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Half-life: Alyx is *LEGITIMATELY* The Best VR Game of 2020! (First Reaction)

Half-life: Alyx is *LEGITIMATELY* The Best VR Game of 2020! (First Reaction)

ah where am I oh my sweet whoa dude dude what is happening bro bro is that a pin that’s the most realistic and I’ve ever seen in my life excuse me mr. fishing oh he’s coming over there now half-life Alex looks incredible can I touch this oh my God look at my fingers goddamn it papa fair get a hold of yourself your fans are watching and they want content all right everybody here we are we’ve entered the world the half-life world Alex and we’re gonna explore that’s the whole point but first of all we get out of here are we gonna play like that huh all right that’s fine I got a good throw nur you better watch out pal oh you win this round pigeon all right anyways wow this must be some kind of green room or something like can I can I use this leave Oh guys let me be the first youtuber here to create a drawing challenge Alex will like and subscribe all right let’s go over here what is this there’s some sort of incoming call uh hello shoppers will be closing it up there it’s a good dad coffee you can use normal I’m gonna combine controls don’t get greedy guys we’re not made of time here would you ChIP chip cheerio okay well I don’t know what I’m supposed to do here but that’s okay that’s the whole point of VR we discover things can’t pick that up this looks like something I should touch oh and we open oh dude it’s like a secret passage hell yeah cool and I am I female can I pick up a cyst garbage Oh heavy garbage guys this is incredible the walls like nothing I’m just kidding I’m not it’s not that advanced okay all right guys remember social distance Inc let’s go outside is that help they’re delivering power hey they better not charge a lot for that I gave me a heart attack all right anyways all right what’s going on in here oh there’s so much stuff in here whoa what is that thing hello there little guy I shall name you Jeffrey you’re a cute little thing aren’t you you just want some food or something perhaps a little crisp a chip or something like that huh you want the food oh wait oh oh whoa oh did I feed him all right Jeffrey here you go all right anyways I have to go back to the content all right I’ll check on you later not really sure what this room is but I dude you can literally pick up chairs I mean you do that in real life too is there camera somebody recording this stuff oh wow who’s recording this stuff maybe maybe there’s a youtuber in here or something all right let’s uh keep exploring I guess you could literally pick up anything this is like unreal hello landlord I’m gonna need to defer on my rent wait okay it’s cold outside you know what I don’t I don’t need this anyways well here we are living in a rent simulator I guess Oh yep this is this is definitely as real as it gets where do we want to go oh I cover my mouth well that’s useful all right let’s go to the bottom floor oh there’s people they’re not social distance Inc what huh me the Statehouse right now to me dad okay all right well that’s concerning hey hey kid you gotta get out of here just saved his life there’s some crazy stuff going on here we’re gonna figure out what it is great dialogue Jordan really write a script or something mr. pigeon mr. pigeon you gotta call yeah yeah that’s right you start hopping away yeah yeah what’s up easy this doesn’t seem like a routine sweep are you sure everything went okay 100% 100% and down these Martens yeah yeah lady okay bye uh-oh my hands stuck Oh my hands are stuck oh this is awkward okay alright well wait what the hell what’s going on over here what are they doing with those people were they taking them the hell is going on here okay you know what maybe I should start taking this a little more seriously first off I need pigeon meat I’ll get you it’s also not good I really don’t know what’s happening right now I guess you go this way can I can I touch this bike dude I could touch this bike well that was okay I guess we’ll go in here getting a bad feeling about this song oh okay oh she fed the pigeons oh she’s a nice lady do you bitch it all come really what is up with pigeons not liking me hey you’re wasting perfectly good bread oh my oh that’s oh dude that was sick man we are on top of a building right now maybe maybe we gotta go through here just go in here okay all right in the elevator that doesn’t sound good please don’t shoot me just make a video oh my god dad yes we did I don’t like the blue Smarties I don’t they like the bubble one slow whose van is this there’s no K in here my fingers are stuck in your ah what the hell is going on what you know God what hey what are you doing are you any me this I know okay yeah thank you oh my god what do we know where they’re sneaking in criminal holding and then when they realize even keel I man’s to Nova Prospekt and I’m already working on a plan to get him back you’re close to my lab he’s following the drug okay you got it I’m sorry is this alright I can’t believe I’m doing this Oh God oh dude it’s all like oh oh oh oh my god oh my god there’s dead rats in this game dude what my god that’s definitely if I don’t think I’ve ever done that before okay all right well I’m uh oh there’s the drone okay all right the drone is leading me to the content everybody I’ll just follow the drone hello all right where we going oh dude hell yeah what a jump okay oh there’s the drone alright where are we going pal going this way you know it’d probably be great if I had a weapon or something I’m sure we’ll get there soon woah hey chill out bro the same phone works please tell me you guys if you got that joke let me know in the comments below wait hold on a second hold on a second this is really a mature of me but I gotta try it okay all right come on yeah yeah yeah spin spin spin spin oh come on that’s lame yeah I was lame all right back to the game can I pick this up yeah that’s right take oh do I thing to do that alright we go back up let’s go up and I want to do that again yo dude you see that ain’t look come on I did the cold flip man come on oh I thought I’d get it again oh my god my draw buddy’s dead come we didn’t even get a chance to name him I was gonna wait we go in there all that’s cool guys this is insane oh okay there’s this oh I almost jumped off that could have been bad let’s lift this up alley-oop oh why does this look like my aunt Myra’s house oh it was a big fat camera there oh geez well she even watching anything good b32 what kind of this is the worst one really no taste taste it oh we got the pillow though oh dude and the pillow physics yep yeah nice what about this B’s can I pick this up and break it nope can’t bring it alright well this looks like something I should maybe push I’m gonna push it no dude look at all this stuff oh you’ve got my favorite soda Russell I mean they’ve got dad I know this this is bad yeah I’m gonna hold it out what he knows and then yeah they’re gonna kill him Oh God oh no but the good news is we’ve got something they don’t well yes and it’s plan to get him back great boom let’s hear it oh now pretty soon they’re gonna realize that your dad is not gonna talk to have his brain sucked oh wait maybe not I could just drill him do it oh yeah still you’d do is taken by train from here to Nova Prospekt gets on that train that’s it right not necessarily grab something that represents our right right of course what’s this so we have to go here is that what you want me to do nothing’s happening okay just wait what Oh like okay I’ll leave this fork all right I’ll put this fork right here okay that’s you oh well one of us me we’ll have to stay here for this plan to work okay just outside there’s a second train that also leads out of City 17th through the quarantine zone right both trans intersect here at Fairview Junction let me take your train get there before this train and hack into the controls that’ll let me take over the system train comes to a halt you deal with the combine situation and we get your dad back sounds good cool is the train I’m taking yeah out the back through the yard all right missioned but I think I can hack controls sounds good my friend to self a pair of Russell’s on the way out Russell’s the gloves Alex you know the gravity gloves I have run your sets through there you can calibrate them out by the ship once you do plots gravity don’t even though I said we can do it was we don’t do it yeah yeah we’re gonna do it I’m with you every step of the way oh hell yeah you know what you can keep my fork hey never forget me okay thanks man alright let’s take a look at these bad boys oh oh come to Papa Papa fear ha ha ha ok oh cool what are these things do hey hey what are these things hey you didn’t tell me what – he’s not what sir hey get off my crap for once alright well I guess it’s time to put these to good use ok alright how do how do these how do these things work anyways alright you know I have this guy’s there should be a bunch of junk down there like this ok closing oh should I use this closing now flick your wrist to bring it in what I mean I’m thirsty but this is a bit much ok what else can I can I pull the pigeon at me finally ah whatever waiter can I come here you little come I want to get you one day all right yep you timid now close your hand whew registered now first rested to bring it in get out of here a gun nice throw Powell okay all right come on come on come on yeah yeah yeah I thought hey your phone I don’t remember that voice what was that show he voiced in some cartoon show about space it’s on Netflix I can’t remember this is not sponsored but you know what now I’ve got the power to take care of those pesky pigeons hey damn how much we got unlimited ammo is there unlimited ammo this probably not all right I’m feeling dangerous now and I guess I just do this yeah that’s okay hey you you know oh dude all right store ammo and backpack by releasing over shoulder oh dude yeah it’s just like The Walking Dead this is incredible um right right oh and that’s how you write okay okay okay and that’s how you store it all right here we go nice talk oh oh we’re going some non-catholic okay goodbye okay bye obviously just you know I am still here oh thanks cool all right the quarantine zone that title couldn’t be more fitting what is it did it definitely did what happened ah it’s jammed when the combine shut down the quarantine zone there must have tightened security oh dude you’re nowhere near view Junction you’re just outside the koozie and this is as far as we get by train good oh boy oh god well guys there you have it oh there’s a dead person there well you know what we couldn’t have ended this video off on a better note huh well guys if you want to see more of half-life Alex leave a like comment and subscribe and I’ll see you in the next one alright let’s get goin [Music]

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11 thoughts on “Half-life: Alyx is *LEGITIMATELY* The Best VR Game of 2020! (First Reaction)

  1. Haha dude this game looks really good! Damn man! You can do so many things in this game! I can’t wait to see the full video! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  2. Your reaction in the beginning was what really got me 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂You are doing great ignore those people that can be rude with you sometimes! Because you like doing this and that makes me happy♡ So have fun and l am glad i gave this a chance because this is really fun😆💖💖💖💖have a awsome week!

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