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GTA 5 Online How To Get Any Car For Free Give Cars To Friends Glitch (GTA 5 Glitches)

GTA 5 Online How To Get Any Car For Free Give Cars To Friends Glitch (GTA 5 Glitches)

yo what’s up guys it’s your boy imrobertz1 coming at
you with another grand theft auto v GTA 5 online glitches video in today’s video
I will show you how to give cars to friends a car duplication glitch after
the new update be sure to hit the bell icon to get post notifications so you
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comment section for a shout out okay let’s get right into the video the first
they need to do is have a friend with a mobile operations center and you’ll also
need the mobile Operations Center to make sure you have a friend in a
different targeted mode and the casino garage now drive the car you want to
replace into your mobile Operations Center vehicle storage then drive it out
then have your friend get into the passenger side of your vehicle then go
to impromptu race change your location then invite your friend to the impromptu
race once your friend joins the impromptu race start the impromptu race
then whit the impromptu race your friend will still be in the impromptu race try
to drive into the mobile operation center this will kick your friend from
your car now have your friend get back inside of your car then drive to the
casino garage except the casino garage then hit the home button this will
freeze you stay in this frozen state for about 45 seconds then have your friend
get out of the car once your friend gets out the car this
will pull you into the garage and give you an infinite black screen to get out
of the infinite black screen join another friend in a different targeting
mode accept the first alert then decline a second now but a criminal enterprise
thought of back then back out this should kill you now when you spawn back
in go back to your mobile operation center and have the vehicle you want and
back at the mobile Operations Center now have you a friend leaned up on the back
of the mobile operation center then going alone you should get a black
screen again to get out of this join a friend and different targeting mode
except the first alert and decline is second you should be invisible go inside
of your friend’s car this should pull you aside your mobile
operation center you should have your friend’s car drive it out and you’re
done if you enjoyed videos like this click on my playlist for more videos and again like a subscribe follow me on
Twitter @imrobertz1 I upload all the awesome showcase glitches tips
and tricks that’s all I have for you today I’ll see you guys in my next video

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52 thoughts on “GTA 5 Online How To Get Any Car For Free Give Cars To Friends Glitch (GTA 5 Glitches)

  1. ♛ Text Tutorial ♛

    1. Drive Elegy RH8 into MOC vehicle storage drive out

    2. Go to impromptu race with friend in passenger seat

    3. Change location in impromptu race settings

    4. Invite friend to impromptu race and have him join

    5. Start impromptu race, then leave Impromptu race, try to go in MOC

    6. When your friend gets kicked have him get back in vehicle

    7. Go to Casino Garage and select Garage and hit the home button

    8. This should freeze you, Wait for 45 seconds then have friend get out vehicle

    9. You'll go into the garage then see a infinite black screen

    10. While in black screen join a friend in a different target mode

    11. Except the first alert then decline the second alert

    12. Go to criminal enterprise, then back out, you should be "Wasted"

    13. When you spawn back put friends car close to the back of MOC

    14. Have your friend go up against the back of your MOC

    15. Go inside MOC alone you should see a black screen

    16. Join friend in different target mode

    17. Except the first alert then decline the second

    18. While invisible go to friends car and get inside

    ** You'll get pulled inside of your MOC done!

  2. Never disliked 1 of your videos before but labeling this a money glitch is a foul bruh lol tf you want it patched. Just label it give cars to friends

  3. Robert why do you keep redoing/reposting this video ever DAY? Why would ANYBODY go through all this trouble just to gift a car? Its easier to donate cash from heist % then all these steps!!! Please dude just stick to the clothing glitches man, because THOSE are doable and this is just stupid and NOBODY in their right mind will do this. Please. With respect one of your followers.

  4. I never get the infinite black screen i get a black screen then it loads me into garage after a couple seconds what am i doing wrong

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