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GVM & GCM Explained (+ GVM Upgrade Solutions)

GVM & GCM Explained (+ GVM Upgrade Solutions)

(upbeat music) – ARB’s entire business is forged on preparing four wheel
drives for remote area travel. Our job is to help our customers get the most from their vehicles, and make their trips a safer
and more enjoyable experience. A trend we’ve really
noticed over the years is that folks are taking
more gear with them on their off road
adventures, and frequently, are towing a camper
trailer, caravan or boat. Fortunately, four wheel
drives have come a long way in terms of capability and safety, but it is still vital
that you are conscious of your vehicle’s limitations
so that it can be driven safely and legally. An important characteristic to understand is your vehicle’s gross vehicle mass, or GVM as it’s commonly abbreviated to. This is the maximum
allowable weight of a vehicle including its occupants,
accessories and luggage. You’ll find this in your owner’s manual and compliance plate. Now the GVM on this Land
Cruiser is 3,350 kilos. That might sound like a lot, but when you consider that
the kerb weight is 2,705kg, the only leaves a 645 kilo payload. The best time to identify your
load carrying requirements is before you buy a new four wheel drive. Have a think about the
equipment you want to fit in it, and then get a list together of everything you’re likely to take with
you on your adventures. And don’t forget to include the weight of all the passengers. If the vehicle’s standard
GVM is insufficient, you can actually have it upgraded prior to registration
through the fitment of a specifically selected Old Man
Emu suspension system by ARB. An Old Man Emu upgrade kit complies with ADR safety requirements and a new compliance plate will be fitted at the time of installation. This process ensures
your vehicle’s high GVM is fully legal in all states of Australia. The upgrade takes the
GVM on this Land Cruiser up to 4,015 kilos. A massive 665 kilo increase. It also increases the rear
axle capacity by 195 kilos. The front axle capacity
is increased by 170 kilos, providing a great deal of scope for adding front end accessories. This is another example
of the thorough approach ABR takes when outfitting
four wheel drives for remote area travel. If you’re planning on doing some towing, the next thing to think
about is whether your vehicle will safely handle the trailer load. The Land Cruiser 200
Series is rated to tow up to 3,500 kilos, making
it a fantastic vehicle for hauling heavy loads. But it’s important to also be familiar with the vehicle’s gross combination mass. The maximum combined weight
of the fully loaded vehicle and whatever it’s towing. The Land Cruiser’s gross
combination mass is 6,850 kilos, and this isn’t altered by a GVM upgrade. Presently, there is no
federal compliance available for a gross combination mass upgrade as there are no nationally-recognized testing standards in place. In fact, contrary to
some claims out there, the Department of Transport
does not currently endorse or approve any gross
combination mass upgrades. So if you load your vehicle
above its original GVM, it’s important to remember
that the tow capacity will be reduced accordingly. A final consideration
that many people overlook is the tow ball mass. This will directly relate
to the overall weight of your trailer, but
will also be influenced by how you pack. Many people make the mistake
of packing the heaviest items into the front of the
caravan, which in turn, drives the ball weight up. This is one of the reasons
why you see so many vehicles driving around with
their butt on the ground and headlights pointing at the sky. The tow ball mass needs
to be accounted for within the limits of your vehicle’s GVM. That standard Land Cruiser
payload of 645 kilos is quickly used up if
you’re towing a big van with a ball load of 300 kilos. If this subject leaves
you a little confused, then drop in to your local ARB store and grab issue 56 of ARB’s
free magazine, 4×4 Culture. There’s an in depth guide to
understanding vehicle weights and a full rundown on all
of the items available to make your towing
experience trouble-free. Better still, have a
chat to one of our staff. When it comes to towing, and
everything else to do with four wheel drives, we get it.

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