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GTA 5 Solo Unlimited Money Glitch, How To Buy Any DLC Vehicle For Free! In GTA 5 Online Glitch TEST!

GTA 5 Solo Unlimited Money Glitch, How To Buy Any DLC Vehicle For Free! In GTA 5 Online Glitch TEST!

what’s up you guys and welcome to the
segment right here on your boy a sheriff you guys this whole gun-running dlc it’s
crazy but with this brand new update a lot of stuff has taken different routes
in GTA 5 online I’m not sure if I was going to say route or roads so I think I
ended up seeing roads which doesn’t make any sense at all but you know what it’s
a video game so we’re not building rocket science here but I bet you the
Google caption is suffering when it’s trying to translate what I’m saying it’s
all good in the hood however your boy is always got your back
now you guys with this brand new DLC rockstar has removed the double payouts
double RP and it’s one of the most expensive DLCs we’ve ever come across in
three plus years what does that mean okay and it’s not only that the most
expensive it has some of the best vehicles that we all love all right we
all love the vehicles that are here you have some amazing stuff okay I’m just
going to mention the bike that’s all you need a bike that leg glides and it
glides a lot better than well the Vote Act is not glide right it just took off
and it’s limited like a brake but this one glide and it’s such a joy to have
and just install the missiles on it today and you know what you guys we all
need money in this brand new DLC there’s so much to buy so much to customize and
everything is going to cost you an arm and a leg I’ve went down from 175
million to now I’m at 148 million that’s 25 plus okay and I’m not done yet
all the times I’m doing the research by upgrading I’m not spending the time for
research to unlock by itself so I feel your pain okay now yesterday we brought
a glitch to the channel that was a three-man glitch we need three people in
there in order to do to do a retro allergy glitch here’s the problem I wake
up this morning I get a message from somebody on Twitter and that person says
I just got dupe detected poor cheating and my accounts one of them got lost
you’ve got multiple accounts one of them got lost
I’m only transferring on to you guys what I hear okay because I would hate to
see something in the comment section somebody saying I just
then because I’m duplicating and maybe you were documenting a glitch and I
copied it so I’m passing on the information okay now with all the stuff
that keeps happening right here on gta5 I get a ton of messages and this is a
heartbreaking message that came toward me today on Twitter the message is this
yes chef please check out these lives okay the person is upset and he’s like
I’m not sure if I’m doing it wrong or not please please please test this I
need money so just like I was saying he needs money and you guys one of the
things that I always say is we’re doing a giveaway 5 shark cards I’m trying to
give back to the community trying to represent I want you guys to hammer that
like button show your support and let’s get on with the demonstration right here
now he says maybe he did it wrong so right away I got the links that he
provided me and I went straight for the video in order to document it now here’s
a screenshot of the video this video is documented today and it’s titled how to
buy any DLC vehicle for free in GTA 5 online 100% legit GTA 5 online glitches
1.40 you guys I want you to take a look at the views on this this is already a
10,000 views it was only published today and it’s already past the thousand mark
unlike like when you look at a video like this you’re like this this has to
be legit right 100% legit in the title this has to be legit so I’m like you
know we gotta test it so I started to do the setup for you guys and I want you to
show your support again by clicking that like button because the setup wasn’t
easy we got to go to one of your apartments and you got to make sure that
you have a ten-car garage that’s full in spot number one you need to have a dummy
allergy so your boy got everything ready and he was good to go now we never drop
the youtubers name anymore I don’t cut somebody’s income on YouTube because
they’re lying I can only come here and alert you guys so you don’t go through
the pain and think yourself that you’re doing it wrong time and time again but
at the same time I don’t care about how much money that person makes or how many
subscriber he has or anything like that when the time is right your boy your
Sheriff and will come and he’ll skyrocket and
he’ll be above the hundred thousand and will have all the support that we need
but for now let’s bite our tongue and let’s keep going with what we’re doing
here I think we’re doing something good that helps the community so here’s what
happens you go to your bunker make sure that’s your last spawning location
because you’re going to be doing this multiple times once you spawn in the
bunker get up register as a CEO sit on the chair and
click to steal supplies now you guys when you steal supplies
they pop you straight out of the bunker and you you know you start the mission
every mission has half an hour on it the person or the YouTuber that documented
that said you must call on your dummy allergy that we positioned in that
apartment in spot number one and have it delivered here drive it into your bunker
within the first minute of these 30 minutes that we’re doing this mission in
so your boy called on it right away I rain grabbed it the second respond as
you can see the timer we are well clear of the one minute mark
drop it right into the bunker right here the person tells you click the start
button hover over join friends and wait for the black screen to spawn once it
spawns you click on the button and you’re going to see yourself you’re
going to see the allergy flash so everything is a-ok right here once you
go through that step you’re going to spawn back into the next session and if
you spawn back invisible like you’re on passive mode you know that the glitch is
working and the YouTuber says that glitch is working and you are a go so as
you can see we spawned back we are somewhat invisible just like it was
happening on his video and he says once you hit this you know you got it right
now here’s the deal from here if some I want to say some bullshit
but it’s some bullshit all right here’s the deal you’re going to click again are
you going to sit on the chair again you’re going to stay steal supplies
alright and once you say steal supplies you are going to get popped outside
again a second time once you pop outside again you need to blow up that allergy
that allergy is sitting right there the dummy allergy once you blow it up now
it’s registered in the game as destroyed pop up your phone
go on to the website that has all the brand new vehicles the war stock and
hover over a vehicle that you want by the way this doesn’t only work for the
war stock it works for every other vehicle in the game according to that
youtuber Nero’s custom allergies anything you want so hover over the car
that you want in my case I’m going to go over this car right here because I
haven’t bought it I already bought the bike you click that you want to buy it
but you don’t confirm they’re going to tell you where do you want to buy it I’m
going to say in the apartment where that allergy that I just destroyed then hover
over the allergy click on it once the game is going to tell you do you want to
replace this you are going to fill the game no I don’t want to replace it
you’re going to back up you’re going to click start you’re going to go over join
friends again a second time and you’re going to respawn again in a different
session in this part you can see that the YouTuber the lies are kind of coming
through because he’s telling you this once you spawn you got to run outside
because the game is rendering whatever that means
ok the game is rendering the information is being transferred but even though he
said that he does stick defined to just moves around a little bit and kill an
NPC that’s running toward him which is really really weird anyway once you
spawn outside and you do that whole mumbo jumbo thing which is between
hurrying up because the game is rendering and killing somebody wasting
some time pull up your phone call on your mechanic and go towards the
apartment that you hovered over the destroyed allergy on and you’re supposed
to have the brand new vehicle you guys in my case I don’t have the vehicle
alright the vehicle is not there now I want to tell you one thing and you start
like you know mental games that these guys like to play I could like
everything in the glitch is working properly I can come right now and go by
the vehicle that I want and you know play a little bit with the video put a
different money amount up there make it look like I haven’t spent a penny and
tell you guys that the glitch is worst and at the same time to cover my tracks
I’ll tell you guys one thing I’ll be like by the way guys Rockstar is always
watching me they’re watching these glitches they are going to get patched
so when you say something like that you somewhat cover your tracks and nobody
can come back and tell you you know what your
lying or something like that but this is not a glitch again I told you guys
before time and time again if nobody is doing it except that you tuber that
means the youtubers lying so you’ll find it on seventh thing you’ll find it on I
don’t know on YouTube a million times documented because every youtuber wants
to hook up their subscribers this glitch right here is a made-up glitch and sadly
it already has generated 10,000 plus views a thousand plus likes on this
youtubers channel it’s it’s pretty sad it’s pretty sad that’s that’s how many
people got fooled got basically their heart set on getting something in a
brand new DLC for free and at the end of the day they didn’t get it I hope you
guys show your support I do have a giveaway that’s being documents not
documented that’s being linked in the comment section do enter the giveaway we
want to grow the channel we want this channel to go somewhere you guys see the
outfit that I have on that’s also linked in the comment section I want your
support I’m never going to lie to you even though I don’t have the numbers
right I’m always going to be honest I’m always going to call it the way it is
it’s going to make me always not be part of the cool crowd that lies to their
subscribers but I rather be like this but we are not going to drop the
youtubers name there is no need to do that I’ll see you guys on the next
segment I want to say thank you for all your support and you know what I have
that voice in the back of my head telling me hey sheriff why didn’t you
just lie to everybody so you can get a 50,000 like on this video or whatever
50,000 views are or a hundred likes or whatever it’s like you know what it’s
not worth it at the end of the day I could put my head on the pillow at the
end of the night and say baby I did it the way I wanted it to be shout

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