23 thoughts on “Hawaii Real Estate – What Most Agents Won’t Tell You ~ Call 808-298-2030

  1. Thank you Eric, i wish i could buy property upcountry, just a small lot, i would build my own home, i did it in Alaska. I am a heavy equipment specialist, mostly in the concrete industry, i can only work seasonal during the summer in Alaska. You definitely have all the right information on real estate for me.

  2. I seen condos going for a $1 on tax liens out there. idk all the debt catches besides the current and future tax theft that definitely blows but it's Hawaii, buy a tent and call it good

  3. I’m a healthcare traveler coming to work for 13 weeks in Maui at a hospital in kula on February 23 can you give me some tips on rentals close to kula and the best car rentals. ?

  4. have basic knowledge-
    i know of a retail fully re-modeled SF home. seek mentor on Oahu – split 50/50 ? any advice would be great tks,

  5. What they won’t tell you is “Your title is defective” Caveat Emptor!!! https://youtu.be/EIOh5KMqXfA

  6. These rules are great, and apply everywhere. I've bought and sold many properties using these guidelines. Never lost money on real estate either…

  7. Having trouble finding search category to narrow search for "pending cancelled" or "under contract cancelling" on real estate sites. Is this a search criteria you can use online or do you need an agent to obtain this info? Thanks in advance for any insight!

  8. Currently a homeowner on Oahu, with money down and pre approved . We offer full price and 50k over the asking price on homes and always get out bid every time. I think the relators are corrupt and sell the highly desired homes to investors and or friends. No chance for local families anymore. Figured I’d share this.

  9. What about land for sale? If I wanted to build. I know that locals like to keep land in the family. Is it hopeless?

  10. I was told to watch out for some kind of lease thing. You don't really own the land you just lease it.
    I heard that most land for sale in Hawaii is like this. Is this true? I have looked at listings and have not noticed that or is it hidden?

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