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Grey Nomads Episode 5 – Stephen | carsales

Grey Nomads Episode 5  – Stephen | carsales

[Music] What’s going on? we’re cleaning up for Stephen coming Doesn’t Stephen arrive tonight? Yeah! Hey do you think Ella will drive me into town for some supplies? I don’t fancy driving the electric bike all that way You got the time it’s 6:00 a.m. The supermarket doesn’t open for two hours Don! Give it a rest Jesus [Music] The further into this country you drive the more you realize it’s nothing there it’s just hundreds of kilometers red dust and bitumen, it’s like Mars. But to theindigenous people it’s the physical manifestation of the history and their song lines, the song shows which way to go All right tell me the weirdest thing about quantum physics? Bosonic string theory In which the universe has 26 dimensions and imaginary time Look at where we are… let’s let’s talk about fishing. All right I don’t know why you wasted your money on those? Because of high fashion costs money four dollars it’s outrageous Do i detect a little bit of jealousy there Bev? You’re mad. And that supermarket wasn’t much chop. It only had tuna in springwater the mornay no it’s gonna require a hell of a lot of cheese You can’t have too much cheese I haven’t seeen Stephen in years…17. He still loves tuna monay Yeah it’s his comfort food But he’ll up at the crack of dawn doing his Zumba burning it off. Stephen does Zumba? Yeah he’s a real gym junkie he loves to stay trim him and his mate what’s his taste like a music? Oh Madonna, Lady Gaga, Beyoncé and he likes some of the oldies like Streisand That’s right he used to love singing to Yentl yeah he loves a musical Loves a musical Oh confirmed bachelors always do No no he would have said. We’ve never asked. Well you don’t ask they, they come over and tell you Come out and tell you not necessarily. He’s had loads of girlfriends Friends who are girls Well what about his date at the year 12 formal? She was the most beautiful, Amazonian woman I’ve ever seen Big hands She did have a very firm handshake and the voice…Deep! Look let’s not say anything Okay, let’s wait and see if he… When he… Oh come on Sheeba It’s not dinnertime You really think that’s appropriate? Why? Okay let’s start! Kids they show up late and when they do they want your money and your frequent flyer points. Oh don’t! You know the reason we are not in Tuscany right now my darling is our oldest daughter that was more bad luck but there’s bad luck and then there’s giving your parents super to an obvious shyster please Emily had no idea. She coulda put his ABN number in Google [Car Horn] Sorry I’m late I couldn’t find a bottle shop Thanks Leslie, five stars! Five stars to you Stephen now I know how to get out of a parking infringement oh don’t worry dad there were no crotches touching Look I’m so sorry I’m late I know you like to eat by 6:00 sharp but you know what? I have bought French Champagne. Beg my forgiveness We could have come to town picked you up Oh Frankston council covers all transport although $183 might be a little hard to explain to that uber OMG Is that your famous tuna mornay? it is! Wonderful to be here a gift from one of my exchange students Italian cherry liqueur. Hey what was his name hmm oh yeah incomprehensible accent I could barely understand a word he was saying but he had amazing eyes cherry flavored lighter fluid I’ve had this, I love this! Benny, Benny was his name. Really? Benny? yes it’s very Italian like Gordon or Bob My name is Gordon. I thought it was Don? I get called Don for short. Why? Maybe you’re Italian Don my parents are English German how conflicted what nationality was grandma? Australian. No my grandma? Asian-Chinese As opposed to Italian-Chinese. Fusion. I’ve had enough I’ve got a headache I’m going to bed. Night mum. You know I’ve always wanted to go to Italy Oh my god you must. It’s amazing. If you can go.Sure Frankston is the Milan of South East Melbourne. But Capri Oh my god it will stay with you forever yeah I am trying to get together a deposit to buy an apartment Oh you know what you should do? Hmmm You should become a flight attendant then you can travel the world for free snap I was thinking about that just two days ago oh and I do love a uniform international steward. Now that sure beats giving our parking tickets and being abused by soccer moms and pensioners oh sorry no offense I do love a uniform too [Music]

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  1. It,s so true and real they really think towing a brick wall into the wind is fun endless miles of nothing and missfits you meet along the way they spend $50,000 on a cravan it is only a big bedroom could traveled around world a few times for same price and meet better people

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