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[Captions by Judy V. at Y Translator]
There are a lot of things out there that people can
become addicted to. Like food.>>Kimberly eats almost
nothing but ice cream bars.>>Eating rocks.>>It’s like a drug to a drug addict.>>Cornstarch!>>Cornstarch is my best friend.>>But today – I know I say this a lot – I think this is gonna be the worst. And let me start by saying
I have not watched this yet. But I’ve seen this video on YouTube, but I never clicked on it, I never watched it. I’m like, I’m gonna save
this for a video one day. And that day is today.>>My name is Nathaniel, I’m 27 years old, and I’m in a serious
relationship with my car. Morning baby.>>Whoa! I did not expect this
to get so graphic so quick! We not even a minute into this video and he’s straight up
making out with his car – tongue and everything!>>Morning baby.>>Yikes! I really want to know if
he has pants on under there. Oh, Nathaniel.
Oh, Nathaniel! I wonder what his parents think.>>My handsome man.>>Nathaniel is in a committed relationship
with a car that he’s named Chase.>>Chase. So is it a boy car? Did you just assume the car’s gender?! I’m worried that there’s
no consent in this relationship. Does the car consent to you dating it, or are you forcing the car? Cars have rights too, you know.>>He met Chase in a resale lot
about five years ago.>>I like how he said he met him. You know, Nathaniel, he just walked onto a used car lot, and just fell in love. Does he see it as, like, a human car? I mean, you see a beautiful car, you can be like, “Oh, I’m in love with this car. It’s so beautiful.” But no, it was deeper. That’s what she said. Like, did he look at the car,
and just think to himself, “Oh, man, that’s the
hottest [bleep] I ever did see”? I can’t wait to go home,
and shove my tongue up that exhaust. Mmm. This is actually scary!>>Love you baby. I’d say it was love at first sight. His body, and then his interior, and everything just together
just seemed to fit. And I just felt an instant connection.>>Look at the way
he just walks and caresses. So is this the first car you’ve dated? I swear, he sees it as, like, a person! I mean, now I don’t feel bad
about having a crush on a Fortnite skin. But this dude has
the nerve to go on TV and make out with his car.>>Nathaniel’s obsession
first developed as a teenager when he would build model cars. But he didn’t find true love until he met Chase.>>”Like, I dated a few cars in the past. Those relationships just didn’t work out.” Man, hide your cars from this dude. I wonder if he just
goes into a parking lot and sees other people’s cars or his parents’ cars, and, like, finds them
attractive, and is like, “Mmm. I want to caress that fender.” Like, imagine you go in
a Walmart to pick up some bananas, and then you walk out,
and you see this man kissing your car, what do you do? Would he just make out with
any car that he finds attractive? Or does it have to be his car? Does he have to form an
intimate relationship first by driving it? I don’t understand how this works. How does this attraction work? That’s like me being
in love with my mouse. [Music] Bitch, you thought! I ain’t crazy like that!>>I find this part of him the most sexy
just because of the subtle lines and curves – and I’ll give him a kiss here.>>Baby, I’m in love
with the shape of you. All your lines and curves.
You cute! I’d like to kiss him
right above his eyes. He got some pretty eyes. All OEM.>>– and just kind of caress
him down the side.>>My initial reaction
was I was kind of shocked. It was kind of weird because
he was just hard to understand.>>Objectophilia is when a person
develops a strong emotional and sexual relationship
with an inanimate object. Some cases include attractions to
a roller coaster, elevator, and Eiffel Tower. Whoo! I gotta find these people. Leave a like if you want
to see a video on these people because I will find them!>>Honestly, I don’t know
why I feel the way I do. But I just absolutely love Chase. We always have such a good time together.>>How can you say you have
such a good time with him when you only like him for his body? I know he like
all silky smooth and pretty.>>He likes a lot
of the same music I do. We have a favorite song. It’s ‘Can’t Fight This Feeling’
by REO Speedwagon.>>No s****. Y’all have the same taste in music. You act like Chase is gonna
take the aux cord from you and play his own s***. He could like Hannah Montana
for all you know. [Music]>>He could absolutely hate your music. He could absolutely hate you because he doesn’t
know what’s going on! It’s a car! It ain’t even like a Tesla or anything
that could probably think for itself. It’s like dating a water bottle. At least, the water bottle,
you can drink from it. Oh, you like that, baby? That privileged Costco water.>>It’s how you’d buy something
for your fiancée or your wife. And then, usually, for his birthday, I try to do something
special for him too. The favorite date would be
going to the lookout area. Just lean against him a little
and just be with him mainly. I love you.>>Whose man’s is this? You drive by, you see
a man’s kissing his car. What the hell? What’s wrong with this dude?! You wanna do
something special for your car? Get him a oil change! Bitches love oil changes.>>But Nathaniel’s relationship with Chase goes beyond dates and presents.>>We have our times when we get sexual.>>Does that feel good? You’re a handsome man.>>Yikes! How TLC gonna do this? Y’all gonna show him
getting intimate with his car?! Like, fondling the steering wheel, like, “Ooh baby, you like that? That feel good when
I touch you like that?” I mean, it’s the same
when you drive it, right?>>Love you, baby. What do we do the most often
is I like to lean over his Fender and across his hood,
and do little things like that and uh – and kind of press up against him and just rub
against him like that.>>There is a whole
lot of tongue involved! I lowkey hope he licks up
a dead bug in there.>>One of his more bold positions
is for me to be underneath him. He really likes that – and it’s very special
to make love to Chase.>>”Hmm. So, like, how does this work? Do you just like stick it in the exhaust? Is that what Chase likes? Because Chase is a dirty sl**.>>I am worried my friend
because it’s not normal. And you may have people
that don’t understand and make fun of you.>>You really think he cares
if people make fun of him. He went on TV for this to show
to whole world his love for Chase.>>Nathaniel’s so attached to Chase, he rarely lets anyone else drive him, and never let’s Chase out of his sight
for more than 24 hours.>>There have been times
it brought tears to my eyes because I wasn’t with him.>>He got his car as his background. I bet if he goes to the library, somebody asks, “Hey, nice car.” “Did you just call Chase a car?! He’s not just any car.” I could see him getting,
like, hella offended over it.>>Picture’s on my desktop
so I see his face all the time. It really bothers me
when he gets dinged or scratched. If something were ever to happen to Chase,
my heart would just stop. I just have to gather myself here. I’m sorry. [indistinct]>>I know. It’s awful that I’m laughing. Keep in mind,
we are talking about a car here. He sees the car as a person.>>I am concerned for
Nathaniel emotion-wise. I think life would be easier
if he did change.>>Nathaniel’s roommate, Kim,
is one of the few people who know the full extent of his love life.>>I wonder what would happen
if he got himself a real girlfriend? Would this still go on? Or is this like a coping thing where it’s because
he doesn’t have a girlfriend he falls in love with a car? Because I feel like
that would solve a lot of thing if he found a girl. Because that car,
it ain’t goin’ last forever. One day, it’s gonna stop running.>>I guess the reason I don’t
tell a lot of people is because I don’t know the
response I’m gonna get. I always worry about that little bit
of disgust that somebody may have.>>But Nathaniel’s biggest fear
is how his relationship could affect his career as a
customer service technician.>>What is he gonna do if
his job has like an office party? He gonna be like,
“Yeah, my husbando, he’s outside.” And then they go
outside to meet him and then he’s like, “Yeah, this is Chase, my husbando – which is also my car. What?!>>I mean, if everybody found out,
I’d be worried that it may affect my job. But I love him to death. I wouldn’t trade him for the world. Good night, baby. I love you.>>Worries about his job
and people finding out, but goes on TLC.>>Nathaniel asked me to come up here. Basically, he had something
that he wanted to tell me. I don’t know exactly what it’s about. But I like to know
what’s going on in his life.>>His parents don’t know. And now he brought
his Dad to tell him the truth.>>I’m in an intimate
relationship with Chase – sexually and emotionally.>>You’re in an intimate
relationship with your car?>>Yes.>>And sexually with your car?>>Yes. I mean, you coulda just
started it off softly, like, “I’m in love with my car,” not “I am literally sticking
my [bleep] into my car!” I don’t know what I would say
if I was his parents. I think it’s like hard to
believe, you know?>>I don’t– How does that work? How can you have sex with a car?>>Mainly, it’s just a lot
of just rubbing up against him.>>Like, “Uh, uh, uh. You like that?”>>It mainly started when I was younger. I just didn’t have a lot of friends.>>”I didn’t have friends, so I started dating cars.”>>I just started having those feelings
more and more after I hit puberty. And it just became more
and more serious after that.>>They’re not a sexual object. I guess.>>Why would you objectify your car?! It’s like so rude! Poor Chase. He’s being forced into this. Look at his face. He looks so sad. He about to break down.>>Was it, was it because
I wasn’t really around? I wasn’t around you.>>But I’m not blaming you for that.>>But I know that it has
something to do with it. I mean, I feel like
it has a part to do with, not all, but part, because I wasn’t around, wasn’t there for you.>>I mean,
>>it’s not your fault.>>Dang! So his Dad wasn’t around
when he was a kid. But he doesn’t blame him. But his dad feels bad. Like, “Oh, no. My son is this way
because I wasn’t around. And now he’s banging cars.” But anyways, I guess
that is all for today. Comment below. Let me know what you guys
think of this relationship. Have you ever been in love
with something that doesn’t exist?! I know I have. But like, black people. I know I’ve heard of people
being in love with objects. Now, it’s really got me wondering, like the person who is in love with
the Eiffel Tower and a roller coaster. So, if you guys wanna
see more of these videos, make sure you hit that
like button in the face! And make sure you subscribe.
Join the Wolf Pack. Oh, I love you guys so much! Thanks for watching. Bye, guys. [Music]

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