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Grey Nomads Episode 4 – Camping Free | carsales

Grey Nomads Episode 4 – Camping Free | carsales

Ow. [Music] [Music] [Music] Oh, this place is divine. Yes. I just wish I’d been consulted about coming here. You would have said no. Not necessarily. You would have said no. No, I would have said… Yes, I would have said no. Yes, I would have said no. Well, you were incapacitated. We wanted to leave and we had a perfectly good driver with a truck license. I don’t actually have a truck license. Well, to be fair, I never said I did. I said I’ve driven a lot of buses. Sorry about the scrape on the side. I told you to tell him later. It’s just one tiny little scratch. This is exactly why I would have said no. Yes, you would have said no, like you always say no. No, no, no, no, no. Well I’m sick of it. I’m sick of no. I want more yes. Otherwise I’m going to start saying no to you. To this trip. To our marriage. To everything. Do you understand me? Right. Ernie, I am going to go and get my swimming costume on, and you are going to show me that famous watering hole that you’re always talking about, yes? Yeah yes This too shall pass, Don. You have a cat? Yeah. Yes. I mean, yes, we do have a cat. Right, we’ll leave you to it then. The power of yes, Don. Oh, you want me to feed you now? Well, no. Dinner is not for hours. shut up sick of you hiding and whinging and weeing on the stove next time we go to the vet it won’t be to get your teeth brushed it’ll be to get a big green needle so you live on the farm and that doesn’t mean living on an actual farm it means you will be dead Actually dead. Gone. Finished. oh for god’s sake is your bloody dinner Come on! Hello, Regina Hotel? Yes. Sorry, sorry. Oh, hi Steven. Yes, I’m still doing the Regina Hotel. Oh really? So, Don, I hear you have a camera drone? Yes. Oh yes. yeah. I’d love to see it. Well it’s just charging at the moment. Oh, okay. Well, maybe tomorrow then. Oh, Steven called today. He’s coming over for dinner tomorrow night. From Frankston? No, no, he’s at a conference about 32 kilometres away. How did he know where we were? It’s an app. He puts your number in and it tracks you. A mum-tracking app. What’s it called? Oedipus Checks? you’ll have to go and pick him up he said he’s gonna uber what all the way out here what’s that? oh well that’s my drone

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18 thoughts on “Grey Nomads Episode 4 – Camping Free | carsales

  1. I was expecting this series to be funny and full of good natured jibes at Grey Nomads but at the same time showing the very real delightful side of this way of life. Unfortunately it is full of grumps and misery. I trust that it will be looking up to the bright side in the coming episodes.

  2. This is a brilliant series. Wonderfully acted, great writing with delightful characters. Keep them coming please.

  3. Denise Roberts is a highly underrated actress…I felt her pain, and then laughed out loud at the others' restrained reactions!!

  4. Totally unfunny!

    Such good potential with great actors and settings but let down terribly with awful scripts & direction. Sadly, its Australian comedy at its worst.

  5. So let me get this straight: one of the most enjoyable, well scripted, nicely produced series shows I've ever seen (which should be longer, by the way) was made by a website for buying a car?

    Normal television production studios should be f**** embarrassed…

  6. It was good because there are decent actors…and nice camping settings, lol. The script, with its continuous griping and a story line that includes a cat you only ever hear being threatened with euthanasia… hmmm. I watched the 4 episodes in one sitting and there were enough chuckles to get me back for more. And for putting up this little micro series, thanks a bunch! πŸ™‚

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