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GTA ONLINE: The 10 FASTEST CARS | The Countdown

GTA ONLINE: The 10 FASTEST CARS | The Countdown

– [Narrator] GTA Online
has a huge collection of exotic cars. But, if you really want
to pull in the big bucks and win those premium races, you’re going to want the best of the best. We’ve already covered GTA
Online’s most expensive cars, but price tag doesn’t always equal speed. There are some seriously fast cars you can find in GTA Online, that will help you blow away
the rest of the competition. And you’re gonna want to
know what set of wheels to spend that hard earned money on. So on today’s episode of The Countdown, we’re going to be covering
the top 10 fastest cars in GTA Online. Number ten, Tyrus. The Tyrus is based on the McLaren F1LM, and just like it’s real life counter-part, this car is incredibly fast. With a top speed of about 132.3 mph, the Tyrus is the more
powerful version of the GP1, and even has better handling. If you’re looking to win some races with sharp turns and long straight-aways, the Tyrus is definitely
going to get the job done. It’ll definitely cost you though, as this car currently runs for $2,550,000. Number nine, X80 Proto. The X80 Proto is based on
the Ferrari X80 concept. With it’s slick design,
and carbon fiber detail, the X80 is easily one of
the coolest looking cars in the game. The real world X80 was designed to look like a futuristic car and was never put into production. Which is probably why it’s
GTA counterpart is so slick. The X80 Proto will max
out around 132.4 mph, making it an absolute force
on the streets of Los Santos, if you can afford to drop $2,700,000. Numebr eight, Autarch. The Autarch is based on a
pretty rare American car called the Scuderia Cameron
Glickenhaus, SCG003. It was added in a doomsday heist update towards the end of 2017. And quickly became one of
the most popular vehicles in the game. It almost looks like a hyper
car version of a rally car, and has the speed to back
that comparison up too, Topping out at around 132.5 mph. It’s a bit cheaper than some
of the others on this list too, if you consider $1,955,000 cheap. Number seven, RE 7B. The RE 7B is an endurance racing car, largely inspired by the Mazda 787 B. With a pair of gull wing doors, and a design that just screams speed, you can guarantee that this
car is going to go fast. For the price of $2,475,000, you can pick up your very own RE 7B, which will take you up
to speeds of 132.7 mph. As one of the best performing
vehicles in the game, you’re sure to win some
races with this bad boy. Number six, Emerus. The Emerus is yet another GTA car based off of a McLaren model. But this time around,
Rockstar took some inspiration from the 2019 McLaren Senna. The Emerus has a very
high rate of acceleration, and can hit speeds up to 132.8 mph, making it one hell of a helpful racecar. It’s gonna get the job
done no matter what, but it’s also gonna cost you $2,750,000 to add this one to the collection. Number five, S80 RR. The S80 RR is one of the
newest vehicles in GTA Online. Coming to the game just last year with the diamond casino update. This super car seems to be
a mix of the Nissan R90 C and the Jaguar XJR9. And it has the performance
to back up these comparisons. Not only does this car
look like it came straight from the future, but it can
also go as fast as 133 mph. And it can be yours too for one
small payment of $2,575,000. Number four, Tezeract. The Tezeract. Which takes inspiration from the Lamborghini Terzo Millennio, is one of the most iconic
vehicles in GTA Online. Not only is it one of the top
5 fastest cars in the game, but it’s also the most expensive, costing players a ridiculous $2,825,000. We get why it costs that much though, as it’s definitely one of the
slickest looking cars in GTA, and can even hit speeds up to 138 mph. Did we mention that it’s
powered by electricity too? Looks like you don’t need
gas to go fast after all. Number three, Entity XXR. The Entity XXR takes inspiration from the Swedish Koenigsegg One. GTA basically swapped the
name Koenigsegg with Överflöd, and recreated this car down
to the smallest details. The XXR can go up to 139 mph, making it one of the most
dangerously fast cars that we’ve seen in a GTA game. It’s also going to cost
you a whopping $2,305,000. So start saving now. Number two, Deveste Eight. Even though the Deveste Eight
earns the number two spot, it actually has the exact same
top speed as the Entity XXR, and can hit up to 139 mph. We definitely like the Deveste
Eight’s futuristic design a bit more though. And the body of this car is easily one of our favorites in GTA. Based on the Devil 16
super car from Dubai, this thing just screams
high performance and luxury. This car just might be the
best value in GTA Online too, as it’s one of the fastest in the game, but will only cost you $1,795,000, making it the most
affordable on this list. Number one, Taipan. Last, but certainly not least, we have the fastest car in
all of GTA Online, the Taipan. The Taipan is based on the
American Hennessey Venom F5, which is also an insanely fast vehicle. You can hit up to 140
mph with this bad boy, and you’re guaranteed to win a few races with this car in your arsenal. It’s a pretty good value
too, costing $1,980,000, which is almost 1 million
less than the Tezeract. Star saving your money now, and pretty soon you can
tell all of your friends that you have the fastest
car in all of GTA. That covers our list of the
ten fastest cars in GTA Online. Which GTA car is your favorite? Let us know in the comments down below. Don’t forget to subscribe
to The Countdown, right here on YouTube and click that bell so you know when we upload. For more of the best
news and lists in gaming. As always, thanks for watching. (instrumental pop music)

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  1. It doesn't count if you have a very fast car, it counts from ur knowlege of the track and handling of your car.

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