’s the charm. And I say that because
we can’t afford to do it again. So let’s see what happens. Maybe we’d be even
more tanned and injured
the next time we try it. Right? – All right, I think I’m ready.
– Okay. Three, two, one, go! Gav: Keep an eye
on the K-rail. – Dan: This is great.
– Gav: Come on. Dan: He’s bookin’.
He’s bookin’. Come on. Come on. ( together )
Ooh! Dan: What? ( together )
Ooh! Oh, my God.
Oh! Dan: Look at the steam
escaping from there! That was class. It was like the front
of the cars burst. Did you see that? Gav: There was a lot of debris
in the air there. – There was.
– I can’t wait to see that back. That went, like, 20 feet.
That was amazing. Gav:That went not bad.
That is almost dead on.
Dan:Oh, the wheel moves,
on the left-hand side one.
Look, the back wheels
are off the floor.
Oh, look at that melon
coming out.
So the back car…Look at how high
off the ground
the back– the right-hand
side car is.
It’s just taken off.That’s great.Whoa.Look at the front wheel there.It just gets smushed.And then all these melons
start flying.
And the melons pushed loads
of shards of glass out.
So it wasn’t even the crash
that smashed the glass.
It was the melons hitting
the glass that smashed it.
You would not wanna be
in there.
No, you wouldn’t.
And I’m glad no one was.Think you got a flat
on the front of that one. That is exactly
what we wanted. Look. That’s the GoPro
that was in the middle
of the– Oh, it’s not even destroyed!
Perfect. – Gav: Listen to the hiss.
– Dan: What’s that noise?
What is that? I think it’s the Freon
leaking out. I think it’s the air
conditioning. Maybe you should sit
on that car. Then there’d be
“free” on that car, too. – ( chuckles )
– I’m sorry. It looks like it’s bleeding.
You see that? That’s, like, pretty hectic.
Isn’t it? All right, let’s take
a look inside, shall we? Yeah, for sure. Gav: That’s actually given
a quite nice, colorful
paint job here. That is an absolute
fruit massacre. Smells really good, though. It smells tremendous. It’s like the mix of sort of early ’90s car smell
and watermelon. The amount that’s just wedged up
against the windscreen
and the dashboard. It’s all smushed
to the front. I think that looked about
as beautiful as it could for what the subject was. That’s something
I’ve always wanted to do. What always amazes me
is the fact that– of how much power
is involved and how much force because can you imagine
just trying to push this
with your hand? You can’t do anything,
but when there’s two cars
hitting each other, it’s like paper
just being ripped apart. At high speed it’s almost
like tin foil crumpling, and then you realize
it’s bloody solid metal. – Yeah.
– Hopefully you enjoyed
that car crash. Feel free to subscribe
to the Slow Mo Guys, and we’ll see you
in the next episode of “The Super Slow Show.” – There was sumo wrestling.
– The magnet smash. – The ice sculpture explosion.
– Three-stone smash. Aw, that was really messy. I wonder.
What’s your favorite?

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100 thoughts on “Head on Car Crash in Slow Mo

  1. I love this video. My favorite part is where I skipped all the redundant information we've all heard from the Myth Busters about how to do this so I could go straight to the crash at 3:40 ! Great video guys!

  2. There was no airbag deployment…. Slowmo guys you should have put the keys into the ignition to and turned it to the on position so the airbags would ignite.

  3. What's funny is you can visibly see how bothered they are with each other throughout the making of this Super Slow Mow Show

  4. What i love about this is when a lizard came running away from the car well i am not sure if it's a lizard.

  5. You can do this in game nowadays, 95% realistic, yes it's very realistic go have a crash on steam.

  6. Here's a real high-speed crash test at 120 mph.

    Your test collision speed I'd estimate of about 40 mph max.

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    car # 2: "I don’t know, it's alright."

    car # 2: "I've been dealin’ with some things like every human being
    and really didn't sleep much last night."

    car # 1: "I'm sorry."

    car # 2: "That's fine."

    car # 2: "I just think I need a little me time."

    B O O M C R A S H

  8. Wrong, it's still a 50mph crash for each car. It's like driving into a wall. Two objects that collide share the impact equally.

  9. Vcs realizaram umas das experiências que mas queria. Agora jogue uma melancia de um prédio cento e vinte 120 andares no asfalto

  10. I just think of the people that died that way. With the seats jerking forwards, the airbag smashing into your chest. Glass flying. Not even enough time to scream

  11. WRONG. If 2 cars head on each other at 25mph it's not 50mph of damage. It's still 25mph of damage. The cars cancel each other out. Love ur channel.

  12. I would like to refer you to Newtons third law. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. In short you are not crashing two cars as 100mph, It's still just the same as driving into a wall at 50mph. Mythbusters even made the same mistake…

  13. mythbusters proved that 2 cars hitting each other at the same speed doesn’t double the speed of impact, it stays the same impact speed the individual cars are traveling

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