17 thoughts on “Harris County officials give update on coronavirus efforts

  1. Please people we all have to pray 🙏🏻 so god can hear 👂 us !! God wants us to ask him for help he wants us to believe in him and we all have to stand together and help each other our brothers and sisters !! God please I ask you in every ones name to please help us with this virus please god in Jesus name we come to you to please stop all of this help our family Amen 🙏🏻 ❤️

  2. What good is testing? Say a person is tested they go home they wait 48 hours that test comes back negative. They go out touch something and now they have it and they think they don't. A person would have to be tested every 48 hours to be sure.

  3. KPRC 2 Click2Houston
    Sylvester Turner should not change the schools TX update due to the coronavirus effect
    Send Sylvester Turner About It & The Viewers @ City Of Houston No Updates No Change Dates Please yes 🙂

  4. Harris County should work together with all its surrounding counties and give mandate rules to protect the metro area. The state government can only do so much at the moment. I sort of gave up on the federal government, as long that man-child racist moron is in charge!

  5. Stop supporting the restaurants that are complying did you know the guy that died in Texas from covid 19 was 80 years old? older people have weaker immune systems he could have went to sleep and passed away ….but don't worry let's just panic and by all the toilet paper

  6. I feel like they should make an effort to "disinfect" incoming goods. Also I feel like grocery stores should limit 10 people a time inside, and they should provide gloves to people shopping.

  7. All I want to know is whether or not, Harris County will issue a general quarantine where no one is allowed outside? No one seems to want to answer this question and this uncertainty is killing business

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