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Harvey’s Hot Dog Truck is a Mustard-y Mess! | Car Wash Videos for Kids

Harvey’s Hot Dog Truck is a Mustard-y Mess! | Car Wash Videos for Kids

Here’s your hot dog, Eugenie The fixings are over there Thanks, Harvey Harvey, this mustard is all clogged up Squeeze it a little harder, Eugenie
That should do the trick Oh no, there’s mustard everywhere Don’t you worry about it, Eugenie Comes with the territory when you’re
in the hot dog business I’ll clean it up, you go and enjoy your hot dog Thanks, Harvey. You’re the best See you later Oh, what a mustardy mess I better get to Carl’s Car Wash Dogs dressed as hot dogs? Huh. What’ll they think of next? [Sniff sniff] Hot diggity dog, it’s Harvey’s hot dog truck Hey, Harvey, I thought I smelled something good You bet you did, Carl But I’m in a pickle Can you clean up my truck? I’d relish the chance to help you, Harvey Let me find your vehicle Hot dog truck hamburger truck or pizza truck? Yup, it’s a hot dog truck Let’s see how messy this truck is A little messy medium messy or super duper messy? I’d say it’s a little messy Huh. Now, what is this stuff? Hmm…it’s yellow Not ketchup Ah-ha! Let’s see is it mustard guacamole or stinky onion? It must be mustard That’ll be six tokens, Harvey 1…2…3… 4…5…6… Here I go! Hot diggity dog! Thanks, Carl
You deserve a hot dog I’ll take the biggest hot dog you’ve got, Harvey You asked for it Hahahaha Wait! You forgot the mustard Ohhh!

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