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GTA Online: The Doomsday Heist Official Trailer

GTA Online: The Doomsday Heist Official Trailer

The data is clear. It’s right now. Avon is worried that someone is trying to start a war. I’m not worried about it. I’m certain of it. It has to be the Russians… Or the North Koreans… Or the Chinese… Or the Iranians. We would need a ballistic missile launcher
to have half a chance. This can not be traced back to me. For all I know you’re bugged all to high hell
and you don’t even know the bugs exist! This is the apocalypse. The doomsday scenario. Mushroom clouds! Fallout! I was supposed to be at a potluck. Say hello, Cliffford. You’re embarrassing me, Avon. Rated M for Mature

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100 thoughts on “GTA Online: The Doomsday Heist Official Trailer

  1. I love the stromberg but damn i miss the gta san andreas times and the day when it was released and had so much so lot new things and whole new experience. Gta v didnt bring mant new things you havent seen before. wont never forget

  2. I remember, I was chilling in my hangar waiting to source more crates and I saw this. Now we he have oppressor mk2 and freemode is unplayable for me

  3. So much hype but all it is is a bunch of overpriced and overpowered things: Flying bikes and flying cars and orbital cannons! You need to pay $100 irl dollars just to have one of theses things!

  4. 0:33 this is the bogdan problem act II last scene and there are 3 mistakes

    1: the weather is apparently sunset, that is not possible because the bogdan triggers the afternoon bright weather, sometimes you can start the bogdan at the 1:00 AM but that's a glitch and there's no sunset anyways.
    2: you can see the stromberg behind lester but that's impossible for 2 reasons, first: there's a car in the hangar but that car is actually the blue lester's car, second: the stromberg got destroyed in the self-destruction of the bogdan submarine.
    3: you can see the avenger outside the hangar, that's impossible, the avenger is inside the hangar in the actual scene, you can't even trigger the last scene if you don't land the avenger in the hangar

  5. Only OG’s remember when the only thing you had to worry about on GTA V online was a Tank .

  6. At the beggining
    Lester: Avon is worried because someone is trying to start war.
    T-series vs pewdiepie is the war?

  7. Wtf happened to Big Smoke? Or Gerald?
    Lamar Davis???
    The craziest character back then was Trevor cause he was actually insane but now the craziest character is you cause you have a Orbital Cannon to obliterate anyone you like!

  8. I just the mix of freemode missions and side missions. Freemode runs allow for troll city. You know? … Side missions are fun. It's mini missions that gear up to the main event! Just like the first four heists! Don't mix it with the executive and associates tasks! Too risky for little gain.

  9. This advert played in the cinema when I was with my grandad who doesn't know I play Gta5 and it was hella awkward because I was grinning and he didn't know what was up.

  10. This was an amazing update. I hadn't played the game for 4 years at the time but this update was worth starting from scratch and building my businesses. Still playing today and grinding doomsday!

  11. And indeed, it was the end of the world, if only for people trying to walk 10 feet without being merked by Doc Brown cosplayers

  12. I love these types of updates like if u think about it there all good (except arena war cough overpriced) but the only thing that made all this content bad was the tryhards who have no lives like I love the oppressor and deluxo but I’m a casual I use them coz I like how fast and cool they look not coz there overpowered but I use the OPness to my advantage when I encounter a tryhard which is very common nowadays

  13. I was from the days of being scared of tanks and the rare jet but ppl want them days back like they were good and all but today gta is still good to play but it’s the ones who try to hard for pointless things e.g k/d and the pixels saying u killed someone if these updates didn’t exist then there would be no more experimental content on gta anymore coz it would of died out but what do u know? Tryhards will always exist even if these updates never become a thing

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