16 thoughts on “Haunted House Monster Truck – Beware Of The Ghost Vehicles | Car Cartoons for Children

  1. Hello Children, Watch Haunted House Monster Truck Video And Have A Wonderful Learning Time! #Kidschannel

  2. kids channel i really need to know does dan need more subscribers does he need more time getting songs ready what is going on kids channel does he want more time to get a new dance routine ready to go dan will not have his channel unsubscribed but i am very serious about this kids channel does dan have no subscribers yet does bob have no more subscribers i need to see more songs from those two NOW! you two get working on new songs bob i need more dance routines and shorts dan i need more nighttime videos more dance routine and more daytime ones as well bob i understand you might need more time you two will get plenty of time to make more videos but i will give you two one week to do more videos everyone else can make more videos i will be checking on bob and dan i am sorry you two and kids channel but i will be checking on you everyday to see how you are doing i hope that you know that i love those two and they should know it and yes i love the videos that they make and yes i love them very much

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